Centripetal Force – Video

Apr 19, 2017 at 10:50
by Isak Leivsson  

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Paying homage to one of Mountain Biking's most awesome forces!

Centripetal Force Isak Leivsson

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 I'm going to be an annoying nerdy person here and point out that centripetal force is actually the force that pulls towards the inside of the circle, and centrifugal force, which is actually a manifestation of inertia, is the one that pulls towards the outside of the circle.
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 Spot on. Centrifugal force is only a perception of force, but rather really the result of inertial like you stated. Thanks. Sincerely, High School Physics Teacher.
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 Thanks? The point is that his skills are the centripetal force.
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 It's all about forces involved in slapping corners. Note that the centripetal force is proportional to the square of the velocity, implying that a doubling of speed will require four times the centripetal force to keep the motion in a circle. If the centripetal force must be provided by friction alone on a curve, an increase in speed could lead to an unexpected skid if friction is insufficient.
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 @fluffyreddragon I'm confused. Centripetal force is a force that seeks the center. There's no centrifugal force. The feeling of wanting to move away from the center, is actually inertia wanting to go straight instead (not opposite of centripetal), which is what's getting confused as centrifugal force? Centrifugal force is imaginary, a perception of force?
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 Hell Yes ISAK!!! Always fun watching ya carve!!! Keep strong, keep smiling!!!
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 dear canfield, you made the balance too good at dh for me to justify buying a jedi. sincerely, pleased canfield owner
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 I am way too stoked about building up my new Riot! Canfield rocks!
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 Cool to see some "amateur" stuff for lack of a better term. Good to see sweet vids made without several thousand dollars in cameras, stabilizers etc. Not sure I'm too hot on the song choice though haha
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 Hell yes! Bailey Mountain and Isak represent! May the tacos one day return!
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 Has it been that dry this winter?
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 @deez-nucks: It was that dry last week. Only takes a few days without rain to get like this. Quick n dusty!
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 That's the track he built for the downhill southeast race. Super fun! He's was hitting this gap that defied physics! Awesome style!
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 sick edit, also love riding baileys
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 Wow so physical! Isaac Newton would be proud!
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 Dude, why'd you have some other guy dress up in your kit and ride for you? Jesus, f*ckin jerry.
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 Fun looking trail! Where is it???
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 I think it's here.

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 Nice flow, killin it son!
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 This sweet! Keep them coming
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 just moved to NC! cant wait to shred this place!
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 Some one cut the real short!
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 Nice style!
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 Trails look mint!
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 Love my Riot!
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 Most of the track.....
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 Awesome video Isak!
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 Tight & Dope
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 What song is this?
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 It's a Jedi Mind Tricks instrumental remix: Animal rap (Micky Ward Mix) Smile
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 @IsakL: Ninja lines withheld

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