Video: Haro Welcomes Jon Simek

Mar 25, 2022 at 16:54
by Joey Cobbs  
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We are proud to welcome Jon Simek to the team and to mark the occasion we headed to the trail with John and a few of his new bikes and hit record! Enjoy.

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 I had forgotten that Haro even exist..
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 More BMX oriented I think. They have a MTB lineup and some other cycling lineups, but I think those are mostly more beginner or cost oriented spec'd. I used to have a Haro DJ and the frame was good, but had a terrible component package, was not expensive though.
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 Try telling Ryan Nyquist that.
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 @Rafe1234: I had a steel reserve as well, great overall bike for the price but component wise it was pretty entry level.
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 Greg Minnaar used to race a Haro bike. You'd may have called him a beginner back then though. Yes it was a branded bike (similar to the Muddy Fox bikes the Athertons were riding at the time, also sold under the Intense brand name). But then again, maybe other Haro sponsored riders are riding branded bikes too. Could very well be good stuff.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: and Dennis Enarson
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 @nyhc00: I had a steel reserve about 5 years ago also and had the Thread more recently. Rode the heck out of both of them

The entry level Thread package had possibly the worst headset and bottom bracket I've ever ridden. Felt like it was going to fall apart when I was riding. Replaced them and it was much better.. among other parts as well.
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 You cant talk about Haro Bikes without not mentioning Bob Haro the founder and one of the most important early innovators of BMX Freestyle. The hype back in the 80's around Haro was enormous. Good to see Jon Simek with such an iconic brand.
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 their top tier mtb is 3300, decent spec, good geo (besides seat tube length)
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 If you are on Tik Tok, go follow this dude for a nearly constant flow riding clips.
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 I hope this kid has a BMX background, otherwise I can't see him going too far.
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 You'll find he's adaptable and insanely talented on a bike, if you looked him up at all.
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 Jon is bonkers
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 looks like he has a good bmx background
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 Oh Haro Jon Simek.

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