Red Bull Rampage 2014: Just the Tip - Finals

Sep 30, 2014 at 20:30
by Julian Coffey  




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 Tippie for President
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 Prime minister eh.
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 My nephew in Loops has been dressing up as Tippie for Hallowe'en for the past 3 years. I think he's getting a little old to trick or treat, but at 10 years old he can clear the cliff on Dale's trail on Seymour. Damn the youth!
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 I think every little mountain biker aspires to be Tippie...... or Sam Hill
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 Wife that up Kyle... wife that up...
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 Tippie for commentator?
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flag sicsoma (Oct 1, 2014 at 10:19) (Below Threshold)
 ouch, the tip was almost too much....can't imagine taking it all.
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 this video clearly shows bikes get the bitches
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 both gorgeous
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 Lacondeguy's girl isn't bad either
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flag airmiller44 (Sep 30, 2014 at 22:38) (Below Threshold)
 Out of respect for him I'll just say I said 2 for a reason lol
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 Not calling them bitches probably helps too. Now were do we find these bikers girls, most girls I talk to have no idea what freeride or downhill is.
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 You find them at the Blondie Store...they only have one model...same, same...It's where all the extreme sports athletes shop it seems...haha
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 It is not a bike, but rider being healthy, fit and commited. It is not even about being brave and doing crazy stuff, but doing what you feel like. I think more about focussing on being an athlete with all work and care devoted to develop oneself. Anyway who cares, becasue I don't.
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 Sounds like Pink Bike needs to do a "GF Check". It's funny tho, this is why I wouldn't want my girl to be exposed to the media if I was a pro shredder. People lose focus on what's important, the riding
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 Rachel Throop (Kyle's girl) races enduro. More than a pretty face...
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 ^wow, Kyles GF is really pretty. If she is a cool chick I agree with dude above. Kyle, WTF are you waiting on wife that chick up hehe
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 Someone should tell Tippie it's Norby, not Norbs.
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 Seems he is no close friend of Norby, otherwise he would know...
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 At least he knows how to pronounce Brendon Fairclough's name,more than the commentators could manage.And who the hell is Richie Slay?
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 Too much Kranked.
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 who the hell are you to question who richie "slay" is
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 Do you think he's in any way related to Richie Schley?
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 This just in, Hell has frozen over, rumors confirmed by President tippie feeling "tired"
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 Why the hell aren't bikers like tippie the ones commenting rampage
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 All we want is the Tip and all they give us is the shaft. :/
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 Seriously Zink thought is gonna be number 1 with this run? He just ride half of the mountain...... sick 360 but still half of the mountain
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 He rode half the mountain last year too
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 Zink may got the best trick but Strait deserve the third place
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 @Daddybear - agreed, with Semenuk in 2nd and Rheeder in 4th. It's a bummer Zink can't keep it rolling after landing massive three-drops or he'd be a 3x champion by now.
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 I agree, if Zink can just put a full run together with his bag of insane tricks then he can win 9/10 times. he always lets his adrenaline get the best of him and not complete his line. if he had just rode the middle section(in any way) instead of just the road and tricked the Polaris jump I think he woulda won.
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 To his defense, I don't think ANYBODY would roll out of that kind of insanity with their bearings straight. That was some serious balls-outedness he laid down with that three-drop.
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 Not taking anything away from Zink, but isn't that why they have a practice day? Still, I agree, he deserved best trick, considering the difficulty/consequences, but I think he belonged even below Rheeder.
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 Kelly Mcgarry! Such class and sportsmanship! The man is invincible!! Big Grin
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 f*ckin way she goes aggy Frown
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 I wasnt surprised a bit by Andreau winning. He stomped it all year long on the big bike. The course and all the building, this was some next level shit for sure. So good. Best contest ever.
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 Spot on BG! He killed it in the Fest series all year. Congrats to Andreu on a well deserved win.
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 I think we might have to ban the word "stoked"
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 Let's just get the hash-tag issue cleaned up first.
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 Haha.. I'm with ya 1hundy
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 I hear young teenagers on bikes in Poland overusing the phrase "super stoked" all the time. I get it with a bit of irony, but I am glad it is not "cool" anymore.
From now on, "stoked" should be under penalty of one spoke undone from the back wheel of the blasphemer who dares.
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 tippie is the best at making interviews exciting
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 We'll that put a smile on my face, thanks Tippie!
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 God I love Rampage.
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 Is it too early to say I miss it?
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 I helped run bike valet and rallied multiple ridge line to ridge line "RAMAGE" shout offs and I'm already thinking of ways to make it better.
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 Tippie saying "you're inspiring" - a major honor and well deserved for that amazing run.
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 So Godziek did more tricks in the finals like suicide nohander and another flip on the bottom section and get 5 points less than the qualifying run... Pretty weird cos he's outside the top 10...but Tippe living Legend haha
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 I agree 100% as well, I had Godziek in my top 5, the judging seems to be biased towards the bigger names. It's funny in the Wil White article he made a comment that he didn't think the judging was fair and a lot of people were calling him a whiner, I didn't see his qualification run but I wouldn't be surprised if he was unfairly judged.
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 Could someone give a reasonable explanation as to why Tippie IS NOT commentating??? Its been said before, but the commentators at Rampage just don't seem as invested in the sport as some other people could be
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 Maybe the organizers are worried that Tippie may have a heart attack if he tries to keep up that energy for 3 hours straight Razz
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 Steenbergen has that classic look of deep reflection after a big crash. Scared the s**t out of himself and clearly realizes he could be in a wheelchair or worse if lady luck hadnt been on his side.
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 Dude looks BUMMED. Poor guy.
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 Obviously he's a great rider and knows what he is doing but I honestly think what he done was so reckless , even if his wheel touched down right he would of head but the handle bars. Was genuinely shitting my self until he got up , thought he was gonna be air lifted out
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 cheeseburgers a fucking lad for trying that. you cant say hes lucky hes not in a wheelchair or hes reckless, theyre riding at rampage everyone riding down that hill is lucky in a way because its crazy and thats that
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 Me and my buddy got the sickest cameo ever! Right behind Andreus flat 3 holding the signs! I'm stoked out of my mind right now! Not to mention a nice chat with tippie.
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 So appropriate. Andreu seems like he'd be a Maiden fan for sure. Now I'm going to listen to Live After Death to hear the whole song.
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 Tippie and Andreo should start an opera with all there screamin
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 Focus on.. don't die.. Haha!
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 Just The Tip Rocks, can't imagine the whole thing!
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 haha...the world couldn't handle a whole Tippie...never go full Tippie
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 Rheeder's great for the sport. Always has the right thing to say and seems to have his head on straight. Killed it this year too.
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 Tippie is the meat and potatoes of BC mountain biking. A proud Canadian. Mad respect for ya dude.
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 Tippie for chief !
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 With Zink praising his suspension is it fair to say that Steenbergen could have rode away with a better setup? Compression that would have been adjusted for that gnarly front flip landing without kicking his ass?
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 Thing is if his fork was setup to take such an impact it may be terrible for every thing leading up to that impact and may not even get there.
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 Car ran great!
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 This may have already been mentioned, but the guys with the Huck-o-meter thing... and especially the ''Well that was neat!" sign was AMAZING. Such a great crowd by the looks of it.
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 Great stuff as always, Tipp!
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 Tippie to comment the Rampage!!!! The guy is a legend and is fuckn funny!
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 Fvck that Little Spaniard has Large Balls and a Hot Girlfriend. He deserved the win!
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 my favorite blonde is the one who flipped the gap… is that wrong?
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 I'm surprised no one has made a joke about that chick's fingers being wrapped
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 kelly is so tough..really respect that guy...
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 lol at that dude with the fest flag behind semenuk
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 Never not killing it.
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 Wait, so did nobody "get robbed" this year?
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 first time i saw t sage smile all week
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 Simply Great. Thank you, Tippie.
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 3:34 Tippy nonchalantly covers the videobombers face with his mic
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 does kyle strait think he speaks american
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 I want to hear the rest of what t-sage had to say
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 AZ Shitbirds!!
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 Key point to gather from this... Pro riders get Dime bebes
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