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Video: 'Short Ends' Is a 17-Minute Finnish Mountain Bike Movie Shot on Film

Oct 25, 2021 at 9:30
by Karumtb  

“A short end is a partial roll of unexposed film stock left over during a motion picture production and kept for later use.”


In 2018, I was talking with my colleagues in the Finnish film industry - DoP Jouko Piipponen and DoP Ari Virem. We discussed that we should shoot some kind of short biking film, maximum length would be approximately 2 minutes. At first, we thought that we will just shoot this on Super8, but when we realized that there are quite a few short ends in people’s fridges in 16mm and 35mm format, we decided to use all of the gauges.


After 3 years of irregular filming, the movie is ready. The length is 17 minutes with end credits (so this went a bit out of hand but that happens!)

We ended up to shoot this on these film formats:

Assorted short ends (16mm & 35mm)
Stock Super 16mm: Kodak Vision 3 200T, 250D and 500T
Stock Super 35mm: Kodak Vision 3 500T
Stock Super8: Kodak Tri-x, Ektachrome and 200T

This film is all about Karu mountain biking crew and friends around it.


I want to thank everyone who was a part of this project. Especially I want to thank Artturi Mutanen because without him this would never have been done on film. Without Matias Boettge, Jani Lehtinen, Sami Rehmonen, Juho Salaterä, Antris Bonsdorff and David Brickhill-Jones, result of this movie would be a lot poorer.


Produced and directed by Aaro Visala

Cinematography by
Jouko Piipponen
Ari Virem
Aaro Visala

Edit by Aaro Visala

Niko Ihander
Riku Mertala
Ossi Keisala
Antti Rissanen
Juho Särkilahti
Ari "President" Kemppainen
Oscar Tulander
Jonas Nylund
Markus Kainulainen
Riku Länsiö
Alex Alanko
Antti Riikonen
Aaro Visala
Alexander Cortez
Miika Pantsar
Eeli Turunen

Antris Bonsdorff / BoBo DIT Oy

Film developing and scanning
Artturi Mutanen / Mutascan

Sound designer
Juho Salaterä / Studio Muuntamo

Sound recordist
Adrian Kevin Curry

Gimbal operators
Sami Rehmonen
Jyri-Matti Holm

Cable cam crew
Jani Piispa
Miika Karlsson

Drone pilot
Marco Godles

Drone light operator
Ben Daley

Savela unit key grip
Joonas Saine

Savela unit dolly grip
Otto Gagneur
Savela unit grip
Anton Vikström

Savela unit loader
Valpuri Lindberg

Savela unit 1st AD
Henna Mannila

Camera equipment by
Kinos Rentals

Gimbal equipment and staff by Bongobongo Oy

Cable cam services by Aeria.fi

Grip equipment by Valofirma

Light drone services by Koptercam

Film stocks / Short ends by
Jouko Piipponen
Ari Virem
Hannu Koivuranta

Film production funding by Aaro Visala


"Mars For the Rich" By
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
Kobalt Music / Flightless Records / Panache Artists

"Just To Get Away" By The MES

"Turbo-Mondeo" By Teksti TV 666
Svart Records

"Severny" By Teksti TV 666
Svart Records

"When It Hits" By The MES

Special thanks to:
Artturi Mutanen
Matias Boettge
Jani Lehtinen
David Brickhill-Jones
Tuukka Koski
Petteri Lappalainen
Tuomas "Nopsa" Viitakoski
Tuomas Kallio
Juha Kinnunen
Teemu Pinola
Tuomas Kohvakka
Juho Kareoja
Tommi Jokinen
Jere Korppoo
Teemu Lautamies
Riku Virta
Karri Takala
Joonas Vinnari
Juge Heikkilä
Anna Länsisalmi-Keisala
Kari Keisala
Merja Keisala
Aleksi Keisala
Riku Raiski
Salli Saimovaara
Aino Turtiainen-Visala
Arto Visala
Aura Visala
Tomi Tähti
Ville Jurvelin
Tiia Nyholm
Petri Ilmarinen
Ari Laivola
Helmi Uusitalo
Sarah Müller / Kobalt Music
Michelle Cable / Panache Artists
Tomi Pulkki / Svart Records
Sanna Saarenoja
Friends, Homies & lost Brothers

Best regards,

Aaro Visala
Producer, director, editor and one of the rider of Short Ends movie


Cinematographers Jouko Piipponen and Ari Virem doing things. Photo: Aaro Visala

This shot was made with Arri 416 w/ 800mm T8 lens, 500T Kodak Vision 3 film

Ari Virem and Sami Rehmonen with Arri 435 & Cooke Zoom lens. Photo: Aaro Visala

Frame from the movie: Ossi Keisala and Riku Mertala going for a flight

Aaro Visala and Gimbal operator Jyri-Matti Holm adjusting Arri 235 camera on cable cam. Photo: Sami Rehmonen

Frame from the movie: Ville Ormo Flying at Calmageddon jump line

Sami Rehmonen with Ronin 2 Gimbal on ATV. Photo: Aaro Visala

Grips Joonas Saine, Anton Vikström and Otto Gagneur prepping for a night shoot. Photo: Jouko Piipponen

Arri SR3 and 416 in camera prep. Photo: Jouko Piipponen

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 Watched it from start to finnish
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 Glad it was in plain Finnglish. Please can someone suomi the exit now?
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 Finnish? I’m just getting started
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 People having fun, smoking and drinking beer on camera? No obvious sponsor grubs? no sucking up to our corporate overlords?

God damn finally some good shit, this is what mtb film should be like.
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 That was such an absolute blast to watch! Fantastic cinematography, editing, sound mixing, and riding. Thank you!
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 Just gorgeous, it's weird how fresh actual film with grain looks now that we're all used to all digital. Riding and editing top notch too.
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 Absolutely rad! Top work so good to see film footage!
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 We might not have the big mountains, but we have a rad riders!
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 Lohja tervehtii !!!
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 Short Finnishes?
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 First MTB movie with a dick in
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 So fun to watch! The drone lighting was super cool too.
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 Fantastic. The film grain makes it seem timeless.
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 suddenly I'm nostalgic for shaun palmer... 2:21 to all you m'fers
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 Suomi mainittu! Beer
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 This movie was rad!
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 Great job guys. Loved it
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 Damn! That was brilliant. Never thought I would ever hear King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard in a bike edit.
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 They are on another about a new trail actually called rattlesnake. Might be with Zink, but I could be wrong.
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 Waiting for IMAX.
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 Great film, Freeride, rock music, fantastic production.
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 This video was one of my favourites all year. Caught good vibes to a tee!
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 Perkele että on komiata
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 Amazing... Old times
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 so sick
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 Good stuff!!

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