2011 LamaCycles / NS Bikes Canadian Team

Feb 4, 2011 at 10:01
by Lama Cycles  
We have big plans for 2011 and we're starting things off with a major upgrade to the Street Crew! A new team manager, and new riders from all over Canada, new photos & new videos all included in the following!The team has grown and changed tremendously over the years and we are now proud to say that it has reached a new level.
With a brand new sponsorship approach, we've changed our game for 2011 and now have clearly defined levels of support to offer: Pro (Homies), Flow (Buddies) and Grassroots. This means more riders, more coverage, more maintenance required to run the street side of things. So, this past September, we asked Stéphane Bélanger, one of our riders, if he wanted to manage the Street Crew. We have been watching him for a while now and we’ve gotten to know him quite well over the past years. This guy knows his stuff and is all about spreading the MTB love. He’s a true rider at heart and goes out there to live the ride. It seemed like the right choice and boy were we right!

Stéphane Bélanger has been a busy man for the past 5 months; finding the right riders all over Canada and getting everything organized from filming to photo shoots, to planning the up and coming summer as well as making all of this happen is quite something! However he’s still going to be shredding the streets & flowin’ parks on his 2011 NS Capital26 (see video bike check here). He even managed to get some riding done and here's the result!
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Andrew Bigelow has been with for us for the past 2 years and 2011 will be a big year. He's been training all winter to get ready for contest season. Aboard his NS Majesty & NS Slopestyle bike, he’s been planning on going to a couple of big slopestyle and dirt jump contests as well as dropping some sick web edits & photos during the year. All of this, starting right now with his video bike check!
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Samuel Croteau or as everyone calls him ‘Croteau’, is an undercover super talented rider. He has this unique technical style all mixed with some burly gaps & high airs!

Alexandre Paradis, also known as ‘Parappa’, he has pretty much an unlimited bag of tricks and some crazy determination. Wait ‘till you see his new video, it’s amazing what he can do!

Louis Lhomel has this unique style and somewhat mastered what some think is almost impossible on a MTB, the nose manual. Louis also makes top notch videos and will be filming & editing most of our videos this year.


Brandon Hayward'sgot a sick style and is not afraid to go big. Here's his most recent video:
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Derek Vondracek is definitely a shredder! Sick style, sick attitude and sick tricks! Here's the proof:
(Password protected)
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This video is password protected.

Aeron Learmonth will be teaming up with Brandon & Derek this year to hit most of the local contests and obviously having loads of fun! Here's his most recent video:
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Stay tuned, next week will be the first of our welcome to the team edits on www.lamacycles.com & right here on Pinkbike!

For all Grassroots inquiries, please contact your local NS bikes dealer. If your skills & attitude make you eligible for the FLOW or even the PRO team, please contact stephane@lamacycles.com with the following info:
-Name, location, e-mail
-Best photos & video
-Involvements in your local scene
-Goals for 2011
-How you plan on representing LamaCycles?


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 i dont know about this online world of mountain biking. i appreciate seeing what other people are up to out there but there are so many little whiney girl scouts trying to define the sport from a fan perspective . its not about headsets and pedals, pads,jump size kids. Just fun with your friends shredding on your bikes. if you dont like the way other people do it mind your business. go live vicariously through other people you get off on more.
lama cycles * your team manager is smooth and appreciates flow . looks like he enjoys biking as well. since he wasnt doing anything impressive enough for the pink bike groupie judges i dont see how wearing pads was necessary in this case. not to mention who gives a shit. these critics probably wear helmets when the deliver there cookies.
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 some kids ride for progression, but they still have fun too.
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 p.s Derek Vondracek is sick! nice style
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 Billy-Bike-Club has it down here. If everybody followed your logic, this website would be so much better.
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 agreed 100% with billy-bike-club! progression will happen no matter what - people are ALWAYS pushing harder but for most riders its about FUN...and thats how it should be!
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 Lama cycle's team is coming better and better every year! :O, well since last year cause I start following you on the 2010 season Razz For your information, the 1st vid is the Team manager's one, Team riders are habitualy better than the team manager... Am I wrong?
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 Thanks for your support! You are right about team managers. They have a different job to do. Having a team manager that also rides is the best of both worlds!
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 What about the DH team?
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 Hehe, our DH team presentation will be ready soon!
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 Okok so bad i'm not in it.
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 soo sickk
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flag zolibmx13 (Feb 23, 2011 at 9:22) (Below Threshold)
 yeah sick but the first rider why the f*ck is he sponsored by ns and other companyes becouse he give 360's? seriosly..
there are so many better riders in canada who deserves to be sponsord[srry for my english]
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 it's the team manager... read the first comment
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 Wish you could fave blogs, because this is sick! Although i reckon you should always wear a head bumper.
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 Yeeeaaa! Lovin' the vibe Wink
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 Sick! Lama cycles dans les news Pinkbike. Good jobs les gars!

C'est quoi exactement les riders Grassroots?
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 Pour appliquer GrassRoots tu dois contacter un dealer NS (une boutique) prêt de chez toi et négocier avec eux. Ont les aident et ils vous font des prix/services. C'est notre façon d'encourager tout le monde, même ceux qui ne font pas des tailwhips et des backlips. Un beau style et une détermination d'évoluer en bike sont les critères requis pour appliquer
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 lol it is kinda ironic that on the first video the first sponsor logo besides lama is KALI protection. and right behind it is a rider with no helmet or pads.
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 I noticed that too Smile
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 goddamn this makes me so wet.
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