2012 Canada Cup #1, Mont Tremblant

May 23, 2012 at 7:03
by Lama Cycles  
Once again, the first DH Canada Cup of the season took place this weekend in sunny Mt.Tremblant, Quebec. Tremblant is always a fun weekend, not necessarily for what the track has to offer but for the general positive vibe of the place. For many of us east coast riders, it is the first race of the year and usual the second or third weekend of riding. It is always nice to see the race buddies that you haven’t seen for the whole winter and have a chance to chat with all the west coast guys that are flying in for the event. Also, Tremblant in the sun means a lot of tourists and vacationers that browse through the pits, check out the bikes and stand in awe before the sport of downhill mountain biking. Needless to say the exposure of the sport and companies involved is very high at these types of events, and that’s what the industry needs.

Mont Tremblant

This year, the organizers made a couple of big changes to the 1200 vertical feet of decent (375 meters) which were much appreciated on a track that seldom changed over the past decade. The rock “hole” and the last rock garden were re-worked. The changes were much appreciated since those two were definitely flow killers for everyone, even the top elite. The 12 minute long fire road ride/uphill in the blazing sun remained unchanged though. Well actually, this year we had the choice between a fire road that ended with an uphill or a never ending XC trail (The Sasquatch) that started with an uphill section. For those who were there, you know what we are talking about…

Mont Tremblant

The first section stays true to itself year after year. It presents riders with many line choices that have you guessing where to go even though you’ve been studying and racing this section for years. Nothing seems to feel good on the way down, getting tossed from one side to another, struggling for that moment that gives you confidence in the first 30 seconds of 4 minute + race. Tough luck ‘cause there’s no such thing in these first woods! Hold on to your lock-ons and plow down as fast as you can!

Mont Tremblant

At the finish line, the crowd was good and lively. Many booths were setup and many curious bystanders wandered over to join the true fans. A sunny race does help with the attendance numbers. This year 288 racers signed up for the DH event.

Mont Tremblant

Results are as follows:

Pro Men
1-DELFS Mitchell factory kona 3:58.236
2-LAMBERT Hans Xprezo/Borsao 4:00.615
3-SANGERS Kyle Pivot Cycles/ Kenda 4:02.934
4-FRASER Rob Lapierre-POC 4:03.483
5-NIELSEN Matt Rocky Mountain 4:05.081
6-THIBAULT Samuel Cycles Performance 4:08.135
7-CYRENNE BLANCHARD Philip Sports aux Puces 4:08.262
8-GAUVIN Remi Cycling BC/PerformX 4:08.767
9-GAUVIN Yann Kona/Race Face 4:09.028
10-MCDOWALL Kirk cyclepath 4:09.720

Mont Tremblant

Pro Women
1-MILLER Miranda Cycling BC/SRAM/Santa Cruz 4:41.540
2 -UYESUGI Danice CCN/Intense 4:53.341
3-SHORT Katherine Smash and Shorty 4:59.863
4 -TRIMBLE Lindsay Rocky Mountain/ProCycle 5:03.389



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 Tremblant really needs to open up the mountain year round. all they do is bitch and complain about how mountain biking causes erosion yet they build condos up the whole mountain. Even some are in the national park now! I never understood how so many other places open their doors to mountain biking but tremblant still won't there is a large number of guys here who get together and build trails but the mountain still wants nothing to do with it I hope with enough of these races they will soon realize that there is a huge demand for DH biking not just cross country
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 not to mention they also hugely endorse skiing, which means clearcutting huge amounts of trees to make new runs, and the groomers going up and down the hills all night can't really help the erosion business either!
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 I race it and it was my first of the season.Kicked my ass.So tech in the wooded sections and physical on the flats.Just hanging by the halfway point.
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 Pinkbike didnt cover anything on this event at all, total bummer especially because this site is canadian and it was a Canada Cup... but anywayy it looked like a killer weekend!
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 I live in Montreal for almost 3 years and found out about the event from PB when it was already finished. Is it just me or smth should be done with advertisement?
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 Some great DH all around! had the pleasure to see some good action! the DH track is supposed to be open all year as it part of the Canadian tour, the down part is you need to push your bike uphill they won't run the lifts. I also heard there will be a 2nd event this year at Tremblant!
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 COOL! i actually bumped into Lindsay Trimble, #4 in womens, at the SFU trails just last week!!

Good thing i ran into her at the BOTTOM of the trail... if it was anywhere else she'd burn me so bad! ahahha
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 narly track they got there
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 Anyone know of any photo's that have been race-plated identified for senior expert on a website?
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 could someone tell me how do I get to the mountain of Quebec in Canada to practice downhill
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 Id love to see a video of the track (POV)
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 kinda sad that this canadian website doesn't do more to cover canadian national racing in a more timely and thorough manner. i mean, some coverage is better than none, but...................................................
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 this is it !!!...Canada Cup 2012 and the exact same comments as last year's are popping up !!!...a super competitive field on a gnarly track and no Pinkbike's coverage, again...Thank you Lama Cycles for the coverage and supporting the East Coast scene !!!
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 I think the issue is the race series does not create/distribute its own content. The reason you'll see smaller race series from Europe get coverage and a video up the next day is that the content has been created by the race series and then sent to pinkbike. All pinkbike has to do is post what they have been sent.

The only reason this article is here is because Lama Cycles did just that.

If you want more coverage encourage the Canada Cup series to create/distribute their own media. There is no way pinkbike is going to be able to cover these events and get media up in a timely manner.
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 why not ???...it's the Canada Cup for god's sake !!!...most of the races are out west so it really would not be that much travelling at all for a few Pinkbike's representatives to cover Tremblant, Bromont or MSA...we know just about everything that goes on the European circuit and just about everything that went on at the Santa Cruz quarters but if it was not for Lama Cycles, most Canadians riders would not have a clue of what just went on this weekend !!!...it would be nice to get Pinkbike's story on this...
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 I don't know what it would cost to produce a video and some descent coverage of a race but when you factor in all the cost I'm sure it is several thousand dollars per race. I don't think it realistic that pinkbike spend $10,000+ a year to cover the Canada Cup circuit.

Does anyone realistically think that pinkbike will be able to cover their costs, let alone profit at the margins they are accustomed to after investing that kind of money into a series of 5 or so articles?
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 Lama Cycles says in the main entry:

"Needless to say the exposure of the sport and companies involved is very high at these types of events, and that’s what the industry needs. "


I disagree that it's a "need." I'd like to hear the reasoning behind this conclusion of it being what "the industry" supposedly "needs." Needs it for WHAT, exactly? For what purposes, and for what reasons?
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 Seriously? What's wrong with exposure?

There is a need. Tremblant dropped DH over 10 years ago. We had Mt Blanc for a few seasons, but that was a fail. Bromont is still going strong, and but it's the exception. DH does not pay out here unless you have a water park. Find me a store in Quebec that consistently sells DH bikes for a profit- they don't exist. Get with the time dude, we need all the exposure we can get.
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 Well, it is a basic principle that applies to many sports. The more people see the sport we practice and are interested in, the more chances we have to get into it. More riders means more interest from companies, ski resorts, cities, high school, TV to get involve... More people doing the sports also equals more bike/parts/products sold which is good for the LBS.

Needs it for WHAT, exactly? ---) If the general people don't know about our sport, they don't care and our sport will not get to another level (as an Olympic sport as an example).

For what purposes, and for what reasons?---) We need to get exposure to get recognition, involvement and progress.

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 Loves abit of Canada Cup coverage. All we needs is a vid.
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