Laurence CE Blography – Ep: 5 – Whistler Baby!

Jun 19, 2010 at 13:04
by Laurence Crossman-Emms

The road trip finished, Toby went back to K-Town, Chris got a job with a Summer Camp, but the fun didn’t stop for me. Rocking out Whistler, and damn has it been a good one so far!

Photos and More Inside...

Let's start it off with the Vector drawing I did in photoshop. Thought you guys might like it! Haha!

Ok here we go!

14th May 2010 – Whistler – Dirt Jumps with Casey Groves and more.
Guest Riders – Casey Groves, Benton Lyong, Andrew Doraty & Others

Casey was up for the few days before the bike park opened, so we got a shoot planned and hit it up. Location for this shoot was the newly built 2010 Dirt Jumps which were looking damn prime and props to you guys at Whistler for getting them built. And as usual Casey and the guys were throwing it down. Shoot was going good until Casey went and busted up his heel which kind of brought things to a bit of an unexpected halt. But I still got some shots!

19th May 2010 – Whistler – Pump Track FUN!

You get up in the morning and think...”Hey, I feel like getting a sweat on today”, but only have an hour before work...then “Pump Track”. Haven’t ridden a good one before and damn these things give you a work out, but still good fun. The room-mates Tom and Bill have really got a thing for it so I decided to join them with the camera and grab some shots. Nothing special, but it's Pump Track!

27th May 2010 – Whistler – When you want to Sell you SELL!

When times are slow, it’s raining outside, short on cash, then there is nothing better than clicking on the Buy/Sell section and making some coin. But I think I took the term “Photo of Item” a bit out of hand! But I’m not gonna lie, I sold everything pretty much within the week! They haven’t really got anything to do with riding, but ah well.

1st June 2010 – Whistler – BMXer Bill Kummer

Bill, one of the house-mates, sadly is the only BMXer in the house, so when he isn’t listening to us ramble on about who’s got the most travel, he gets his street shred on. I headed out with him for a few short sessions riding his BMX. But as people may know or not, riding in the villages here at Whistler is frowned upon, so it can get hairy if you get caught... $2000 hairy!

13th June 2010 – Whistler – The DUCK!

I’m just going to leave it at that. The DUCK is here and prepare to see some more of him! Shh...I didn’t tell you about “the” Duck!

Or maybe I should tell you about the Duck. If you are in Whistler then pick up “The Lost Duck”. It's an events publication based here in Whistler and tells you everything you ever want to know about what's going on here. Published every 2 weeks, it’s got everything from Club listings and Live Music to Activity and Eating Guides. It’s a must grab, even if it’s just to look at the 5 photos I've got in there. Ha ha!

BUT it also has a 15% off voucher for Dusty’s, Merlin’s, and the GLC!

14th June 2010 – Whistler – Disc Golf!

This is totally off topic, but I have really got into Disc Golf since I’ve been here. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s highly addictive. If you haven’t tried it or haven’t been to the Whistler course then it’s a must do. Here a few shots from us getting our throw on!

16th June 2010 – Whistler – The Reunion and the French guy!
Guest Riders – Toby Cowley & Martin Lacroix

Toby planned a trip to come up to Whistler, and boy did it come round fast. And damn was it a good one. Finally getting out on the hill shooting and I feel it was pretty much a success. Toby with his usual personality brings some comical relief and Martin, a straight up French guy, just loves to shred on a two wheeled object called a bike!

17th June 2010 – Whistler – “Where did all those Pro’s come from”
Riders – Lunn, Sorge, Gulevich, Agassiz & more

Rocked up to the Airdome here at Whistler for a bit of a foam pit session, get some stuff dialed in, ect. Started off really quiet there, then people just kept rocking up, then what do you know, but Lunn, Sorge, Gulevich, Agassiz and a few others, sorry not sure your names, just rock up and start throwing down, so naturally I had to get my shoot on. Here's some shots.

Just want to give a big shout out to Rob Cochrane and the boys at “Sun Country Cycle” in Vernon, BC. Rob hooked us up real good for our road trip and we are super appreciative of all his support. Rob is a good guy and will hook you up with a solid deal if you head on in to his store.

Unsecure image, only https images allowed:
Remember, if you’re in Vernon or K-Town, head to “Sun Country Cycle”. Thanks the man!

Another pretty long post and I hope you guys are still enjoying reading my blog. Hope to have some more big stuff coming soon!

Laurence CE
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  • + 2
 Nice one Loz, u know ill be out to visit my bro next summer Wink sweet blog, nice to see things turned out FUKING amazing!! fair dooze man! fair dooz!
  • + 2
 Makes me want to get a 20 incher for riding with mt 2 year old. The whistler experience captured! Great pics thanks for sharing!
  • + 1
 Cool read dude, makes me want to go to Whistler just a little bit more. Oh well, Silver Star is open Thursday..... i was up there today and the trails are looking soooooo minty after the winter sleep.
  • + 1
 Sweet blog man! awesome pictures like always, Im gunna try and start writing things like this... I'm currently goin a interview for a friend, hopefully that will be posted.
  • + 1
 Another great blog/epic photo set, what a life you have eh Laurence? Good to see props for the right people. Ducks are cool too. Have you trashed the van yet ?
  • + 1
 Haha the van is a machine! Still rolling around with Toby in Kelowna. He did the drive up here and back fine in it too...Love that thing Razz
  • + 1
 Nice write up Laurence its a good read and look like always!

thanks also for the kind words, it's nice to see you guys so stoked on riding and the lifestyle. Smile
  • + 1
 Thanks dude...but Thank you...the trip wouldnt have been the same without you and your support!
  • + 1
 glad to see you gave disc golf some much fun and whistler has a great course
  • + 1
 Its by far the way forward Razz I used to play alot of Ultimate and was awsome to get into this...but would still like to play some ultimate this year if i found some people.
  • + 1
 the picture above the beer...
are that guys forks the new red argyles?
great photos Smile
  • + 1
 Thats the ones. The new RCTs. I just did a shoot for Pinkbike the other day for them so I think I post is going up pretty soon. Also just to say..."that guy" is Jordy Lunn haha
  • + 1
 where is that pump track in whistler? and nice pictures man! i want to get up there so bad now............
  • + 1
 it's in alta vista behind that swamp kinda thing
  • + 1
 sweet thanks dude
  • + 1
 You can see it from the Highway as you drive past.
  • + 3
  • + 3
 Hell yeah!!! DCUK - Designer duck!
  • + 1
 Going to whistler in 3 weeks. can't fackin' wait!
  • + 1
 wuuuu third week SGC stoked
  • + 1
 Alot of POD worthy shots in this , love it
  • + 1
 awesome, whistler looks amazing! have you got a job there?
  • + 1
 Yeah...working as a photographer and graphic designer...soo got stuff pretty dialed. Get to ride my bike alot too soo pretty stoked!
  • + 9
 graphic design AND photography AND in whister :L your living the dream man haha
  • + 1
 Nice man, sick shots!!
  • + 1
 Thanks man...its going to be a sick Summer!
  • + 2
 so sick you are going to be pro I am stoked; keep it up man
  • + 5
 Ducks and 'Disk Golf'... What a crazy life you Whistler kids have!
  • + 1
 Theres a hell of a lot of potential POD's on this page. Sweet pics!
  • + 1
 ya especially the one of the corona Razz , but ya, these pics are so awesome, i was drooling when i saw them
  • + 1
 Hang on ... how is that first picture a vector, it was done in Photoshop. That makes it a vector style raster image doesn't it Razz It's totally my favourite of the bunch, ooh or maybe the dumped 360 ... I just can't decide! Great shots as always, good job Laurence.
  • + 1
 sick pics
  • - 1
 wow thats sweet like this

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