Leatt Releases 2021 Helmet Lineup

Jan 20, 2021 at 9:05
by Leatt .com  


Leatt's devotion to rider protection, extensive testing and long-term development make our products some of the most famous and popular in the world, worn and trusted by pro-athletes.

Leatt helmets feature 360° Turbine Technology that reduces both rotational acceleration and impact energy to your head and brain.

The Pro-Fit modulating comfort liner stretches over your head to provide superior comfort and stability, even on the roughest of terrain. ASTM and motorcycle ECE certified the Leatt 8.0 helmet provides an unbeatable combination of performance and safety. MSRP:

Renowned for its ventilation and comfort, this enduro MTB helmet has been advanced from the much loved 4.0 full-face helmet.

Uphill or downhill, E-bike or trail - you name it, the Leatt 4.0 Enduro helmet has you covered. The full-face design with removable chin bar with an incredible strong stainless steel lock offers outstanding ventilation and its convenient Fidlock buckle makes life just peachy.

Leatt helmets feature 360° Turbine Technology that reduces both rotational acceleration and impact energy to your head and brain. Do not be afraid to push your limits!

A removable mouthpiece in the chin bar increases ventilation or can be installed to protect you when riding in poor weather conditions.

The adjustable visor opens up enough to place your goggles underneath and a universal sunglasses dock lets you safely dock your sunglasses under the visor when not in use, protected from scratches and unwanted impacts. MSRP: $299 USD.

The adjustable visor opens up enough to place your goggles underneath, and a universal sunglasses dock lets you safely dock your sunglasses under the visor when not in use, protected from scratches and unwanted impacts. You will also love the convenience of the Fidlock buckle system.

Leatt helmets feature 360° Turbine Technology that reduces both rotational acceleration and impact energy to your head and brain. Gear up and be prepared for whatever is waiting along the trail. MSRP: $189 USD.

A lightweight full-face helmet with ASTM Downhill certification, the focus of this helmet is premium safety and great value.

The Leatt 1.0 DH is a full-face helmet with superior ventilation. Featuring 360° Turbine Technology, the helmet is lined with turbines which are 360° moving discs constructed from an energy-absorbing shape and material. This tech has two exclusive advantages, namely the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at.

Get full face head and brain protection at an amazing price!

More information: leatt.com


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 that 4.0 All MTN Helmet looks freaking massive on that dudes bonce!
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 Yeah, but it nails the crucial goggles between face and visor position for an extortionate price, which is bloody great news.
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 Every branch and limb below 10’ will now require removal above the trails.
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 I have a head that was shrunken by aliens and every helmet looks like that on my head.
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 It looks sick though! I will def take a look at it when I shop for my next lid.
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 @LeattUSA Are pictures available of the 4.0 Enduro helmet with removed chin bar as well as the chin bar itself without helmet?
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 Looking forward to seeing their Virginia Tech ratings. I own the DBX 3.0. It's, by far, the most comfortable helmet I've owned and I've had helmets from Giro, POC, Bontrager, etc. I reluctantly quit using the DBX because I noticed that Virginia Tech had no ratings on them, but I recently noticed that the 3.0 is on there and the ratings are not good. I'm sure they might argue that the Virginia Tech rating system isn't perfect and I'm sure it's not, but it's all we've got. I'm looking forward to seeing how the new DBX does.
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 It had 4 stars from VT ratings. I'm guessing the lack of a 5th star is just due to less coverage.
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 Sorry Leatt but disapointing product launch. Launching new models on Pinkbike without be able to display it on your website is bad (impossible to find 1.0 and 8.0 helmets on your website). In addition confusing product naming with two helmet named 4.0
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 It is kinda confusing.

3.0 used to be the "all mountain" helmet with optional remote chin bar.

4.0 was the lightweight and breathable "enduro" helmet/fox proframe competitor

And 5.0 was the gravity stuff.

And now 1.0 is a downhill helmet?
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 @Ktron: after investigation the rule seems to be 1.0 for entry level --> 8.0 for really top level product.
Agree on that, this numbers just bring confusion at the end.
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 Sorry you feel that way. All helmets are now available on the website.. it was just a timezone issue.
Regarding the naming it should be pretty simple, the numbers refer to the price point and then each helmet is called after the recommended discipline, EG: MTB 4.0 Enduro, 3.0 All Mountain, 8.0 Gravity or 1.0 Gravity. We chose the term Gravity instead of DH because some full face helmets are good for enduro, DH and general bikepark riding - Gravity fits all of these riding styles. We hope that clears it up for you! Maybe check out the website for more info. Thanks!
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 @LeattUSA: still on the website it's impossible to sort the helmets by selecting the appropriate discipline. Also I would like to see the Enduro 4.0 in a photo with the chin removed as well as fastening detail. I guess there is room for improvement.
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 @LeattUSA: some sold out already?
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 @LeattUSA: None of these are available for purchase on the website? Do you only sell through distributors now?
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 Im seeing a lot of new helmets at the moment, someone really needs to put a lid on it
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 It is visor to release new models than keep old models.
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 Looks like removable chin bars are falling out of favor? Maybe the downsides of having a "full" full-face aren't so bad anymore.
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 They (Leatt) are just now showing their new version of the 4.0, *with* a removable chinbar, as opposed to their old one, *without* a removable chinbar, instead of the 3.0.
Bell now have 2 different helmets with removable chinbar instead of 1.
If, as I suppose, the new 4.0 is astm dh-certified there are now 2 such helmets on the market, that's not falling out of favor as I interpret it.
But only sales wiill tell I suppose.
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 @Der-Kaiser: you are correct. We now offer the 3.0 Enduro and 4.0 Enduro, both with removable chin bars. The number refers to the price point. The new 4.0 has more features, like stainless steel latch, sunglasses dock, integrated visor and more ventilation. The 3.0 Enduro is still one of our best selling helmets though. People like it for its comfort and design. Cheers!
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 I had one a decade ago and I have to say it almost extracted my nose. They do not fit like a side padded FF lid and tend to move up and down on any nasty tech moment. When my face hit the dirt the front of the Switchblade chin part sliced my nose and upper lip. I took off the attachment and rode it like an XC lid the rest of it's life and felt like a sucker.
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 Thinking abour it later today, and also finding an anecdotal evidence for that thought when I got out riding and met up with some friends, half of whom wore ff helmets:
The popularity of enduro-style riding and capacity of modern trail/am-bikes means a lot of people ride rowdier trails faster, that just makes all kinds of ff-helmets more popular.
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 @madmon: Wow 10 whole yrs ago huh?
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 @Der-Kaiser: Yeah i own a dbx 3 and 4.... both last gen and i find myself riding the full face more and more these days.... Its not that much heavier and only a little hotter. Its not often i feel like i really should have brought the half lid but i often think to myself if i f$#k up here i really wish i had the full face.

I used to never wear a helmet when i snowboarded either now i never ride without one... maybe getting older and wiser.... or maybe i just realise i dont give a shit if someone thinks im uncool for having more safety gear on that seems relevant. You dont need it till you do!
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 Leatt's protection standards are cutting edge and legendary but their helmets also look sooooo cool to me!! They have a true XL that fits big craniums...and even a XXL. These are the helmets I want to ride in now!!!
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 Are you sponsored?
  • 14 1
 @LuDH: he might be now...
  • 5 4
 @LuDH: dude is allowed an opinion I guess you could school him with your tricycle
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Seriously I love Leatt stuff, but their design team has never met someone gifted with such cranial girth and as such I've never been able to rock their super sexy lids.

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 I'm sure they are well-made and now they look decent, considering they used to have the ugliest helmet in the business (Sam Hill, sniff!), except Gee's One from a while ago.
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 Has anyone had any experience with the Leatt MTB 1.0 Helmet DH 2021 thinking of getting one, on there size guide I'm a large at 59cm (I've got a big head) are they a snug fit? Thanks
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 Im after a new lid at the moment. Saw the all mountain lid. Immediately thought back to my school days.....Tuff Tops!!
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 Leatt really needs to fire whoever is in charge of their website. It's been impossible to order from them for two years now.
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 Do we have to wait for the weight?
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 They're asking you to wait over there for their weights.
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 Weights are available on the website - sorry, we overlooked this in the article.
8.0 Gravity: Weight: From 1250 ± 50 (2.75lbs)
4.0 Enduro and AM: Weight: From 810g (1.7 lbs)
1.0 DH: Weight: From From 850g (1.8 lbs)
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 Site is messed up! In FF dealer locator doesn't work, link to international site also.
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 If you are in Poland, please contact Olek motorcycles. Or Leatt PL on Facebook. They can help!
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 @LeattUSA: I did check Olek and none of helmets with removable chin is available shop.olekmotocykle.com/produkty/rowerowe/leatt-rowerowy,2,1571?search=wypinana

Seriously I don't understand why there's a distributor without merchandise to sell and I'm not talking about supply chain being broken because of covid. I remeber that some time ago, before pandemic, I checked them for Leatt and situation was exactly the same: we don't have that colour/size and we don't know if will have it.
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Już są, kupiłem w zeszłym tygodniu Smile
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 @wujekeman: po roku...
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 @EnduroriderPL: PRZECIEŻ TO MODEL 2021.....
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 As someone who has a 3.0 and 4.0 The naming system is a disaster
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 Thought the naming system was pretty simple and easy to follow.
3.0 = no removable jaw
3.0 Enduro = has a removable jaw
4.0 = no removable jaw
4.0 Enduro = has a removable jaw.
1.0 is a half shell
1.0 DH is a full face.
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 I didn't know e-bikes cared what helmet it's riders are wearing. learn something new everyday
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 LOL even if you like the helmets.. idk i guess leatt doesn't exist in canada? no dealer locations and can't buy from their website soooo?
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 @LeattUSA Canada fail. We get forwarded to the international site with no ability to purchase, no dealers listed in Canada. Used VPN to get to US site but you won't ship to Canada?

Last I checked, there were a few people that mountain bike here, oh wait. this is payback cause we won't let you cross the border to ride here... playing hardball.
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 @mtbpixels: Local dealers in Canada know where to get Leatt. Did you check with them?
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 Deal breaker, The new full face helmet is the heaviest helmet on the market what is Leatt thinking
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 Will they be made more available? 4.0 all mountain sold out ????
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 @LeattUSA does the 1.0 have fidlock as well?
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 una escobilla del wc es más bonita.
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 Leatt fail : All sold out!
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 The turbines are extremely painful for bald head riders like myself.
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