Bearclaw - What's in Your Hand?

Nov 12, 2014 at 13:37
by Lizard Skins  
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bigquotesI've been very fortunate to align myself with the best companies out there that suit my career and what I want to do. Having companies like Lizard Skins come in and give me a signature grip not only stokes me out to have a signature component on my bike, but It's rad to stand by them and have them stand by me and to help with all the projects I want to do. I'm stoked to have that bit of synergy! - Darren Berrecloth

Bearclaw Signature Grip

You can order the Lizard Skins Bearclaw Signature grip through your local retailer or online by clicking this link.

You can also customize any Lizard Skins lock-on grip on our website by scrolling down and choosing your own personalized message and ring colour combo.

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 So the claw's signature grip is a ruffian?
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 Yes, but with radness built in.
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 its a ClaFFian Big Grin
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 If I use these grips, I'll eventually grow bear's claws right?
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 Lots of people ride ruffians, they've been out for a long time. Lots of people wish they were just a touch thinner and a touch stickier, Perhaps he was one of them?
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 I'm pumped on being stoked.
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 I have both the ruffians and these grips and there are differences but they are indeed similar. The bearclaws are really short too - pay attention to the 130mm length
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 i know a few puns for that headline
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 I know this post is about Lizardskins, but anyone know if claws still riding for Specialized? seen it being speculated on various sites
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 He has left the big S according to team rumours on Vital..
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 i think he got dropped because he was injured too often and had not good enough results for big S. i hope he finds a new sponsor because the claw is awesome. maybe his brother can get him with knolly?
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 Judging by the specialized boxes that just arrived in his garage, I'd say he's still with them.
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 I've been using these for a couple of months now, and they're great. Thinner and stickier than most, not sure if they'll wear all that well but not expensive so not too worried.
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 I have been using these for 3 months... skinny and the ruffians but with his name on it. They work great. You might not like these if you have actual bearclaw size hands.
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 I actually own these grips. Had them for a while. Slip when my hands sweat but otherwise a solid grip.
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 I have them as well and they are pretty solid but there are way better options out there. Easton and Renthal both offer better thin options
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 He would be the best guy to just go shred with.
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 Does anybody else notice a striking resemblance to ODI Ruffian? Not to be captain obvious or anything...
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 My wife has these on her bike, I had the Ruffians on my bike. They are very similar, but I seem to remember these being a bit stickier and slightly skinnier. Could have been her new vs my old grips... I know she loves them.
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 Zinc should have gave him a signature grip for sensus. Because sensus> ruffians
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 Why would you go for anything but Sensus grips?
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 not everybody does 40ft doubles everyday
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 Renthal kevlars all the way.
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 Looks like a sesh...ruffian
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 such a legend
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 Anyones know the song ?
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 It's called The Ladder by Michael Margolnick
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 these are my fav grips
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 Oh cool looking grips too... I just bought some ODI's though.
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