Video: Can Whistler Park and Night Life be a Vicious Circle?

Oct 7, 2015 at 11:35
by Lone Wolf Productions  
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PEF answers the age-old question of what's the best cure for a hangover? Simply put; your bike. PEF destroys the Whistler bike park and club scene in this anti-party, partying video.

MENTIONS: @COMMENCALbicycles / @Lone-Wolf-Productions / @spank-bikes


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 Sorry guys but if you can still ride your bike properly after a night on the beer then you obviously didn't drink enough or you are under the age of 25.
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 After forty with family this is a no-subject, on the other hand, riding a steep descent after a beer ... not a goo idea, I tried once, I'll never do it again.
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 what about steve peat
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 wheres the BUD
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 @mrpilsen Id have to disagree with ya there. You should come ride with the Bandos
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 ^yeah bandos
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 @todayisthegreatest There's are reasons why he's a legend.
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 so wait a camel back is not a way to bring pbr onto the trail with you....
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 As someone (chronologically) past 40 I don't know what depresses me more - hung-over 20-somethings riding like that or 11-yr-olds hitting crabapple hits. Maybe if I take up shuffleboard now I can turn pro in my 70's...
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flag angrynipples (Oct 9, 2015 at 10:19) (Below Threshold)
 how about drink less at the clubs - dont get a hangover - and drink more on the lift up during the day. Party biking saves you money. Party biking saves lives
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 That was gnar
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 must suck to only have one shirt. must be fucking rank.
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 well as the yankee and canadian beer is basicly like water compared to the stuff in the uk,us brits could drink the whole bar and still be able to ride with some sense the next day haha
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 @wolly96 You have no idea whats going on with US beer if you think were all drinking bud lite out of the can.
1986 called...
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 @owlie he's not got a clue about our micro brew culture. Hell even the mid's like red hook are unreal down there. You Yanks know the business. Cheers!
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 Easy to booze heavy the night before when you don't have to pedal uphill the next day. (Get ready to click "Show Comment" to read this)
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 I disagree, that first tumble hungover is the worst! At least if I'm climbing I can sweat some of it out!
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 Alcohol and climbing do not mix. At all
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 err'body's different. My body hates to drink and get up the next day regardless of the activity, but at least with a good long climb I can sweat it out. I really gotta work myself into it though.

I've taken a tumble or two hung over (xc or dh doesn't really matter) and that just sends me into a tailspin and puts me right back in bed.
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 I tried climbing once with a hangover. I died.
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 Broke my foot on mother's day one year riding hungover downhill runs, on a chainless hardtail. Called me ma from the hospital haha. Poor woman!
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 Who the hell drinks enough alcohol to sweat it out the next day... either you guys don't have livers and are somehow permanently drunk or you guys need to learn to drink more water to offset your hangovers... sheesh *gets ready for amount of negative reps*
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 @DatGuy49 I did not mean to literally sweat out the alcohol, just the feeling of a hangover. I have no tolerance for alcohol anymore anyway, more than 2 beers and I feel like crap in the morning.
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 so if i drink more i can ride harder?
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 True. At least you won't give a shit if you crash and burn. I have been doing some testing...
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 I just do an 8 ball of coke, a handfull of shrooms, an ounce of weed and maybe a little meth while im at it before my first lap, works like a charm!
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 You should do weed. I knew this girl Becky who did 3 whole marihuanas at a party. Now she is dead.
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 I think Jim Lahey taught us all that you can do anything better if you just "flow with the liquor, go with it"
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 a gram, gram and a half of shrooms and downhilling is where it's at. More instinctual and it literally feels like you're flying.

[Edit] please dont try this if you're not well versed with hallucinogens
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 I remember when I was 16
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 One time I drove to whistler with my bike at night, got wasted, woke up with a ripping hangover and drove home.
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 that's a pretty beautiful story man
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 Don't get me wrong, I like a party as much as the next guy but to jam hard in whistler and play hard you gotta have some serious coin. House parties are one thing but partying in the village, spending $100 a night plus balling out on biking and skiing ex. breaks the bank. One of the worst things about whistler is how it's so much about the scene
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 You don't take sand to the beach. But taking it with you to the mountains is not a bad idea. That way you don't beaver hunt during your precious mountain time. Focus on rest and riding. You can always go party at Cancun during spring break.
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 It sure can be - you got to watch your crew - probably the biggest influence on how it ends up going down. I visit annually with some guys who are all about the riding and I end up drinking less and going to bed earlier than during the work week.
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 Yep, my last 8 month stint in Whistler cost me $32,000 AUS. Don't get me wrong, twas a f*cking epic time. But that was a money hangover that hurt for a while.
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 @adjsabo I spent 25k in 8weeks in aus. You did good my friend. Way to keep eachothers countries going haha
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 haha, thing is I didn't even leave Whistler in that time Big Grin @makripper
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 I'm watching this having the worst hangover and my bike is 3000 miles away...
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 I can see how the latter could lead to the former.
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 Or the other way round
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 In Soviet Russia we only ride drunk. Seriouosly though, only flowy lines are good after partying. Descending a glacier in clipless pedals after two hot wines was not a great idea
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 In soviet rides you!
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 You guys made my day........:-)
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 Riding with a hangover just sucks. Straight up. When you're 37 a hangover is something entirely different than when you're 21-27. It's biblical in scale and suck "the mad bawlz".
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 Man, I don't even have to drink. I've I'm up past 1am I might as well get wasted as I'm going to feel hungover anyway.
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 I can't even remember the last time I saw 1 am hahaha
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 @kickstand1 haha so true man. Funny thing is I don't even miss 1 AM. And for some reason the older I get the more and more miles I can put down. Old man strength? And then seeing your kids ride is like getting those first feelings all over again.
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 I ride with my two 10 year olds so I know exactly what you mean! It's much more likely for me to now see 6am on a weekend, and that's because I fell asleep at 10pm hahahaha
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 Pinkbike needs to do a poll: How many of you bros drink a little "Ripping Juice" or smoke a little "Devil's Lettuce" before / during / or while they use lift access parks?

I bet it would be a lot! I will drink to that!
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 I think the poll should be who calls still weed, "devils lettuce"?
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 I do bra ????
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 **shows guys getting hammered drunk, set to a song about getting hammered drunk, posted to a website of mountain bikers, yet can't even let us hear the word f*ck, either pick a different song, or play it the way it was intended...
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 meanwhile PB posts a video today with the subheading "offensive language" THIS IS ALL THAT'S NEEDED! Just do this!
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 Whistler and partying is not a vicious circle. Smoking a doob and Watching Netflix, now thats a vicious circle.
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 "I feel bad for people who don't drink, because when they wake up in the morning that is as good as they are going to feel all day." - can't remember who said it because I drink too much...
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 either Bukowski or Homer Simpson.
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 it was Frank Sinatra from "live at The Sands"...... He was swirling his "4 rocks with two fingers of Jack" between songs. You can actually hear the ice in the glass when he said it........
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 Good Call! Legend indeed. I'll raise a glass to that, and hopefully be able to ride tomorrow.
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 i will feel bad for you when your 60 with a destroyed liver and your pissing all over the place. Hehehe
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 Haha wow dude, way to crash a party.
I will be pissing all over and still trying to teach you the difference between "your" and "you're".
Come off it man.
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 Lol wow. I think my health is more valuable to me than my grammar. And I think riding down a mountain sober is a better idea than buzzed...
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 Three cheers for the five PM 'buzzed run' after a few cold ones at GLC!
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 Pigit77: I like riding, I also like beer. My initial comment was intended as humorous in a self deprecating sort of way. My reply to your comment illustrated that none of us make perfect decisions whether it's in health or Grammer or what have you. I assume that you and I share an enjoyment in mountain biking but maybe not alcohol... and that's cool. We are different people riding different trails through life. Let's leave it at that. Don't judge my trail, I won't judge yours.
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 If vicious is the new word for no money... then yes.
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 I'm too old to drink, wake up, and ride, my systems rejects that idea.
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 i know that feel bro
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 Last time I tried pinning with my buddies with a stag hangover I ended up sending it 30' to a 3rd degree seperated shoulder and long, slow recovery. I thought I was just riding along. This video still makes me want to party and ride bikes though.
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 Might as well just have J's and a laugh at a buddies place!! that's the economical #whislyfe.
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 If you haven't puked on the side of A-line , you never done a real whistler trip Or lived there
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 Here in Colorado it's more about pssfffffttt and riding, Craft Beer comes later
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 I usually drink monster and vodka, while I ride. Only afternoon/evenings, but morning rides destroy hangovers, and I'm 43, and I ride almost daily. Screw hangovers, ain't nobody got time fer dat...
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 straight outta Compton
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flag pigit77 (Oct 9, 2015 at 14:05) (Below Threshold)
 Anyone else think that rap goes better than rock for mtb videos?
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 Well.... I know where I'm going if Donald Trump gets elected
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 Everyone is commenting about riding and alcohol and i'm sitting here wondering how I just watched a whole edit with Kendrick Lamar as the song and enjoyed it...
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 I rode Antur Stiniog Black with a real bad hangover, - I mean bad, and holy shit if that didn't wake me up! I crashed twice but was laughing from the adrenaline all the way down. Never again.
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 More jack and Coke amigo!
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 I didn't drink yesterday night, but this guy seems so huge that he looks like riding a 24' wheel's bike
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 pretty much my Crankworks experience this year except for the drinking was video editing and filming for Pinkbike. hahaha
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 the last time I lit er up and tried to ride the next day was not a success story at all.
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 SOOOO whos moving to Whistler with ME!
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 No wonder he was riding the next day, he wasn't on the wildcats
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 booooo . shitty-kitty
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 Nice to see the un-turndown and table. Getting so bored with whips being the only trick.
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 Anyone else notice he had a ring on while riding but not in the club?? LOL
Sick video and Whistler is such a dope place.
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 its not a weekend at the park without 2 cases of beer(among other things) being consumed
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 I'm sorry but this is so much better than Remy Metailler's cycle of addiction that was boring compared too this
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 Once I got drunk and then went to Dirt Jam--> woke up in hospital and missed my exams at university not worth;/
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 If I don't launch a corn canoe in the morning I'm grumpy all day no matter how I feel.
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 Much enjoyment was had watching this vid.
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 Reminds me of the whistler part from "the arrival"
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 beers and bikes rules!!!!!! but ride bikes on a hangover is a bad idea!
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 a wise man once said go and send it my son, rubber side down and who brought beer.....
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 What? I wish my weekends were like this!
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 douche bag problems, nice riding
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 "win or lose, we're on the booze"
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 What a stupid vid. Big fkn deal. You went to a bar and drank alcohol. Yay! No one does that. It even made u ride super slow over and over spooks mooo. Take all the drunken mutants out of whistler it might b ok. Shit is boring
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 Soooo beautiful the girl at 3.20
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 Amazing. That was my summer at Whistler exactly.
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 Eyes aren't even blood shot - I am calling this a fake...
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 dzik !
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 Ill skills
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 Here, hold my beer
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 Nice to see a 26r clip!
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 Last call, First chair
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 whats the song??
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 Nice riding. terrible song.
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 I love that song!
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 Nah kendriks dope. Listen to the song, He's taking the piss.
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 Good song, but quite awkward to hear it censored.
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 Yeah, I didn't want to drop a million N bombs all over the pinkbike home page.
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