Video: Home Sweet Home with Loose Riders' Honza Faistaver

Dec 20, 2021 at 18:31
by loose riders  

bigquotesAfter being in Canada for almost a year and half, it was time to get back home to see how things are going over there. So I packed my stuff and headed east. This video pretty much sums up my five weeks vacay back in Czech Republic - hanging out with my friends, drinking beers and riding bikes…what else you need, right?

Cheers for some laughs and good times! Hope to see every one of you again soon!
Honza Faistaver

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 The trails at the end.....Oh man. I can't even.... The work that must have gone into those along with the attention to detail seems almost obsessive. Crazy
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 Makes my BMX trails look like they were made by toddlers.
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 Looks like they are made of concrete. I don't know how they can keep them in that shape.
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 @tacklingdummy: They have no job in a zone with a constant water source in an area with perfect weather all year. Or slaves, lots of slaves.
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 @BikesNRussets: Ditto that
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 Very late 90s early 00 vibe.
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 proper ripping in this one, great scene edit. how come this doesnt get people as motivated as water bottles?
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 Story Picture on the main page looks like that stupid Dave Matthews Sticker all the bro's have on their cars.
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 Fun to watch. Good times!
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 Hodne dobry!!
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 Rohozecký pivo!
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 Bmx. Beer, and partying how I grew up.
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 That was rad. The nose tap off the tree to Fakie was awesome
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 Lol, she thinks bmx guys are hot. The only thing we are is retarded, at least me and all of the other bmx guys I’ve met have been.
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 Moja salka caju
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 Hezke ceske jezdeni.

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