Charles Hermant Rides Fontainebleau - Video

Mar 8, 2017 at 8:40
by Lucky Boy Born to Ride  
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The Cheptain Dirt Camp is Charles garden. He is practicing his big tricks here with his big bike. This spot is the reference talking about huge bumps.

It s always a pleasure to go back to the wonderful place of Fontainbeau forest. There is such a unique atmosphere light and riding. Nothing but this place to film Charles.

It's always a pleasure to go back to the wonderful place of Fontainbeau forest. There is such a unique atmosphere, light and riding. Nothing but this place to film Charles.

This season Charles is going to be supported by hlins X1racing et 26in. Other brands are expected to follow this young freerider.
This season Charles is going to be supported by Öhlins, X1racing et 26in. Other brands are expected to follow this young freerider.

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 Ok i agree with you, there is a lot of pressure from pedestrian in this forest and this video don't give a good image of mountain bike for a pedestrian. BUT:
- I didn't built these jumps or line
- I have ridden only 2 times there.
- This is not an official passageway and it is the only one gap in this forest like this
- The total of lines in Fontainebleau forest represents less than 1%of the forest and they are all natural.

I'm ok to find an other place to ride but tell me where? This is the same everywhere in iDF forest. There is few spot, they are all tiny and yes they are in the forest... So sorry but i will continu to ride in forest.
And I think that a group of pedestrian damaged more the Fontainebleau forest than me with 2 afternoon of ride in a year and on 200m of line...

You can copy your comment on many other videos because i'm not the only one who ride and record there because it's also a beautiful place to ride and climb ????

In my opinion, forest is for everybody and not only pedestrian. The bag and hiking stick are replace by a bike. When I ride there is tyre trace and when we walk there is foot trace... I have moved some land when i ride? They made many holes when they walk. Do you thinks it's different? We all "destruct" the forest a little and maybe pedestrian more.
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 Je suis de la région, je roule du coté de la croix d'Augas ou en mode rocher-racine du coté de Franchard ou du Bouligny et c'est toujours la même rengaine ! Les Amis de la Foret détestent tout ce qui a deux roues au point même d’être insultant et de clairement chercher la baston. Pourtant quelques paires de roues en comparaisons de milliers de marcheurs ... L'impact sur l'environnement est clairement au désavantage des piétons, désolé. Alors ce n'est certainement pas Charles qui roule sur un spot peu étendu (mais qui envoie du paté) qui est responsable de la destruction de la foret. Il faut préserver la nature évidemment et limiter son empreinte en vélo mais clairement, la soumission totale au lobby des marcheurs comme le prône GrandesRoues est une hérésie totale.
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 This is just the perfect bad example of what NOT to do ! This beautiful forest is under a lot of pressure of the pedestrian groups wanting to close mountain bike access. People like this guy, tearing down the soft sandy soil and building gaps over passageway are the reason they want us ban ! I hope this guy will think about is actions and stop. If not we will have to put some pressure on his sponsors...
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 Hey man... I live about 45 minutes away from Fontainebleau and was amazed to see these trails exist. There is literally nowhere like this to ride around where I am (Etampes). It's flatter than a pancake - or should I say crepe! Is there really a lot of pressure from pedestrian groups? Additionally, where else are trails like this available in this region that we are 'allowed' to ride on? Salut !
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 WTF bad example ?? Why Bleau should become the unique forest where u can't ride and build trails ?? This area is large enough to preserve nature and build some gap or else either. Let them enjoy please...
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 Thanks guys! @neillyb @doobfr
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 What a nerve you are! In Fontainebleau's forest you can do hunting, walking, climbing, Trail running, XC, enduro... and we could not but practice mountain bike/DH/ freeride??? Why not? When I am reading your remark I feel like I know you...
You are the guy who do not answer me "Hello" when I meet you in the forest because you saw I was wearing an integral crash helmet and a big bike...
When I am reading what you wrote, people could think that freeriders are plundering the forest with their ride. You may not but practice a lot this wonderful forest to say such a thing! The place dedicated to the spot is so tiny compared to the vastness of the forest of Fontainebleau. Thinking that pedestrians or XC have more legitimacy in the forest gives me the creeps. Don't tell me about the damages caused by the Freeride/ DH practice because everybody is damaging the forest in a way whatever the pratice: 60 pedestrians walking, a family leaving garbages.
Charles is making exactly the same thing as you do. He is practicing his activity on trails that others did. You have no right to blame him or to do any rude remark... even worse, to threaten him. It is an athlete who is practicing in order to make the most he can give in his sportive activity. He is practicing XC, enduro, DH/Freeride. You should be the one who takes time to think about what he is saying and delete your Pinkbike count.
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 W H A T T H E F $ C K?

Your drug dealer must sell you some really good dope. The line is 200 m long. On the other hand, do you know how many classes go in this forest for school trips or sports? How many walkers? How many HORSES?

I highly doubt there're more than 50 persons riding these lines on big bikes on a regular basis, and yet here you are talking about a guy riding is bike destroying the forest...

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