Video: 4 Women Rip Mountain Creek in 'Ride Like A Girl'

Dec 19, 2018 at 12:43
by Mountain Creek Bike Park  
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What does it mean to "Ride Like a Girl"? See for yourself. Heather Munive, Jamie Freese, Ivanna Estrada and Laura Slavin are leading the charge and redefining the term at Mountain Creek Bike Park.

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 It's great to see so many women prove that this is a sport for all to participate in and that your gender doesn't limit how far you can take it. One of the nice things about social media is if you watch long enough you see progress happening in almost real time. Slavin has been putting in the time and taking her lumps to look as natural and smooth as she does. These women aren't just some outliers that others can't emulate. They just do the steady effort to get out there and take the small steps to progress all while having fun! Stoked to see you all ripping!
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 Yes to everything in this comment.
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flag cvoc (Dec 22, 2018 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
except the part about her lumps
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 @ka81: Get a clue and get off this website. Your comment history is trash and you probably are too.
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 I don't see gender, lol
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 @ka81: did your Mom teach you that?
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 Brilliant comment! Nice one
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 @Beez177: @ka81 nah she was cleaning his ego off the floor that was knocked outta him by some girls
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 @ka81: how can someone say such mean things without feeling any bit of remorse or guilt.
You sir got into the wrong community to spread hatred to fellow same minded people and objectify them by their gender, not their wheel size, frame material, brake, armor, or Sus-travel choice.
Here we objectify objectively, gender is out of the role.

"how to be a Mountainbiker"
we all know that video, if not, you'll google it now and know about it.

One of the points that its missing is that no matter the gender, no matter the age, if you get featured on Vitalmtb, Pinkbike or any of the major MTB media pages. it's for a good reason and its that you rip trails like most people can't, don't or won't. so their street cred gets a permanent rise of +10p
not even then, you have a street cred value of +5p when you ride, no matter the gender, age, sexual interest or ethnicity.

We all love riding for what it gives us, so please, don't disrespect the Comunity with such sexist, narrow-minded mean fullness.
We love each other, we support each other and after all, we all try to have fun while advocating nature, joy, and the word shred or rad in some way. those things are love man.
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 @davidpr2: Don't feed the troll!
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 If I could only ride like these girls!! So awesome!
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flag ka81 (Dec 23, 2018 at 9:31) (Below Threshold)
 That's so funny of you half-men .. Uhh.. No, not even half. )
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 @ka81: Has the cold war ended where you live?
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flag ka81 (Dec 23, 2018 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 @Clarkeh: has there appeared any kind of creature who can be called as man where you live?
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 @ka81: Nah in NZ we mostly chose different names for people at birth, saves it from getting too confusing. There's probably someout out there called "man" though.
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 Russian POS @ka81:
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flag ka81 (Dec 23, 2018 at 23:47) (Below Threshold)
 @jcmcclea: oh, US suburb...
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flag ka81 (Dec 23, 2018 at 23:49) (Below Threshold)
 @HaydukeLives: honey, girls in normal countries are not knocking anything.. )
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flag ka81 (Dec 23, 2018 at 23:50) (Below Threshold)
 @davidpr2: mean? Why mean? Oh, you didn't know that women are cooking and .. you know... Wait, you don't?.. )
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flag ka81 (Dec 23, 2018 at 23:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Beez177: son, you really want to fall so low?..
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 My friends always say I ride like a girl. After watching the last few videos of women ripping it up on Pinkbike, I can categorically confirm I don’t ride like a girl! Hopefully one day.
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 Some of those drops are much larger than what we've got at Whistler.
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 What they don't show is the exit from the cannon jump after the Redbull drop. Huge slab of rock black with skid marks as everyone tries to slow down to make the turn. A lot of bikes go off the trail still hailing ass...
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 I’ve ridden both (NY is my home and Whistler BC is my wife’s) and can confirm that those drops are legit. That RedBull drop is no joke.
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 @yzedf: That’s true. I’ve eaten shit there. Make sure to brake early after that boner
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 This video doesn't do the size of these drops any justice. Props to these girls sending the big boy lines.
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flag pintoproof (Dec 22, 2018 at 17:15) (Below Threshold)
 their balls are so big, they had to get them shoved inside them.
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 Big Lines*
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 Love this! We need more videos like this on Pinkbike. Amazing women, amazing riding!
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 Trust me, when you see these drops in person, you're humbled. That RedBull canon is nuts. Huge props to these ladies. BEAST COAST!
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 Laura Slavin kills it. I’ve ridden with her at Creek and this video doesn’t do her justice. She’s amazing in real life too not just on video!
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 Meanwhile in mother Russia hold my vodka while I make a complete misogynist arsemonkey of myself
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 Nice one Ivana! Tackling chunder like a champ!
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 Girls like this are inspiration to little 5 year olds like my daughter. She sees these videos at 5 and she wants to ride like the girls ride. Women you have an audience. Many father's like myself want their little girls to grow up to
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 Aye Jamie is a ripper!
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 That got me stoked to ride Creek. Great job ladies!
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 This video is really great for the sport. The riding here is ace, it would be nice to inspire the younger generation regardless of gender to get out there and enjoy the outdoors and biking.
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 I wouldn't mind riding like any of these women! Go get 'em!
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 Yup I suck. These girls rip.
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 All i see is people having fun, riding bikes.
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 Jamie's Suicide No Hander was sick!!!! Jealous!
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 Very inspiring!
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 These women shred. Nice work ladies! You are just as rad as dudes, but without the attitude.
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 I have ridden and have seen girls riding on our trial sin Peru and some of them have more skills than anybody else. One time a girl took me out on a dirt bike ride and she gave me some lessons Smile
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 This video makes me want to go out there and shred like a girl.....if I could. Skillz ladies!
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 Great song.
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 I count four, and this is awesome!
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 Matthew McConaughey voice, "Girls on bikes, mmm hmmm."
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 Solid video!
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 Killing it.
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 WOW!!! These girls RIP!
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 I love Creek
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 Yeah jamie!!!
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 These ladies are taking it to another level!
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 Rip it up
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 I still can't understand why women aren't ripping harder, whipping bigger, riding faster. I see all these 12 year old kids that are 4'10" and 90lbs ripping harder than the best women in the world...

clearly its not a strength or size thing.... so seriously tell me... why aren't women better???????????????

I want to see women ripping as hard as men, and as far as I can tell the only thing holding them back is the bar for females being so low.
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 Well as you've said yourself it's not about strength or skills. personally, I wouldn't even say they are slow but here my explanation to why I Downvoted your comment, first things first, I can back up that Woman are not worse than men at riding bikes by names and numbers, please lets not get into this part so much, I have a life, so I don't want to get too involved in this: however I do want to lecture you a tiny bit about common sexism and the effects of it in Mountainbiking.

For us to understand each other I feel that its necessary for both of us to agree that Sexism is real, it's still happening, body types and glorification of certain looks do exist as well as behavioral traits that are considered feminine are real.

"I still don't understand why women aren't ripping harder, whipping bigger, riding faster. I see all these 12-year-old kids that are 4'10" and 90lbs ripping harder than the best women in the world"

well, first of lets name someone who in my opinion rips trails on a regular basis rides fast and whips like a champ, her name is Casy brown.
To name another woman who rips trails and is faster than most men, and makes headlines in news is Rachel Atherton.

Those are two exceptional riders who stand out for their way of riding.
their personalities, you see, are very different to how the "normal" woman is.

this brings me to the part where I lecture you about society and its sexist impact on Woman on risk.
It all starts at the very beginning of one's life.
Boys are encouraged to take risks: be adventurous, curious, bold, strong and physically giving it all they've got, they're encouraged to be the "knight" or the action figure they have in their rooms.
While girls are encouraged to be the woman who waits in the tower with the long hair to wait for the knight to save her, to stay inside and not go into the dark forest and not explore any of the other paths, to be careful and afraid of risks because they will harm her because she is pictured as so defenseless.
that all shapes and forms the way of thinking of a boy, and a girl.

A Men approaches and deals with risk, very different to how woman approach and deal with risks because of the way they were taught to deal with risk.

Now: are woman worse riders than men? Quite simply, no. they are not, but they are taught to be more careful, gentle, smooth, and afraid.
Which is why you can see so many women not pumping into turns as hard as men, you don't see them go into things as hard as men, simply because they were taught to be simply different than men.
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 Can you post vids of ‘all these 12 year old kids’ that are ripping harder than the best women in the world?

And ignoring the issue of size and strength is ridiculous. Of course that matters. What do all serious riders do in the offseason? They work out, and try to get stronger. Why do they do that? So they can perform better.

So basic logic would suggest that men, who generally have a major natural advantage in size and strength, are going to be able to rider harder and faster than women.
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 I'm going to risk gender generalisation here, but here goes:

From my time riding various bike parks I've noticed that men generally like to show off with whips etc, playing to their mates and trying to look 'rad'. Women tend to not show off and just concentrate on having fun and getting down the trail, with more supporting each other too. Both groups are having fun just in different ways. Apart from the pro's I can't really tell who is faster as the women that do ride tend to be quick whereas the men range from stupidly fast to nervous mincers. The only thing I do know is that the places I ride regularly always have a better feel about them when there's a mix of genders all out having fun. When it's skewed to mostly one gender dominating it loses that feeling if inclusiveness (yes, a large group of ladies can be just as intimidating as a large group of 'bro's'!), Like life we need to geta good 50/50 mix of each and if this video helps that happen then great.
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 If you want a real answer, I'll paraphrase something I read on Pinkbike, written by one of the pro/elite women. I can't remember who. Basically, when you're comparing apples to apples in the pro categories, women are smaller, lighter/less dense, and generate less power than their male counterparts. This is not a sexist thing, but a genetic thing. A man on the same course will be able to hold a line better and pump harder. Same reason I, at 5'9", have to work much harder when I try and keep up with a 6'5" dude with massive legs and much more leverage than I have due to their longer legs, bigger muscles, etc. While I may be able to bounce up and over chunder, they would be able to plow and hold a faster line. It is absolutely a strength or size thing. I can guarantee if you put one of those anecdotal 12-year-old kids on a pro course up against a full-size, pro-woman, the kid would get their ass kicked. Watching a 12-year-old do a big whip in a single video is not an accurate or reliable comparison against an entire field of pro/elite women or men.
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 Also, I can say that I have ridden with one or two of these ladies at Creek and they are FAST. I am a dude who has been riding for 20 years, park for 15 years, I'm no slouch, but they are QUICK. I've also tried to keep up with Gwin on the mountain and it is just a different ballpark. The power+weight ratio is certainly an important part of the equation.
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 And if you ain't down with that, I got two words for ya. SUCK IT!
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 Heck Yeah Gs !!!!!
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 Awesome Video!! these girls are killing it!! Am I the only one wondering why Ming Goetz was not in this? That girl Rips
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 Ming wasn't available when we were filming this otherwise she would have 100% been in it. Ming definitely rips!
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 Women tend to ride a bit more cautiously and therefore get less injuries. I don't think that is a bad thing.
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 Is Lauren riding a 29er in that first shot (the red bike)?
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 Yes, Yeti SB100 Beti
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