A Week in the Scottish Highlands

Aug 19, 2013 at 13:19
by Leo Malmeryd  
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This was a riding trip, so I didn't exactly stop during a sweet section just to get a clip or a picture. But I kept my camera in my pack and this is what I managed to catch on tape!

Yours truly playing around during a lunch break on Isle of Skye. Super cool rock formations, epic scenery and beautiful weather made this a day to remember. The sights was one thing that stayed consistent the whole week. The mountains in Scotland has kind of a mystical feel to them. It almost feel like you are riding in a Lord of the Rings movie the whole time.

Our guide Euan knows a lot about Scotland, especially where the sweet trails are. Scotland offers so much more than just good trails, I think the feeling of adventure stands out more than the great riding, now when I look back on this trip.

The rocky terrain in Scotland pretty much means you will have to fix a puncture sometime on a trip like this. A manageable feat with a view like this. The rocky surface make for technical sections of trail but more importantly keep rolling resistance to a minimum, even in the wet.

This cool little bothy made the perfect place for a well deserved lunch break, halfway through an 8h ride. I think it's little things like this that add to the adventure and makes Scotland a place that has to be experienced.

When you think about Scotland you think two things: Rain and Midgies. We had luck on our side and got rained on no more than about 30 minutes all week, however it rained during the nights which made for some near magic conditions and added to the adventurous feeling. Also the midgies decided to stay away until the last couple days, and even then they weren't too bad out on the trail.

The crew for the week. You probably couldn't put together a better crew even if you tried to, so many different personalities and previous experiences. Even if this was a riding trip it is safe to say that we weren't exactly bored during the off time.

Philip, oldest in the group at 60 year young, still shredding and always a smile on his face. Super impressive.

Skye during a hike-a-bike, with his Scottish heritage, I can confirm that he was more than stoked when we rode the very Isle he was named after.

The week started with a couple easier rides before heading out the real rugged and remote stuff in Torridon and Isle of Skye. This is halfway down one of the man made trails in Laggan Wolftrax.

Overall a super sick week riding in Scotland with great trails, scenery and food. Scotland is such an unique place and I'm really glad I got to experience it in good weather with awesome people. We went with a company called H&I Adventures ( www.mountainbikeworldwide.com ) who I can recommend. First of all they know all the sick trails but they also think about the local businesses, so that means you stay in family run hotels and bed & breakfasts, eat at the best local restaurants and so on. This allows you to get a better feel for the "real" Scotland, which in my book enhances the experience. It is also a sustainable way of doing business.


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 Scotland with the right weather = best place on earth!!
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 mos def!
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flag amirazemi (Aug 20, 2013 at 4:53) (Below Threshold)
 FREDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! can anyone believe that a friend of mine swore he watched it over 150 times !! well as for me a watched it over 20 times for sure but over 150 i bet even mel didn't watch it 150 times :-)) for sure best movie ever was made.
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flag Crash-master (Aug 20, 2013 at 5:50) (Below Threshold)
 @gdub923 whats about whistler
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 There's more to life than bike parks.
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flag Crash-master (Aug 20, 2013 at 6:35) (Below Threshold)
 Thats true,like those epic singletrails,you agree
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 quite impressed crash master, gotta be one of the shortest times ever for an account to be suspended since it opened (2 days).....not sure if that makes you a king troll or shite troll seeing as you'll have to open a new account to start again. wonder what your new user name will be. .....wankmaster seems a good one
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 I love the country i live in!
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 why the f*ck did i get negproped ????? i f*cking love scotland !!!! did nobody read my comment ??
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 seems to be a few trolls about...plus your spurious claims of 150 watchs of a short film...about 7 and a half hours of no freedom, screen watching. tell your buddy to get out and ride more. if you are ever in scotland gives a shout and i'll show you round the better trails buddy
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 @fork whata whataa...i meant about BRAVEHEART !!! not this one how the heck none did understand me. IDIOTS READ THE WHOLE COMMENT BEFORE DISLIKING IT.
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 lol, but you spelt freedom wrong. also with the nationalist versus uniionist issue in scotland right now...theres a good chance its union trolls that got ya. braveheart is one of these great but shit films......thats full of historical errors and make believe. offer still stands about riding in scotland though.
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 ah.... i see...... your friend watched braveheart 150 times and you watched it 20 times. sorry my mistake and every one else probably too... i surmise it was the confusing shout of "fredoom" (sic) from your keyboard that has muddied the waters. relax buddy, less CAPS and stop worrying about neg props on a forum, it really matters not a f*ck to real life!
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 well i am not from scotland in matter of fact i have never been there, i've met some scottish people and they are pretty much like my people and i am albanian, there for i have a sympathy of scottish people and the scotland itself. I don't know why are you calling it shit movie, braveheart happens to be my fav movie. anyways i might not know enough about errors of history of scotland but i like the movie. and about caps lock you are right about it i don't why i do it seems like on old habit. and for negprops i really don't care i just didn't understand why someone would dislike it when i am pro scotland.
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 what i mean by "shit", is its a great story typically hyped up by hollywood, ruining for those in the know, the truth. and i suppose its all down to the sort of personality i have. i personally hate the fact it is a film about an enslaved country, fighting for its freedom with all the political wranglings and deaths that go hand in hand with that ....... yet hollywood felt the need to expand on the truth and almost do a good job of discrediting the real history of what really went on. that in itself is a slap in the face to william wallace and what he sacrificed.. my favourite movie is platoon.....but i bet some smart arse could tell me about all the historical errors in that film. am going riding now, spent far too long enslaved to my computer this morning.
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 Im sorry I have to say the music sucked!!!!!!!!!!! It took away from the video in my opinion.
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 Heading there in 2 days! Super pumped to ride in Scotland!
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 Where you riding first man?
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 Gairloch Carn Dearg, then making our way down to Torridon, Applecross, the Isle of Skye, and Knoydart. We're going with www.go-where.co.uk.
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 Dayum sir, you are not going to be disappointed! Hope it stays dry for you... It should do.
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 hope you have real good time. A few whiskies to keep you warm mind.
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 Thanks guys, after 2 weeks in a dry construction camp, the scotch is definitely another thing I'm looking forward too!
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 Also look out for the wild haggis. They have three legs, with one shorter so they can run around the hills
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 It's only scotish people that's have commented on this yet !
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flag Crash-master (Aug 20, 2013 at 5:48) (Below Threshold)
 Not anymore
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 It would appear so my good fellow .
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 and Scots are so friendly. even in the worst of weather drinking a few pints with the locals is one of the most cheerful experiences you'll ever have. never met a pessimistic Scot.
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 Its like Ireland that way, if you let the weather bother you, you may as well give up on life hahahaha Smile
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 all depends which part of Scotland and Ireland you are in to be fair.....as with any country I hasten to add.
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 Scotland was my favorite vacation I've been on. Isle of Skye was so beautiful. Wish I could have brought a bike
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Oh crap, stupid Atlantic Ocean Frown
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 Nice to see some Scotland riding... And with good weather!
Never even scratched the surface of Scotland's riding destinations either...
All of the 7Stanes... Glentrool, Kirroughtree, Dalbeattie ,Mabie, Ae, Glentress & Innerleithen, Newcastleton...
One of my Favorites, Golspie...
New one coming at Glenlivet...
The list is looooooooooooooooong!

Hell of a lot of places to try and cram into the 3 days of summer we generally get lol! Big Grin
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 somehow I have always managed to get good weather up there, pure luck even at the bill and beyond. probably get freakin soaked next time now out of sods law
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 amirazemi do you realize that this movie was shot entirely in Ireland?
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 Nice video. The trail at Quiraing as got to be one of the best in the world.

Any advice on how to access that Trail at Morvich? That was the only trail featured that I haven't ridden yet.
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 he hey!!
my auntie and uncle live in Laggan i ride wolftrax when i visit
sweet trails
and is that pub in laggan as well?
ive spent countless hours in there
great vid
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 the scenery is awesome, probably would have crashed a bunch just because i'd be too busy looking at the mountains to see where i was going
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 got to admit it looks really impressive...not to sure about a wet and windy winters day though-that would probably change my mind!haha
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 It's still the most beautiful place I've seen. Go 30 minutes out of a city and you are in the hills.
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 Some of the bets mountain biking in the world if you get the weather and can avoid the midges. I love the place.
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 Love biking In Scotland... Load up the car and head north.. And if you get the weather it's the best!!
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 So beautiful landscape My next destination for summer holidays 2014
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 friends, biking, great trails, good weather... what else???
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 I can confer! Did the Scottish coast to coast in June from Fort William to Montrose, fantastic!
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 O ye'll tak' the high road, and Ah'll tak' the low (road)
And Ah'll be in Scotlan' afore ye
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 If it's not Scottish, it's crap.
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 to all you scotts.....i love your country! honestly
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 Beautiful. Skye is the best place I've ridden. I try and get up there at least once a year
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 Great edit showing Scotland at it's best...... but please don't wash bikes in rivers!
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 This is a place of pure beauty. Hope to make it there someday in my lifetime
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 Scot, checking in! Ooosh
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 Schwing for Scotland!!
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 very very nice
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 Great vid! Glad you had a good trip
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 Makes me want to pack up and leave BC. But not for long
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 Thanks for sharing, looks awesome!
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 What the hell's a midgie?
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 an insect that is typically a pack hunter that comes in there millions and feasts on the flesh of people
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 sounds a bit mythical, like haggis but unfortunately dhfreeride is telling the truth. do any scots know if theres any truth in the urban myth of a stag party ending up with the stag tied naked to a lampost in portree, left over night and.... dead in the morning due to blood loss from the hordes of midges . lol
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 I think they call midgies 'no-see-um's' in the States - but I could be (and usually am) wrong...
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 Wooooo, I live on Skye!!!
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 are there trails other than the quiraing and sligachan? I work on Skye a lot and am looking for somewhere new!
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 superb.... beam me up....
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 Going to Skye and Torridon in a few weeks with these guys, can't wait!

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 Woooo Skye!
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