15 Women's Enduro Bikes from Round 1 of the Pedalhounds Enduro Series

Apr 3, 2021 at 3:21
by Nick Bentley  

With the UK's Covid restrictions lifting it was time to return to racing we grabbed 15 bikes from the lady's field for your viewing pleasure.

Amy Moore's Kona Process 134.

Rachel Clay's Scott Genius.

Sarah Crellin's Specialized Enduro.

Daisy Daring's S-Worx Levo.

Emily Ashwood's KTM Scarp Mt.

Charlotte-Louise McGreevy's KTM Scarp Prime.

Rhiannon Gunner's Cannondale Scalpel.

Michelle Stoppel's Cannondale Habit.

Kelly Higgins's Whyte G170.

Olivia Plunkett's Trek Remedy.

Lydia Hughes's Nukeproof Mega.

Renee Diuell's Specialized Enduro.

Jasmine Morse's Cove G-Spot.

Katie Drake's Intense Carbine.

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 Anyone else spot the cheater?
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 Cheater is an understatement! Or someone forgot to tell Nick April fools is over.
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 Hey, riding is riding! Moreover- the fact there was such a good number of women at the race that day is what counts. eMTB had their own category so it wasn’t any effect.
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 @2-1RacingUK: I think they’re talking about that Cove. There’s no way I’m racing against that- I don’t have the self confidence to hold my head high when they would smoke me.
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flag fatduke (Apr 5, 2021 at 7:06) (Below Threshold)
 @2-1RacingUK: seems that some people are unable to read that they had their own E-bike (Pedal assisted for dullards who think e-bikes are motorbikes) category.
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 @fatduke: E-bikes ARE motorbikes.
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flag danjt1984 (Apr 5, 2021 at 7:45) (Below Threshold)
 Trying to get away with using that bike is very daring of them.
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 Yeah no doubt. You roll up with a G-spot, and everyone else might as well go home.
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flag fatduke (Apr 5, 2021 at 9:58) (Below Threshold)
 @stumpymidget: Elaborate on that statement please.
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 @fatduke: I'm guessing his arguments that ebikes are, in fact, motor bikes will be centered on the presence of a large motor in place of a conventional bottom bracket. I'm just guessing though.
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 I see @dreamlink87:
I love the irony of the statements. Probably the worst bike for the event, even if you do hold the nostalgia flame high and proud. The 120-130mm bikes were in the prime capability demographic for these tracks.
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 @fatduke: bike plus motor equals motorbike, simple.
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flag fatduke (Apr 5, 2021 at 11:07) (Below Threshold)
 @stumpymidget: Where's the throttle, you know that thing that makes it go forward?
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 @fatduke: The throttle is in the crank.
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 @fatduke: ah, explains why they are called throttle bikes!
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flag fatduke (Apr 5, 2021 at 21:18) (Below Threshold)
 @stumpymidget: So if if I put my motorcycle next to an e-bike you'd say they were essentially the same thing, is that the level of intelligence that's been dealt with here?
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 If you go to a pedalhounds race you will realise almost half of the people entering are on ebikes in the ebike catagorys. They are set in the most weathly middleclass part of england, and they are just a bit of fun so it makes sense
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 Just my opinion but you should definitely put a proper throttle instead of using crank as a throttle. Would be way easier and looks better.
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 @2-1RacingUK: Different motor out puts and battery sizes means it an unfair race so racing E bikes is total BS fact hahahahaha
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 @BMXrad: dude! This isn’t Nationals and more importantly; it’s outside and doesn’t involve using a phone for entertainment.

If you’re not racing in an event, nor partaking in the EMTB categories, why bother wasting your time trolling stuff?! I’m perplexed by all the “Armchair champions” turned “experts”.

You know what guys? If anyone needs someone to talk to on the phone to help soften whatever internal turmoil you are going through, let’s talk! People have been coupe’d up sporadically for a year now. Let’s reintroduce social standards that don’t involve petty, narrow mindedness and actually communicate about things we love - BIKES.

Have a great day people. Be kind and polite to someone and just watch what happens.
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 @2-1RacingUK: hahaahah I run races and and built and ran an mtb venue for 15 years you can call me "Armchair champions” turned “experts" but e bike racing is shit IMHO and most seem to agree hahahahaha.
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 @BMXrad: you also seem to be an ass hat so write that on your CV as well.
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 @fatduke: You show your brain power then you start insulting people have a nice day xxx
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 @BMXrad: hey that’s fine. You are then a linchpin in the sport. You of all people should then portray a humble and evolving attitude to all aspects of the sport.
Just because you feel strongly against something, it doesn’t make you right! Even if you are right, how you portray your “experience” can come across arrogant in literal sense.

If you are still running locations and events, you of all people will know having a strong option aired, can be detrimental to your clientele and unfortunately, can segregate yourself from the market.

EMTB’s are like scooters at the skate park! Initially it was seen as a fad that would pass after a couple of years. However, they’ve got their own championships, events, world titles etc-etc. Ebike are going nowhere. It may well be “Shite” to you but a large majority are loving them and- they are willing to pay race organisers to hold events for them to race. Events that pay the bills for people, people like your good self that run/ran events for 15+ years. These people are feeding you and your family.

Hate it all you want but it’s circulating money within the industry and that’s a good thing. Remember when people whined about the introduction of 650b and 29ers........
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 @fatduke: “There is nothing fair and level between eMTB motor models. There are major differences in torque, peak power, torque/power maps, weight and efficiencies, with older generation motors especially being quite a bit lower in performance. In addition if its a long race, a rider with a 750Wh battery can use Turbo far more than a rider with a 500Wh despite the weight penalty. Then there’s rider weight. With such a ‘small’ amount of additional power, power to rider weight is a major factor. Lighter riders benefit far more from the extra motor power than heavier riders. Then of course there are the light weight and low power motors.
This kind of eMTB racing can’t be considered fair, even without chipping. Homologated series with tight regulation, classes and scrutineering, like in karting, is really the only way eMTB racing could achieve fairnes. Until then its fun, and can’t really be taken all that seriously.”
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 @BMXrad: you raise some strong points. Arguably though you could say the same between normal pedal bikes and the differences between suspension designs, tyres used, fitness and skill levels of riders taking part and so on.

This race was three laps of a 5km loop. Each stage was between 1-2minutes respective of rider ability. Each category was age based ad most of all, this was a regional low level style of event. It’s great that there’s passion about creating a level playing field but this isn’t world level.

All brands of motor have bias towards certain top step titles. Some say they have the largest power output/torque, some say they have the highest Watthour power supply. In all reality though, it’s the rider who selects the outage details of use that dictates what they get in return.

More over, a skilled and competent rider will carry more speed and flow than a novice rider. If they’re in the same category without an assisted bike, would it be any different ?

Fully factor in and wholly agree on the regulating of re-chipped Control units. That is the aftermarket thing that needs addressing. I also agree that rider weight is a factor. Should categories be age, capability or weight sectioned or should it be all three? If this was the case though, a race event podiums process would take just as long as the actual race to hand out the super featherweight, novice 18-29 class; leading to the super heavyweight, pro 50-59 class. You may also competing against only yourself within the specific category. Or we could just race......

Final point; the Ebike in question that belongs to the lovely Daisy Darling, helped a 50 year old woman (I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me mentioning that) around a day f riding and racing with friends, that without it, she wouldn’t have done so whilst enjoying her life. I personally think that’s the sole point we should actually focus on here. Someone’s had Great fun and achieved a photo, on a website that is a global platform. Good on you Daisy.
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 @BMXrad: think you're addressing the wrong person. My argument was that people saying that e-bikes are the same as motorcycles isn't really valid.

You make some good points in your issues on fairness between motors.
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 @2-1RacingUK: Fair point well made, great debate, cheers AC
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 @fatduke: Cheers good debate peace out.
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 @2-1RacingUK: I have just seen this & wanted to thank you for your kind comments. I have had the year from hell; I am 54 next week and have been waiting for double knee replacement surgery since 2019 & also have fairly severe osteo-arthritis. This was the most positive happy day of 2021; I love my bikes with a passion & riding in the sunshine with my friends whilst challenging my poor broken body in as many ways as it can cope with presently was uplifting in so many ways.

There are far too many unnecessary negative comments about racing on an ebike, but perhaps the haters could step back & equate it to horse racing, car racing or any other sport that involves ‘equipment’. Everyone has a choice. Not everyone’s horse has the same breeding or bloodline, not every car has the same torque or power, & just like there is diversity in humans & animals etc, there is diversity in ebikes! Whatever choice you make, it still has to be manoeuvred down the trails (which to be fair are mostly downhill with little pedalling) & there are many ‘mature’ riders, some suffering with health issues, who can only have fabulous days at the races with a motor to help them!

I can never understand why people sit there behind their keyboards pouring out negative poison for no reason other then to try to diminish others’ pleasure and enjoyment of something that might not be for them, but please... why not simply live & let live. If it is not impacting on your own life, why knock it?? We are all different & perhaps the haters could spend their time learning to be kind & showing support for what they do ‘approve of’ instead of being simply nasty.

As my late mother used to say: “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all....”
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 @Daisydaring: you are more than welcome and I applaud you as well.
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 @Daisydaring: great response Daisy! I agree with 100%
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 Am I the only one looking for a bit more backstory on a Scalpel (with no dropper!) being raced Enduro?
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flag eteyber (Apr 5, 2021 at 6:06) (Below Threshold)
 I also am assuming there was an xc race? Or maybe the course was paved judging by all the dinky in-line air shocks? The article title implies the latter.
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 Pedalhounds enduros are pretty mellow. From the couple I've done they are very much an enduro run over every day trails with out any major tech. South of England can struggle to find any real steep/tech. Plenty of mud, roots and off camber though. They are good fun and a great way to get into the race format.
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 @eteyber: Down with the Enduro Elitism. Local enduros can serve as a laid-back and approachable way to get involved in racing. Bring whatever bike you have, as long as you bring along a good attitude.
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 Pedalhounds races are pretty flat, they are like the sort of downhill sections you get on a modern XC course short sprints under 2 mins. It's just a bit of fun I race them all on my hardtail and often get better times than big enduro bikes
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 Backstory is coming my friend keep an eye on my:
YouTube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCTS3S6xcdJmicfvv4UTzGaQ
and Instagram www.instagram.com/mtb.rhi
The Cannondale Scalpel is an absolute dream for pedally races like this one!
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 All hail the G-Spot ! #screwthefuture !
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 F-YEAH! That made my day.
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 Whack a -2* headset in that and it would look just as up to date as most of the others there.
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 @CustardCountry: A little shorter in the reach department, and sky-high BB, but it would still be up to task.
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 I miss my STD ! I miss my g spot ! Still got my fourplay, and this made my day !
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 @Trls63: I think my cousin still has my old Hustler and an old neighbour still has his Ti Hummer
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 Jasmine got to be at a disadvantage on that Cove G-spot
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 IDK, it's so cool that surely it gets a headstart
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 More of a disadvantage than the 2015 enduro?
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 I'm surprised she was able to find it. I've been looking with no luck.
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 Didn't even know KTM were still selling push bikes over here. Nice to see though.
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 While looking at the bikes I was like:
“Oh, ok... KTM Scarp nice nice... KTM Scarp Prime... kind of XC’ish but its fine... Commençal Scapel...”

I truly had to recheck quite a few times for it being a Cannondale Scalpel instead of the Meta AM v4 hehe.
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 Loving Katie's Carbine! it's still one of the least awkward looking size XL bikes you can buy.
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 Anyone have information about the fork on Lydia Hughes Mega? The purple looks rad!
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 It's a Formula Selva R, limited edition colour and likely hard to obtain now
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 Gone full Enduro on those KTM's.
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 Are u joking? The shock stroke looks like 20mm?
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 Also shock trigger lock outs? Oh my!
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 Good to see KTM's still being ridden! It's been a few years since they stopped selling bikes in the US and I haven't seen one since.
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 I enjoyed this =)
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 heyzuesfeck, is specialized hiding a motor in that massive bottom bracket area...?
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 Yeah, what's with all of the XC bikes?
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 I am more ashamed that they gave a poor lassie nx to ride with... (see scott ransom)
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 Mostly XC and Trail Bikes. The stages must have been fairly relaxed/casual.
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 All hail the G spot now wheres my Hooker, Cove are dam cool
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 Not UK restrictions. Lock down laws are devolved so here in Scotland we can’t travel till the 26th
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 that carbine looks sweet, so does the enduro with that red lyrik
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 Is the Cove G-Spot a women-specific model?
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