Bike Check: Danny Hart's High Pivot Cube Two15 Prototype

May 12, 2022 at 5:24
by Nick Bentley  

How could we not stop by Danny Hart's pit at the last round of the UK National Downhill Series at Fort William and take a look at the winning bike? This is the same bike Danny has been riding and testing for a while and we had a quick glimpse of it in the pits at Lourdes.

So let's face it the frame is what you came here to see. The Cube Two15 now has a high Pivot Idler set up. I could not get a lot of detail on the frame itself other than this one is a standard medium size and is pretty close to what we should expect to see in production shortly.

This raw aluminium frame shows a few battle scars and looks to have been put through a lot of testing hours by Danny. The one thing I did notice was that the Idler is fitted via bolts to the frame which should make removal for any maintenance really easy which is a nice touch. There is a mix of external and internal cable routing too, with the gear cable going external on the front triangle and the brake internal then reversed on the rear triangle with the gear cable heading into the chainstay just at the pivot.

Danny Hart // Cube Factory Racing
Sponsors: Cube Factory Racing, Monster, Oakley, Bell, Fiveten, Crud, Crankbrothers, 4Gold, Burgtec, Cushcore, Bliss
Age: 30
Hometown: Redcar
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 70kg
Instagram: @dannyhart1

Cube Two15 Prototype
Frame: Cube Two15 Prototype Mullet
Shock: Fox DHX2 200mm travel
Fork: Fox 40 Factory 200mm
Wheels: 29" front 27.5" Rear
Tires: Schwalbe Magic Mary first ride 27.5" rear 29" front
Inserts: Cushcore
Cassette: SRAM XO 7 Speed
Derailleur: SRAM XO 7 Speed
Shifter: SRAM XO
Cranks Race Face Atlas direct mount
Chainring Race Face Direct mount 34T
Brakes: Magura Raceline MT 7
Rotors: Magura 203mm
Handlebar: Race Face Atlas
Grips: Burgtec Minnaar Super soft
Size: Race Medium

Danny is running a prototype set of Schwalbe's Magic Marys with Cushcore fitted front and back. Obviously, these are running tubeless with Schwalbes Doc Blue tubeless sealant of which Danny uses 90ml in each tyre. Pressure wise Danny was running 27psi in the rear and 23psi in the front.

Danny is running a Crud XL fender on his fork which he will need for those wet muddy North of England riding days.

Out front of Danny's new Cube is a Fox 40 factory fork for a 29" wheel running its full 200mm of travel. Danny runs 4 tokens in his 40's with 86.5PSI of air. The compression is set with 8 clicks of high speed and 5 clicks of low speed. Rebound wise there is 6 clicks of high speed rebound and 4 of low speed rebound.

At the rear there is more from Fox. This time it is a DHX2 coil at the heart of the Cubes suspension. There is a Fox 400lb spring fitted. In the DHX2 Danny is running 7 clicks of high speed compression with 6 clicks of low speed compression. When it comes to rebound the high and low speed knobs are set to 4 clicks

It's a SRAM drivetrain on Danny's bike. It's a SRAM DH XO 7speed derailleur and shifter to be exact, with a matching 7-speed cassette. These are so common around the pits. Alongside this there is a set of Race Face Atlas aluminium cranks that are 165mm long with a 34t direct mount Race Face narrow-wide chainring fitted. The chain is kept on the ring MRP's SXG chain device. Pedal wise Danny runs the ever-popular Crankbrothers mallet DH11 pedal and Danny winds the pins fully into the body of the pedal.

Bringing Danny to a stop is a set of Magura's Raceline MT7 brakes on a set of 203mm Magura rotors.

Whilst we are at the front end let's talk handlebars: it's a set of Face Face Atlas bars on Danny's bike. They're aluminium and have 20mm of rise cut down to 770mm wide 8 degrees back sweep and a 5-degree upsweep these are mounted to the top of the Fox 40 crowns with a direct mount stem that is 50mm long. Also there is some high-end electrical tape to help Danny's bar-mounted GoPro clamp fit just a little tighter.

Sat on the end of the bars is a set of Burgtec's Greg Minnaar grips in the supersoft compound.

Last but no means least there is an SDG I-Beam saddle and seat post. Danny has 75mm of seat post showing from the top of the Cubes frame.


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 Finally, a real bike check with details, pressures and numbers!
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flag jpcars10s (May 12, 2022 at 7:47) (Below Threshold)
 Because pro level suspension setup is so relevant to the rest of us
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 @jpcars10s: my name is jpcars10s and my cynical opinion is hilarious and no one is allowed to be curious
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 (And the mandatory complaint) But no video ….
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 "clicks" are pretty irrelevant without knowing from open or closed. Not to mention shim stacks developed around Danny.
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 Looks like a full size Strider bike for some reason
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 @scary1: Its the seemingly unbroken straight line formed by the toptube and seat stays.
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 @bobsten: clicks are always from closed.
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 @leon-forfar: Agreed that they should be and that's the standard I live to, but without the context / knowing the author's standard, this information is irrelevant.
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 Perhaps with too many words this time.
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 Clicks are not always from closed. In fact in my experience, most people who say "im running x clicks of whatever" are counting from full open. There is an argument that counting from closed is more transferable across dampers (and this is somewhat true for at least low speed adjusters) however if the article doesn't specify, then there really is no guessing which way they have done it.
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 …..and clearance for BALLS THAT BIG!!!!!!!
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 @gabriel-mission9: some forks have 24 clicks of compression, some have 26. the only consistency is counting from closed.
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 @bobsten: yeah, thats what I meant about counting from closed being more transferrable. But most people still just naturally count from full anti-clockwise.
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 @gabriel-mission9: Starting at open or closed is just a reference point. It really make no difference how the numbers of clicks is presented, its going to end up in the same place either way. There won't be any consistency from fork to for if the overall number of clicks isnt the same. It likely won't be even if two different forks have the same number of clicks as the range (and amount of change per click) could be different.

Counting from closed does seem to be the industry standard as its that way in every manual or tuning guide I've ever seen put out by the manufacturers. I assumed it started that way based on how people used to use trial and error out on the trail to setup their forks. If you are going to start at one end and work your way out until you find the sweet spot you'd want to start closer to closed. Starting with an under dampened spring and uncontrolled rebound could get you hurt on the trail, while having the dials set to far closed would likely just be a harsh ride at worst.
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 @sino428: Well, no, it won't end up in the same place either way. 3 clicks from closed, won't be the same as 3 clicks from open if there are 16 clicks or whatever. I understand using whichever as a reference point, but if you are taking setup seriously, you need a consistent starting point, which is closed. You are right that forks can have different amounts of clicks. For instance, a Fox Grip 2 damper has 16 clicks of low speed rebound/compression adjustment. The fork itself might have the ability for the knobs to be turned 18 clicks. Those two "bonus" clicks literally won't do anything but give the uninformed rider the impression that they are adjusting something. If you go from closed, there is no question that the adjustments are doing what they are supposed to. Each click is essentially winding out a dial. you can't go past closed, but you can certainly continue to twist past full open, which will have no effect on anything.

One analogy I heard along the way was thinking of it like a door between a lit room, and a dark room. Closed will let no light through. Open the door up a little bit (like one click), and the light coming through will be very concentrated. Each little bit that you open the door will have a very meaningful effect on the amount of light let through up to a point. When the door is more than half way open, it becomes much harder to really notice a difference in the amount of light now coming through the door. If the door is 100% open vs 85% open, there will be almost no change in the amount of light. But if the door is 5% open vs 20% open, you will have a noticeably difference in light. The valves in the dampers are essentially doors, and the oil is the light.
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 @leon-forfar: "Well, no, it won't end up in the same place either way. 3 clicks from closed, won't be the same as 3 clicks from open if there are 16 clicks or whatever"

Thanks for pointing that out. But you missed the point if you think that's what I meant.

I agree that starting from closed in a better way to do it, but there is no reason you can't get to the same result starting at open.
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 The real question here: what is the actual size of his balls?
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 God knows why SDG wanted to sponsor him whilst as everyone knows he can't sit down..
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 SDG should make a Danny Hart signature saddle called the Wheel Barrow.
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 That cable routing makes no sense.
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 Actually also my first thought.. Internal break hose but external for shifting? Wtf?
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 @bohne: Everything through the headset for the win!
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 It's a prototype... and a high-pivot prototype at that... who knows what they're doing, but they may be experimenting with various drivetrain options that necessitate the ability able to change out quickly/easily?

Who knows... but it looks very temporary to me. I'd expect the final version won't have those grommets and will be all internal like their current production bikes.
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 This is the Hybrid inclusion prototype with both internal and external routing, black and white cables, yellow calipers, with gold, tan, orange and blue to round it out over a non-binary raw foundation.
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 @Superburner: don’t even joke about that.
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 Aluminium, possibility of external cable routing, good components and probably affordable (fingers crossed)? Check
Looks like a Session? Check

Yep, me likey (there, I said it, I like a Cube bike!)
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 Interesting that he is running no HSC as there is only 8 clicks on that fork. New fox tunes are so soft that I’m assuming most of the WC guys are having it revalved stiff and just run it open.

iirc Greg mentioned in one of the last dialed videos he runs his wide open too for HSC.
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 Disappointed that all his settings aren't turned up to 11
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 Hopefully he can use this lovely bike to repeat what he did last weekend for the big race at fort bill!
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 Is he really 5'10"? He looks much shorter when on the bike. Not that it matters how short he is with balls that big.
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 It's the giant balls that make him look short, like standing next to the Rock makes you look tiny, only worse here
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 With his helmet on maybe?
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 So this thing really does look like a Session.
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 Thank you. I came here for the Session comments. It’s seriously a Session clone.
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 - Cube: releases bike
- PB: ieewwww it's ugly AF! Why isn't it beautiful like a Session?
- Cube: releases bike that looks beautiful like a Session
- PB: ieewwww it looks just like a Session!
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 If you do more detailed bike checks with pro riders a nice thing to add would be handlebar roll. It almost never mentioned. Forwards? Backwards? Neutral? Imo a quite important detail and also something that can completely change the feel of the bike.
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 problem is roll is very subjective and there's no way of measuring it. One person's 'normal' may be another person's 'backwards'
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You can kinda count it as “neutral” when the rise is aligned with the fork angle , forward when its on a steeper angle than the fork etc. U get the point…No need to go full scientist , but it provides good info , if you ever tried a bar with 30+mm of rise you know how big the difference can be.
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 Good point I’ll try and add it in !
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 @Leg: neutral should be vertical rise, then the grip sections are up and back swept as designed.
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 What a legend. He has two handlebars when we mortals only use one!
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 Love face face handlebars
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 Oooh, high end electrical tape.
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 I like the vibe the mismatched housing is sending. I read it as clearly caring about more important things
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 Also looks very prototype-y and temporary... they're testing a new high pivot design... maybe they want to be able to quickly test different drivetrains etc.??

I'd expect the production bike will be all internal like their current production bikes.
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 Cube can’t stop this development process until their dh bike’s siluette looks identically the same as, sorry but have to say: a session.
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 High pivot chainguide. I want one!
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 I figure its only a matter of time before we see high idlers that mount to the ICSG available sale.
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 Can't help my OCD, why is that mudguard installed so poorly?
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 might just be to create a little bit more mud clearance
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 Can we call this high pivots bikes.... "low high pivots"??
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 Or high low pivots?
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 Is that white cable going to the rear getting eaten by the idler during compression? (pic near the top)
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 A pretty cool detail- those wear signs on the fork's top caps. Reminds me of an old F3 Nikon camera after a long service.
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 I wonder if you can put a high pivot roller onto a chain guide and turn any bike into a high pivot bike?
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 I'm not sure whether this is tongue in cheek humour. But no, the idler is just to manage pedal kickback due to the bike having a high pivot.
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 sexy looking steed
  • 3 1
 Looks familiar...
  • 3 0
 agree! those Cube's are looking good.
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 Good looking bike. Downhill bikes are so sweet; wish I could justify keeping one in the garage but I have to earn all my turns!
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 Looks like a Frameworks
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 I love FACE FACE handlebars!
  • 1 0
 I don't like my face to the handlebar while I race
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 Wheels: 29" front 27.5" Rear which means secret, maybe?
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 Looks like Cube have been watching Neko's videos....
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That main pivot point is really not all that high.
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 looks like a Fury but with sh!t cable routing
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 How can a fender these days can have such a bad attachement !!!?? Zip Ties suck and look ugly on forks
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 Shocking news: I-beam still exists
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  • 1 0
 look like a YT
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 Holding on to the GOAT tails…
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