British Cycling Announces First National Enduro Championships in Ae Forest

Dec 19, 2023 at 1:02
by Nick Bentley  

Press Release: British Cycling

British Cycling can today announce details of its first National Enduro Championships, which will take place in Ae Forest, Scotland, on the weekend of 17-18 August 2024.

It will be the first time that British Cycling has awarded national champion’s jerseys in the discipline, and with six stages for riders to tackle, it is set to be an epic weekend of racing in Dumfries.

You can now enter and find out more about the championships here.

Responding to the announcement, Tracey Mosely, one of the world’s most successful enduro and downhill riders of all time, said:

“After a long wait, it’s an exciting time for British enduro racers to finally have a recognised national championship for the discipline of enduro, giving the winner the chance to fly the British flag on their jersey on the world stage, which is always a special opportunity.
“It’s also great timing as 2024 will also see enduro awarded its first ever official UCI rainbow jersey, in the race to become world champion in September. Exciting times ahead for enduro as it gets the recognition it’s deserved for many years.”


Enduro rider Jess Stone, added:

“Finally having an official British Cycling sanctioned event is so exciting. As a rider who’s won an ‘unofficial’ National Enduro Championships, it was a proud moment to wear the GB sleeve at what was my first Enduro World Series round in Tweed Valley.
“I’m so happy that future riders will now be able to have the honour of wearing the sleeve with pride during international level events and inspire the young riders at lower levels. A massive thank you to all who have helped to make this happen.”

The championships have been shaped in collaboration with the Gravity Commission, and chair, Andrea Lockhart, said:

“The National Enduro Championships is a great achievement by all parties involved, for which I want to thank each and every one.
“With a strong element of timed downhill and endurance racing for even more testing fun, enduro is a super accessible, inclusive and exciting discipline. The championships in 2024 will give riders a great opportunity to race alongside the countries most experienced riders and gain a national jersey. I'm sure this will be a well-received by all enduro riders nationwide.”

You can also find the 2024 downhill calendar here and cross-country calendar here.

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 After a news feed full of negative stories in regards racing, this is fantastic to see. Looking forward to see who takes the jerseys!
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 You'll even be able to watch the race and ceremony on the live stream Smile
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 If it's an elite sleeve does that mean we'll finally get an elite class?
  • 4 0
 For an elite class you first need sanctioned events to earn points to become elite. This is the first internationally sanctioned British Champs. Its the first small step in that possible direction.
  • 6 2
 Great news for Kev and PMBA to be running the fully sanctioned nationals - he always puts on solid events. Just a shame Are is so flipping far away for us southerners...
  • 6 7
 Boo hoo
  • 2 0
 Time to move north and be closer to the hills, and events Smile
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 Well, positive news about recognition of the discipline and it potentially getting the back up needed.
Down fall is that the BC collective have just found yet another way to gain money, to put into Olympic supported disciplines and ignore the requests of paying members. Prices for entries are going to rise for what will be near to no input from BC.

I’m genuinely hoping that I can look in 12 months and hold my hands up to being proven wrong. I’m not exactly expecting to though.
  • 6 1
 I hope so too, I think many people will say I've done a chunk over the past decade to keep nudging enduro forward, supported the EWS with qualifiers, ran the nationals, pushed to make BNES happen every year. I would not be doing this if I didn't think it was the right long term direction. Not the easiest path, but the correct one.
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 @pmbaenduro: people know you’ve done all the work buddy.

It’s never a stab at the likes of you or other organisations who set up races.
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 Great to have this event, shame it's the weekend after back to back national DH then European champs. Means anyone wanting to do all 3 is going to have a busy and tiring schedule for 3 weeks. Glencoe to Schladming to Ae. Tough!
  • 1 0
 Hi bud. Do you have any idea if there will be SES in 2024??
  • 7 0
 @Bitelio: Probably not if Chris Ball and his team have anything to do with it
  • 1 0
 @thewho07: That's what I thought. Cheers!
  • 6 0
 @thewho07: Chris is too busy counting pounds in his bank account these days to realise what's happening on the field and in any comments section.
  • 2 0
 @Bitelio: there is a few enduros happening next year! 1st one is at laggan if you look up si entries mate!
  • 1 1
 there was a small window between the last EDR 13/14th July and the recommencement of international Enduro. Its perfect for the Enduro calendar. And its not the same weekend as the XC/DH nationals. Sorry its not perfect for your unique calendar.
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 @Meganstuart1: strqnge that Laggan clashes with Scottish DH champs. I think they must be struggling for time at venues. Shame as I would love to do both for fun.
  • 1 0
 @pmbaenduro: unique. Lol. Many riders ride both it's why Doon the brae was so popular as there wasnt many clashes and there are loads of places to hold an enduro.
  • 2 0
 @betsie: well since you can only do 1 why don’t you do the strathpuffer 24 as a replacement then lol
  • 2 0
 @Meganstuart1: haha, the puffer is for endurance athletes, anything past 3 mins and I am done, Fort Bill is 3 mins then hold on for another 2 Smile
Went up for the really snowy puffer, think it was the 2nd one, poor riders were in a right state, we cooked them sausages on an open fire up the top of the course.
Haven't ridden around there since we used to build there back in the day when the gates were open and you could take a landrover up all the time, heard its really good now, one of the old slabs is back up and running. Cant beat the good old days where my garden fence became north shore up and over fallen trees and was so crazy slippery when wet!
  • 2 0
 @betsie: Contin is awesome, but don't tell anyone!
  • 2 0
 @betsie: haha yeah my mate did the slap a couple of months ago and went straight over the bars at the bottom, he managed it the 2nd time though lol! Contin is really good now same as your trails at monaughty and Dallas! Hopefully the weather is good over the holidays so I can get down for a blast!
  • 1 0
 @Meganstuart1: Dallas is being logged just now, dead doe and Canal are gonna be a fair amount of work to sort out by the looks of it. Monaughty is on point just now with some great trails the whole length of the hill.
Hoping for good weather over Christmas to get out, even if for a quick blast on the eeb to make the most of the time.
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 Keep up the good work Kev, know it has been a tricky few years, but this is a massive step forwards and something I know you have been working on for years!
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 And to think that; if DSO didn’t already have the EWS/EDR contract before they bought the rights for all UCI events, would BC event be interested?! They never were before…..
  • 3 1
 This project with BC actually started in 2018, and BC were even coming to the Llangollen event in 2020 with view to doing this in 2021 but well that wasn't normal time for events. It almost happened in 2022 but that ended up not quite working out. And now here we are for the 2024 year event after a 6 year journey. That's the reality, nothing could happen on the timescale of a couple of years. Its been a pet project of mine, to keep nudging it forward, sorting little issues and playing the politics just to dispel that theory of yours.
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 @pmbaenduro: I applaud you then bud. I genuinely hope they listen to you and the direction of what is needed.
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 You will also be able to watch stages 1/6 & the podiums live on YouTube!
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 hold up....£95 to race an enduro? and a 1 day at that.
  • 14 0
 It's practice plus race, so 2 days of riding. I honestly doubt Kev is rolling in a G wagen when nobody is watching. By the time you have to pay dozens of marshals £50 a day for 2 days, pay for the field, toilets, showers, medics, insurance (bet that's a big chunk), plus whatever the land owner charges and the cut from SIEntries, I doubt there's a lot left over. And the £/hour for all the trail work up on the hill as well must be pretty slim. I could be wrong, but I'd be surprised
  • 1 0
 @mountainsofsussex: would be impressed if they manage to run it through SIEntries given it’s a BC Champs surely they will want the entrance fee through BC
  • 2 0
 @Kirnlawkid: checked the website earlier - seems you just need to add your BC number to your details if you want to enter the nationals. As it's a normal race for everyone not doing the nationals, it seems to be standard SIEntries otherwise. IIRC that's the same way they used to run EWS qualifiers. Will PB allow the link?
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 @mountainsofsussex: pinkbike allowed the link.
Also a weekend of free camping or parking, and event that's livestreamed (as we did last year) about 75 staff and marshals, 4 medic teams of 2 medics in fully loaded 4x4s
Its actually the same price as last year.
And yes enter via SI Entries same as other PMBA Enduro events.
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 Surely it should be a season long championship, like in motorbike Enduro...??? I do wish cycling would drop this one race championship nonsense......
  • 3 0
 you mean like having a Scottish series, we also have a Scottish championship single race.
you mean like having a national series, we also have a National championship single race.
We have a European championship race too (are we not really lucky)
or do you mean like having a world cup season and we also have a world championship single race.

For us poor people who work and have to consider how we use our holidays, having a single race can sometimes work out better when we cant commit to the full series!

We have both a series and a single race, maybe motorbike Enduro should be more like mountain biking... just a thought.
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