Photo Story: Unplugged and Isolated with Brett Tippie & Alex Volokhov

Jun 12, 2020 at 10:08
by Margus Riga  


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 2020 so far has not been what I, or anyone, could have expected. Most of us have been staying very close to our homes and being much more cautious in our activities for the last few months due to the Corona virus. With the guidelines loosening a bit here in BC I took the opportunity to join my buds Margus Riga and Alex Volokhov for a quick photoshoot/camping trip just outside of Williams Lake at Farwell Canyon. Being way out there in nature really does epitomize social distancing...and what a place to isolate in!

I was the first person to ever ride a bike down the Farwell Canyon hoodoos top to bottom when I visited there in 1998 shooting for the movie Kranked 2-Trails from the Crypt with Richie Schley. I was stoked to do several 1st descents off the top down a few lines there on that trip and it's cool to see Farwell is still a mtb mecca to this day.

I have only been back a few times since to ride and I immediately leapt at the chance to shred there again. This location was instrumental in the early freeride movies and has provided the venue for many videos and photoshoots since. The place is amazing complete with massive steep chutes, faces, ridges, and a beautiful view of the river below in almost every direction. There is also singletrack littered throughout the surrounding hills that are also ridiculously awesome to ride. Margus Riga is really fun to hang out with and is always up for any adventure...the more challenging the better. Of course, his amazing photos need no introduction. Alex is a mellow but crazy young freerider and I have seen the bad ass features he has ridden at various different spots in BC, and the moves he's helped build at Rampage. Although we've hung out at events and partied together for years, we've never actually ridden together and I was looking forward to it.

I had just received a 2020 YT Tues big bike built up with a freshly tuned brand new SRSuntour Rux 200mm DH fork and I met Margus in the classic Kamloops pits for a few quick test runs carving some gravel and sand before we headed North to Farwell.

It rained hard on most of the drive up but it cleared up just as I arrived! We assumed the soil would be tacky and perfect as it dried out and it certain places, where the exposure to the sun was prevalent. In some places however, the soil was still very soaked and the clay was muddy and clumpy. Unfortunately, on my 2nd run of the shoot, I hit some deep, wet clay that stopped my front wheel solid and sent me over the bars, that resulted in a class 2 shoulder separation and torn chest muscles. I was going to drive home empty handed but decided to stay and hang out with the guys and enjoy the camping experience in such a beautiful place. I eventually continued to shoot and ride a bit, however compromised, in a few choice locations relatively close to camp to get some content and hang with the boys.

It was cool to see Alex shred various features with confidence and precision displaying wicked bike handling skills and his work ethic was awesome hiking and rehiking his bike like a mule to get the shots as well as flex the shovel to create a quick jump or berm here and there to enrich the photos. We didn't get the epic light the whole time that we were hoping for but Margus is a maestro behind the lens and is an artist with a never give up attitude. He is also a culinary camping genius and cheffed up some very tasty meals and tried to convince us to try his latest diet of one big feed per day. The smell of the sizzling meals over both the camp stove and the open fire was only topped by the characteristic smells of the sagebrush and pine trees after a rain in the BC Interior.

We rode and shot for 2 days and camped for 3 nights under the periodic stars and mini showers from the clouds that rolled through before packing up and returning home to reality and civilization with a recharge of the soul. It was awesome, as always, to spend time in such a picturesque, iconic landscape with good bros and ride bikes, but especially after having been homebound for so long...and of course we all said goodbye with a "Fare well, Farwell" and a laugh!! -Brett Tippie
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 Very nice. But isn't this format better suited to a printed mag? Is there a hint here? Big Grin
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 I like the format. Mixing a retro analog style, with the ability too scroll down is an ok compromise when print is getting rare. At least it's better than when you get a replica of a mag on screen. You then have to press to flip pages, and zoom in an out to read and study the layout and details, let alone to read it.. That ruins the best of both worlds.
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 long time since I last saw a photo story that included Brett Tippie, good to know he is still on the saddle.
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 Looks like an awesome trip, Farwell has been on the bucket list for a few years!

Also, if you’re looking at any photo story, open up your laptops and enjoy the details... you get a fraction of a photos value if you are just looking on your phone. Sick one guys!
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 Love seeing this man. You have taught me more about what drive and commitment look like than anyone I know. Still shredding harder than almost anyone and putting the work in behind the scenes. Every aspiring mountain biker should be looking to you as to how to do it right. Wicked photos, great words. Cant wait to shred again!
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 Why isn't this a "fullscreen" format Pinkbike? Doesn't do justice to any of these amazing photos, and i can barely read the writting... GREAT work Brett, Alex and Margus!!!!!
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 Brett Tippie is 51??????
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 I didn’t know babies could come from”69’!)
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 @trickland: 69 babies only--it shows you really want one
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 @trickland It's amazing what a bit of spit and polish can do.
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 Loving the Farwell Canyon coverage and mag format! I was hoping for some video of Volokhov and Tippie ripping a line together despite it being a "photo story" lolz.
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 Yeah I appreciate the design but I can barely read it on my computer.
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 I might be a year younger than Tippie, but I'm still too old to read that small print!
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 fuckin sick photos bro! Heal up Alex you're rippin!
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 Can you copy the text into regular format so we can read the words on a phone.
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 Could you imagine being in lockdown with Tippie ? The guys a maniac Smile Smile Smile
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 So cool! Love all you do for the mtb community!
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 Nice one lads!!!! Beauty and moody.
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 So sweet! So Sick! It’s SWICK!
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 amazing photo's!
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 Loved the format and photos - viewing on laptop though
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 Where's the video?
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 Not a good format for small screens like a phone.

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