Marin/SR Suntour Enduro Team

Jan 16, 2015 at 16:00
by MarinBikes  
Marin Mountain Bikes Inc. and SR Suntour have released details of the 2015 Marin/SR Suntour Enduro team. The new team builds upon the foundation built in 2014, when both brands sponsored racers Kyle Warner, Julia Hofmann and Matt Erbentraut. Both Warner and Erbentraut return for their second season in 2015, with Warner as the reigning champion of the North American Enduro Tour and Erbentraut a top-ten series finisher.

Moving up from M-bassador status is Craig Harvey of Big Bear Lake, CA, and new to the team is Anne Galyean of Frederick, MD. Each of the racers brings their own unique talents and personalities to the team.

Kyle Warner with just a few more minutes until victory.

Image by Mike Albright

Kyle, 22, of Chico, CA, started racing downhill in 2009 as a junior. Moving over to Enduro in 2012, he was immediately hooked. Currently the defending NAET champion, he hopes to have a repeat of his 2014 success. Additionally, Kyle will be racing 4-6 Enduro World Series events, Big Mountain Enduro events and the National Championships. And although Kyle is a fierce competitor, he’s also one of the most sincere, down to Earth people you’ll ever meet. His co-sponsors include, Shimano, Smith Optics, Pearl Izumi, WTB, Deity Components, 7 Protection, Stages Cycling, Boombotix, Incrediwear, Rockwell Watches, Hammer Nutrition, TNT Athletic Performance, Renew Float Spa and Greenline Cycles.

Marin SRSuntour Enduro Team

Julia, 30, of Lichtenfels, Germany returns for her third year with Marin. She plans on racing in four of the Enduro World Series events, Trans Provence and two North American Enduro Tour events. When not competing, she can be found setting out on mountain bike-based adventure trips in her Land Rover Series 2a or Volkswagen Transporter, both converted to campers by her, and utilizing her impressive cabinet making skills. Her co-sponsors include ION, EVOC Sports, LED Lenser, Reynolds Cycling, Schwalbe, Dirty Saddles and Five Ten Footwear.

Matt Erbentraut

Image by Mike Albright

Matt, 19, hails from our hometown of Novato, and is entering his second professional year. He recently acquired a jump bike, so look for him at the local jumps and pump track in his down time. Matt’s co-sponsors include Shimano, Pearl Izumi, Kali Protectives, WTB, Smith Optics, MRP, Gu Energy and Incrediwear.

Marin SRSuntour Enduro Team

Craig, 37, is a father of two teenagers and resides in Big Bear City, CA and has been an avid mountain biker since the mid-80s. Racing downhill from 2000 to 2011, he moved to Enduro in 2012 and finished the NAET in 2014 with a 6th place overall finish, after missing two rounds due to injury. Craig is also the founder and owner of Harvey Custom Homes. His co-sponsors include Shimano, Troy Lee Designs, WTB, Oakley, MRP and Freestyle Watches.

Marin SRSuntour Enduro Team

Anne, 29, is the team’s mad scientist and comes from a successful downhill racing background. She is currently earning her PhD in Aquatic Analytical Chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Anne’s co-sponsors include Deity Components, Troy Lee Designs, Allsport Dynamics, Fuel Clothing, Novatec, HT Components, Onza and TRP Brakes.

"We’re really proud of what the team achieved in 2014. Winning the NAET championship was unexpected, and we were thrilled for both Kyle, and Matt E.” said Matt VanEnkevort, CEO of Marin Bikes. “With the continued partnership and support from SR Suntour, and the addition of Julia, Anne, and Craig, we’re fielding a team deep in talent, and professionalism. These are athletes with great results, but also great attitudes. We’re proud to have them represent us.

We are stoked and humbled to have such a great group of riders on the team, who embody our passion for riding bikes, going fast, and having fun doing it” added Dan Dacko, Sales & Marketing for SR Suntour.

The team will be competing aboard Marin Attack Trail, Mount Vision and Rift Zone frames, coupled with suspension components from SR Suntour.

About Marin

Founded in 1986, Marin Bikes California is a pioneering, innovative bike company built and run by passionate riders. Born out of the cycling paradise of Marin County and San Francisco, we’re obsessed with superior design, quality, and performance.

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 Agreed. Well said.
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 my thoughts exactly mate. had the same thing in my head when i finished the article.
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 Mates my thoughts were on the hotE at the bottom (up) of the page
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 edit: damnit, I can;t do it
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 I want that VW Bus
  • 6 1
 Is rather have the series 2a
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 and Julia ... in the bus
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 It is a cool van. Growing up in the 70's during the whole van craze across America makes me partial to them.
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 Thanks for sharing the video.
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 ...Funny I didn't notice the bus at all.
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 Wtf about all those comments... Can men be just civilized and respect the girls that ride and who are unfortunately victims of those offensive comments... The're the same guys that ask why we don't find more women on trails...
Yeah I want her in the van... Ha...haha...ha
Yeah, old my frame...
Come on, you f*cking retards...
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flag CaliCol (Jan 18, 2015 at 5:33) (Below Threshold)
 Being in the army for almost 9 years I have come to learn that Soldiers are Soldiers and they do dumb stuff. It used to aggravate me, even when I was enlisted and was a grunt. I am not saying that a lot of the stuff Soldiers do is wrong, it's just silly, and now it doesn't bother me because I understand that Soldiers will be Soldiers and do silly stuff to occupy there time. My point is, for you to get your tighty-whities in a wad over men being men is silly. It's there business, who cares? There just being dudes. A silly post on pinkbike is hardly rape! I assure you that the low amount of women in our sport is not due to sexist comments by male mountain bikers. For all you know the gals were flattered by the comments. I'm just saying.
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 I didn't say that those comments is THE cause (one of them for sure...), I just said that they're the same people who are sexists and asking why, cause they're a bunch of idiots...
Anne and Julia are not in bikinis showing their attributes... They're in f*cking clothes showing their van and Marin frames... I don't think they're looking for this type of attention and comments... I'm not them... But I'm pretty sure they don't feel complimented, maybe more disgusted...
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flag CaliCol (Jan 18, 2015 at 8:18) (Below Threshold)
 Wow, pretty worked up over two gals you don't even know, and gals that you don't know for sure care about the comments at all. How can you be so sure that the comments are one of the causes for sure that there aren't more women in the sport? You assume a lot, that is not a good thing, for sure! Maybe they are like a lot of chicks I know and dismiss it as men being men. You are obviously a gentleman, for sure! So maybe these men that are not-so gentle ruffled your feathers!
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 @CaliCol Even if people don't care, that doesn't mean it's alright to be a prick.
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 Calme toi mon gars, tu essaye d'instruire des ado pré pubère complètement ivre d'absurdité social cachée derrière leur clavier incapable d'élaborer la moindre conversation intelligente de vive voix avec de aussi belles créatures...
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 Après ça t'essaies de me faire à croire que tu travailles... Réponds dont à mes textos pour commencer.
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 he he.... ok. cochon.
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 @PielPic yes you're right, it's not OK to use sexist comments on 2 women who just want to race and have a good time. I guess you're a gentlemen.
But you shouldn't use words and abbreviations like "WTF" and "f*cking" and "retards". And BTW your username is very sexistic ..."piel" and "pic" are Dutch words for "dick".
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 Maybe when they stop taking pictures and making videos riding their bikes half naked, and doing the subliminal soft porn shit, man will start looking at them for what they are, not what they have... I mean, you don't see videos and photos of man riding their bikes in their underware. Sounds like the only way for a woman to sell anything is to do it half naked. They want respect, but they are the first ones to disrespect themselves...
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 Good on you PielPic for saying something. It's reading comments like this that make me feel ashamed to be grouped together with other MTBers by people outside our community, and it is absolutely this sort of misogynistic and hegemonic attitude which keeps women out of our sport. tjet, the reason why there are no pictures or videos of men doing that is because we live in a patriarchal society with values to match. Women want respect because they deserve it just as much as men, and because our society consistently denies them it - they get paid less, they get promoted less, there are less of them in the public eye and in positions of power, and because of this there are less women with a loud enough voice to speak out about these issues. When they do, it causes ignorant idiots to say stupid things which throws them into disrepute, and they lose their position. So, many won't do it and instead conform to our society's expectations of them. When they do photo shoots and so on it is often because it the only way into such sectors, or because their male bosses have told them to do it because they know it'll get the attention of their male customers, exactly like you have all proved with these comments. As long as the attitudes expressed above prevail, the situation will never change. Continue to objectify women and espouse your hegemonic masculinity all you like. I, for one, have a daughter and I will do everything I can to ensure she gets all the same opportunities as men. Troll all you like - do yourselves a favour though, read a damn book first.
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 @tjet what a ridiculous thing to say. Go back and look at the pictures in the article, they are absolutely nothing like what you describe, then look at the comments people are complaining about here. It's flat out disgusting. Like @blahblahbikes I also have a daughter and hate to see this kind of rubbish spouted by idiots because I want her to have every opportunity men have.
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 I clicked because of the girl and scrolled down without reading to find the girl.
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flag devanish (Jan 17, 2015 at 10:36) (Below Threshold)
 If Anne replaced the fork and the frame with two dudes we're talking "Money Shot", Sorry PB/Marin could'nt resist,I guess sex still is the best marketing strategy.
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 Congratulations Anne! You're an inspiration to me, as I'm studying chemical engineering while trying to put as much time in on the trails as I can. Don't quite have the terrain here in the flat-lands, but it's good enough to keep me sane!
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 Thanks, @TBrandt ! Good luck with your studies
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 Hahaha, like the username! From another analytical chemist who loves mountain biking, but is no where near as good, good luck!
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 Having just finished writing my thesis, I can't even begin to understand how you have time to do your PhD AND race bikes! All I can say is, good luck! You'll be busy, but it'll be a blast!
  • 3 0
 Thanks @sam264, the plan is to be finishing up this Spring - should be free and clear this summer for some much needed time away from the lab. Congrats on finishing your thesis!
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 Awesome, with some forward planning and discipline it can be done! Good luck with both your studies and your racing Smile
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 Good luck with the viva then @sam264 I'll stop at offering advice!
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 Cheers buddy, hopefully I won't need it!
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 Nice user name. Formula for Adrenaline. Clever.
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 Yeah Anne!!!! I can't wait to see you kill it this season!
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 kill it on the slopes no what im saying Wink
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 Oooooh it's a lady! Razz
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 with tattoos, holding bike parts!
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 Break out the Courvoisier
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 There are bike parts???
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flag yd35 (Jan 16, 2015 at 21:32) (Below Threshold)
 Dabut is one of my interests
  • 9 11
 She can slap some cranks on and ride me anytime.
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 I checked out Marin's website after hearing of Eric Carter's move and I really dig their bikes!
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 Eric's first move should be to tell them to redesign their bikes. That seat tube/top tube brace is hideous.
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 ^ ^ ^
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 Yes, that's the only part I wasn't a fan of
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 Yes, thank you. It needed to be said. Id still ride it if it worked though.
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 Calling Marin a "cycling paradise" is a bit of a stretch...
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 Marin sponsoring a Maryland rider nice! you guys should do a edit of some trails out here.
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 Lots of the Pro women in this sport are some great role models for my daughter. Nothing like a pro enduro racer working on a Ph.D.
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 All these smart bike people... Phd in aquatic what?
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 I ride my bike thru aquatic puddles sometimes. Can I get a PhD in that?
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 Congrats Matt!
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 Where have Marin gone this year? They had rave reviews last year in the UK now they are unheard of again.
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 Bought my Circus fork from Anne. Didn't know she races- suddenly I feel really cool. Congrats to the team! If I had an opportunity to do something like this, I would go for it!
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 WARNER !!!!!!!! SKY WARNER !!!!!!!
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 Represent Far-Nor-Cal Kyle.
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 This is by far the most stacked team out there. I also want the Volks Wagon!
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 Is marin using the DW suspension system or they have their own? I love the frame not so skinny frame design. It simply looks great! great job Marin! loved your quake bikes!
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 Wow! Instantly a game changer! No doubt about it!
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 is that an e bike or something look at this frame it's too ..... fat and big
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 Remember that guy from Maryland who always posted the pictures of the cute girl holding the Marin stuff?
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 Rainbow'traut is swimmin' with the big boys in 2K15!
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 Yeah Harvey!!! I would!! Yew!
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 Has suntour got their act together then?
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 I've used that rear shock displayed here. an Epicon rear shock. It works great but never on par with what fox, rockshox and marzocchi can offer. Its cheap though and if you want one that simply works. it can do the job.
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 Warner rides a CCDB-air on the rear, Cane Creek is another co-sponsor of his. You can see the CCDB-Air in the first photo. Surprised CC isn't mentioned. He even talked about the shock and how he can tune it for each race course in The rise of enduro film.
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 great see marin back in the mix
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 I haven't seen a Marin in years! That frame looks minster big.
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 Nice congrats on the rides, you all earned it
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 Yeah Anne!!! Stoked to see what you're going to do this year!
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 nice frame
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 Anne is love 3
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 OMG what a bunch of infantile retards on this thread.
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