Video: High Speed eMTB Hucks in 'Out for a Rip'

Jan 4, 2022 at 8:56
by MarinBikes  

Ebike Ernie AKA Evan Mercure, just found out about the magic of Ebikes. So he headed out to his friend's private trails to see how many laps he could bang out in a day. Safe to say he is now hooked and has changed his name to Ebike Ernie

To find out more about the Alpine Trail E head here.

Follow Ebike Ernie here: @evanmercure


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 Well that was by far the best E-Bike edit I've ever seen.
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flag RedBurn (Jan 5, 2022 at 4:36) (Below Threshold)
 I agree, i d just say his protections are not a good example, for downhill speed he should have a back protection, gloves ??? Looks like he has kneepads at least
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 fck yeah
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 @RedBurn: I don't know man, you seem like a pretty bad influence for not wearing a LEATT brace or elbow pads or knee pads.

Or you know, enjoy the edit and cut the "holier than thou" attitude. They're out there to shred, not to raise your kids for you.
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 That. Was. Awesome.
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 @RedBurn: you are of cat descent yes? Get off the keyboard and go pad up for the comments haha
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 @hexhamstu Appreciate the support my guy! we put blood sweat and beers into this one for the people!
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 @scott-townes: haha good one, not comparable riding Smile
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 @RedBurn: Yeah, you missed the point completely. I'm not surprised though.
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 But all the pinkers says e bikes are only for people that are lazy and dont know how to ride a bike. That has to be a fake ebike. Sick edit!
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 His shoes look like flips flops, I was like WTF!?
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 Jordan 1 lows, I rode with some and they didn’t feel very grippy but this dude makes them work. Great vid
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 I kept watching them draping over the pedals and thinking how much my feet would hurt.
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 @nigelnobrakes: Think those are SB dunk high's.
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 Jordan 1 High Tops and they are some of the best riding shoes in the game! Jump like Mike Smile
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 I am in cape town , just came back from a 27 degres ride and a great blue sky , it was lekker
On the top of the trail I met with Arnold , a 75 years young guy. He did not try to convince me about his Levo with minnion on it, his fox tee shirt and baggy pants, He just asked me if my bike was doing it s job...i asked him what job ?
Do you like to go up or down ?? well sir, down i am a downhiller...
He answered , Life is too short for holding on , do yourself a favour found those dollars and enjoy the ride on the way down , at least 5 or 7 times....while i was pushing my bike up, he managed to do 4 runs , while i done 1 and looked at my best friend ( a 26 devinci enduro from 2011 ) , don t tell my bike and the wife in 2 years i will own one of those pedal assisted machine.
i just hope the change and timing will be smooth and make me enjoy as much i do love shredding and going out for a quality time on or off trail.
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 "it was lekker"
As a son of Dutch immigrant parents, that made my day. Cheers!
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flag mi-bike (Jan 5, 2022 at 6:50) (Below Threshold)
 Oh come on. A 75 yo grandpa managed to complete 4 times as many runs as you did? Your problem, my friend, is obviously not that you don't have an e-bike!
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 @mi-bike: Bru who is racing here ? Never took time to enjoy the scenery and watch people riding ? i did . great to see youngster shredding and older sweating on a ebike OR NOT . don t mix your understanding of reality with mine dude, Different world , Different minds , this is the country of the Cape Epic and those riders will smoke you up hill anytime or down ( ask greg) . that is why i am here riding, trully enjoying nature and appreciate riders of many stories. Be good, Be open ,There is no problem Karen.
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 @mi-bike: kkkkk Karen foi foda hein?!!!
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 @thepoolguy: First he mentions that Mr. 75yo managed 4 runs while he was pushing his bike up, which sounds like a complaint to me. Then he explains a bit more about himself saying that he enjoys the scenery and nature and watching people ride (very zen). @krazyjey can blabber all he wants (and people can downvote me all they want Wink ), but he does not need an e-bike.
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 Rad. Years ago I spent some time on an e bike and the last 3 weeks I've been riding one, bloody good, I like them.
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 Great advert for Marin; that was superb riding & filming. Lovely looking location too.
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 that bike is so good
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 I mean. I know how good an ebike can rip. I own a couple. But there is no argument on how capable ebikes are after watching that. He killed it!!
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 Im not an ebike fan. But that was a must watch. Dude was firing!
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 ^^ebike fan
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: haha fair Point! Dude was on fire!
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 finally... a shrEdit Smile
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 Now let’s see the edit from the haters that rode their 120mm killer climbing machine to the top because there are real riders.
No short travel bikes are hitting it like that.
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 With that title, I was really hoping this would be the soundtrack
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 E-biking is not a crime!
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 Guy was hammering!
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 Edit of the year. Check with me at the end of the year. I bet those dunks still are in the top 5.
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 The air jordans know how to rip the trails!
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 Was that the first ever E-bike OTB caught on tape??
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 @stage-a: tap-e
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 Pinkbike in 2022: Video, video, video, product announcement, video, video, video, ... Ugh ...
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 not much else going on
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 @Dlakusta: Yeah, I don't really get why people are getting as sour about content on here as they are. It's out of race season, for most people in the Northern hemisphere there's going to be less riding going on, there are virtually no product launches at this time of year, product availability is patchy at best so it seems most sites can't get hold of parts to review them - I'm not really sure what people are expecting other than that? They've just released the Field Test which was a load of original content, the same with the Budget vs. Baller series, the PinkBike Awards and PinkBike Academy (not a fan, but it's not like they aren't doing their own thing in terms of producing original content).

I don't spend much time on YouTube so a site like Pinkbike that aggregates content is a handy way of seeing some better quality edits that pop up without having to sift through all the thousands of hours of riding-related videos uploaded to YouTube every day. Not all of it is my thing, but they're trying to cater to a wide array of riders so I just scroll on by to something else. It's not hard...

Actually on the topic of the post, that video was sweet. Dude can throw some shapes and carry some speed!
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 He sold his apparel on PB to afford an Ebike
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 nah that was for his groceries
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 Regardless of what he was riding, that was a quality Shredit... Well done!
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 i feel bad for those berms
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 those ebikers ruining the trails for us all, as usual
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 I'm a proud eeb owner and was sad to see him pushing up, when he could have been pedaling.
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 that was nuts. so gnarly, so fast! On the edge of control all the time, like 50to01, without the crashes. Awesome stuff!
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 Style for miles Da’eeum, wish I had skills like that! Sick azz bike to, I believe pretty difficult to get a hold of one though.
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 he goes alright...
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 Pinned to the huck
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 Man is good at the bikes... what a treat to watch!
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 Sweeet edit! Wish I could find the bike.
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 Disappointed to not see the legendary post: "Where is this?" PB'ers are letting us down.
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 So so sick!.. that’s all!.. ✊
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 Ebike magic??
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 Great riding and video with good music. For one Time, i don't see that the bike is électric.
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 So Marin just wanted to show that their eMTB can be ridden as hard as a aMTB. That jump at the end was legit!
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 Great posture and especially foot position on your flats there young Eddie.
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 This guys on trail conversations consist of many people saying he’s only fast because he rides an ebike.
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 try and buy one of these bikes. just try it. i dare ya.
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 All that extra E-bike weight is really going to tear those trails apart! /s
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 I wanna know where this is!!
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 I'm guessing Northern California...Marin is in, well Marin County, and Evan is from Humboldt county. However, looking at the trees and terrain it might be Oregon too.
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 Now, go up the trail.
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 nice motorcycle!
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 Great riding, fun edit, ugliest shoes ever?
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 This guy knows how to ride. But I don't see the point of the e bike here. Didn't see his crank spin for the entire edit.
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 I think the point is that it's a heavy bike with a battery attached and he straight murdered the trail with it.
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 That was my thought as well, was he riding a throttle twister? A pedal assist requires pedalling. If was just about weight any larger bike would do.
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