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Magicshine Updates SEEMEE 508

Apr 23, 2023 at 20:44
by MarsMagicshine  
Magicshine has released an update for their popular SEEMEE 508 radar taillight safety light. This new update brings exciting features and improvements to an already impressive product.

One of the most significant improvements in this update is the addition of a new lighting mode. The quickly flash mode has a more rhythmic flashing frequency than the original flashing mode. This mode enhances visibility and safety for the rider in low light conditions.

Another significant improvement is the addition of brightness control logic for each lighting mode. The SEEMEE 508 previously did not allow for brightness adjustment, but now users can adjust the brightness value for the solid mode, quickly flash mode, peloton mode, and flashing, pulse, and rotation mode. The controllable range for solid and quickly flash modes is 10%-200%, while the peloton mode's brightness is controllable within 10%-100%. For flashing, pulse, and rotation modes, there are now two brightness values, each with five options.


In addition to brightness control, the SEEMEE 508 now allows users to turn off the brake light and warning light. Previously, these lights could not be turned off, but now users have the flexibility to turn them off when not needed.

The warning logic of the warning light has also been modified in this update. When the radar detects a vehicle behind, the tail light flashes to remind the car behind. In the previous version, the warning light flashed once when a vehicle was detected. With the new update, the warning light will flash five times when a vehicle is detected and then will stay off or continue flashing depending on whether the vehicle remains or disappears.

The new update also adds a sleep time setting feature, which allows users to set the auto-sleep time between 1-10 minutes. This feature enhances the user experience as it allows them to customize the duration of the radar's sleep time. However, users should keep in mind that setting the auto-sleep time too short may cause the radar to turn off when stopping for a short time to rest.


The lighting mode can now be turned off, except for the single radar mode, and a power-saving mode has been added to the SEEMEE 508. This mode customizes the percentage of light brightness, with options ranging from 50% (most power-saving) to 90%. When there is no vehicle detected in the rear, the light brightness is reduced according to the configuration of the power-saving mode, and the light brightness is restored when a vehicle is detected in the rear. This mode allows users to save battery life while still ensuring their safety.

Lastly, the SEEMEE 508 update adds the radar display function to the application. This feature assists users in seeing the rear incoming traffic when riding, adding an extra layer of safety and security.

In conclusion, the SEEMEE 508 update brings numerous improvements to an already impressive product. Magicshine has listened to customer feedback and made significant changes to enhance the user experience, from brightness control to power-saving modes. The addition of the radar display function in the application is an excellent enhancement that adds an extra layer of safety to the rider. With these improvements, the SEEMEE 508 is an even more attractive option for those looking for a high-quality, feature-rich, and reliable taillight safety light.

For more information, visit: SEEMEE 508

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