Raw Carnage: Cairns World Cup 2016 -Video

Apr 21, 2016 at 6:24
by Matt Staggs  
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Day one in Australia and the weather can't make up its mind with intense sunshine one minute and near monsoonal rains the next. Everyone struggled on their first runs through the rock garden and the dirt and rocks haven't grown any grip since the last time the World Cup party rolled through. There were countless crashes on track and healing vibes go out to all - especially to Aussie Baxter Maiwald.

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 not your average trackside shooting, that was super smooth
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 Big time
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flag poah (Apr 21, 2016 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
 hurt my eyes watching it, thought it was horrific camera work
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 @poah: It was good in places, and I see what the videographer was trying to do, but yeah often the camera moves and tight edits made it very difficult to follow what the bikes were doing - and isn't that the opposite of what raw is supposed to be?

Like, the deliberate over-panning on the switchbacks with the camera still going right when the riders were disappearing left was painful to watch. Waaay over-stylised!
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 I hope that was sarcasm, I can't even watch the whole thing.
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 Amazing. Love all this world Cup coverage!
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 Love that PB is doing the raw thing like Vital but I thought Vital's raw was better. Sorry PB. We still love you.
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 i find pb's version superior actually.

better camera, better sound. quality locations.
and it was a lil bit longer than most of vital's raw pieces.

coke or pepsi?
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 Man i love them all! I mean i still prefer Vital ones but we have the chance of having different media being creative and proposing, let's be honest, some of the best contents out there! What a beautiful time to live in! Keep on rocking guys yay!!
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 Plus the pinkbike video player is so much better than the vital player for me
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the vital player is ghetto and it always seems the raw pieces are filmed with a wide angle potato or a cell phone.
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 sweet vid but I don't really get this style of filming, the riders were out of frame half the time and constant pan shots(is that the term??) kinda hurt my brain
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 Agreed. Either some kind of gimbal or after editing stabilization, just strange and hard to watch. I stopped watching. I prefer the quicker clips of Vitals edits.
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 I know what you're saying. I'm guessing that footage is just shot from the photographers DSLR's which haven'treally been configured for film (wide angle lens's, steady cam etc).
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 Wider lens needed.
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 meh. 99% of anything MTB is filmed with a super wide lens, I like this change-up
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 Care to buy me one? I can't afford much gear. All I own is a cheap camera body, two lenses, mic and a small glide cam.
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 we all know vital's slideshows steal the show. I mean sven martin getting the inside scoop, what's better than that. And dont forget the oh so important vital background beat that joins it. But its awesome that pinkbikes stepping up the coverage. As far as im concered i could watch raw dawg edits for days
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 dum dada dum dada dum dada dum da da daaaaaaaaah daaaaaaaaah
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 3:17 -3:25 close and personal. Love that mid-air rear sprocket buzz. I need that ringtone.
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 Especially if you're into epilepsy.
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 Oh man. As soon as i read that i went searching for a rear hub buzz ringtone in the play store. No luck. Guess i'm going to have to record it myself and make the sound byte into a ring tone (not for calls but for texts i think).
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 @freestyIAM: You can get the Chris King buzz as a ringtone.
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 stoked for this!
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 Matty, for a 16-17 year old kid who's spent the past year or two honing your skills as a photographer and videographer, I say bloody great work. You're still learning, and no one stops learning. Keep at it and don't take all these shitty 'we know everything' comments to heart. Take the criticism and build on it. Love your work my friend
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 Ha I haven't even bothered to read half the comments because I know most will be haters that have nothing else to do because they wish they were there. Sorry to them for bringing out FREE content hours after practice, this trip was funded entirely by myself and no-one else so I'm just having fun and don't care what anyone says.

Thanks boy you're always a kind soul!

Ps. 17yo and been filming for 14months Smile
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 I like both websites, but don't be a crappy thief of their segment. You should hold yourselves to a higher standard than to literally RIP OFF the name of another site's segment. There are thousands of vocabulary words to use to describe your article. Try to take the high road. You're competing, not mimicking. It just makes you look weak and simple minded. VitalRAW is an original. Come up with your own tag line.
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 Sweet video, that damn whistle was driving me nuts though.
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 Carnage? There were three crashes max...
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 DH is controlled carnage, didn't you know? =p
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 Wheel carnage through that rock section...
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 I bet he meant Cairnsage...
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 @pepper8: I approve of that haha
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 i smell VitalRaw
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 Thats pure music to my ears! no music can beat some RAW saund!
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 Loving the hub sounds in the air at the end of the whoops. Sweet Music!
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 Love watching the riders and bikes eat up those moto woops
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 these berms at the beginning really didn`t look flowy
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 hahaha nice dismount jordy !!!!!
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 Should have been titled "Raw CAIRNage: Cairns World Cup 2016 -Video
Apr 21, 2016"
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 I think I saw Dale Earnhardt
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 That rock garden
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 Often imitated, never duplicated.
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 Damn those are some quiet bikes!
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 Missed out by not calling it Raw Cairnage...
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 ouch my rear wheel!
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 Please Pinkbike do something with that low fps. My eyes are hurting.
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 Slow mo at the end of a raw edit?... Nope, nope, nope!
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