Video: Journey of the Cephalopod

Aug 17, 2014 at 11:28
by Max Berkowitz  
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Video by Max Berkowitz Visual // @maxberkowitzvisual
Additional Footage by geebeebee media and Connor Macleod


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 Nicholi is the man. Staying true to who you are and being yourself deserves a lot more respect than conforming to the trends, even if it is placing a 12 armed cephalopod on your head. Keep your stick on the ice Nicholi and good luck for the remainder of this year.
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 I was rooting for him to throw down a crazy line at joyride! hes insane..
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 +1 Reece with the inspiration. kinda bummed when i saw his edit at Highland and the DH clips were sped up though.. like really.
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 @dirtjumpdiamond fair enough I agree that highland video was wack, but there are countless slope riders who have come from mediocre dh skills to making some of the sickest freeride segments. Give nicholi time and I reckon he'll be styling it up with the top boys. Also, pretty sick that he's bringing back the style of banger slope runs that are a bit sendy, it's all about gnarly hucks.
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 yeah no i wasnt doubting his future DH career, was just kinda sad about the speed up. like if you cant do it then just wait until you can and then post it. and his runs are banger filled because he knows exactly what he needs to do to win, which i respect
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flag Ride12 (Aug 18, 2014 at 12:19) (Below Threshold)
 His first run - without the crash - would have been a winning one. beating Semenuk's run in originality, style and difficulty by a HUGE margin.
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 Heard a lot of hate for him at the event, specifically because he doesn't wear a visor. Pretty lame, because this guy's so rad.
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 Even at the event? So it's not just internet whining?! Jeez, some people. If you're one of the people paying attention to his lack of visor, then slamming him for not wearing one, then lets just be honest, you are a complete muppet and should have no complaints when the local meathead corners you for not wearing the right sneakers that week. You are nothing more than local fashion tarts. Get a grip.. then f*ck off and join some celeb fanzine, where identifiying fashion fails is the name of the game.
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 @tobius: I notice your wearing aviators on your profile picture... that's so last year.
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 Haha.. you got me, except that's an old one.
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 Mat Hoffman does not wear a visor either, any of the haters a better rider than Mat or Nicholi? No? Oh, ok then.
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 I wouldn't necessarily say better, but I am definitely as good as Hoffman and Rogatkin... at making sandwiches.
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 who reckonsthat he was on his way to a winning run? I do
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flag SPOKEn (Aug 18, 2014 at 2:02) (Below Threshold)
 his names no semenuk. so no
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 I think he had 3rd locked if he landed the run.
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 Guys you don't just win with tricks. Style is also important
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 im sorry but because we took the piss out of his visor were now compearing him to a squid
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 I think he would have won with a clean run.
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 He did a cashroll and double whip off the log, both tricks no one else would try and a flip double whip
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 Amazing riding! Definitely big things to come from him. Also, who cares whether he wears a peak or not. Pretty sure being able to cash roll a jump that size gives you the right to wear whatever the hell he wants!
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 Hell yeah..... Don't see too many pulling cash roll's in the MTB world. Dhers would be proud. :-)
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 More David Attenborough!
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 Imagine him commentating the events. Commentating anything, really.
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 After watching him at JoyRide, I don't mind the squid lid anymore. That backflip double whip to frontflip no hander and then topping it up with a cashroll was insane. I was guessing he'd do a triple whip at the end of the whale tail if his run went smooth until the end. Could have been in the podium for sure. There's still next year though.
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 The squid is a future champ for sure!
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 Not the biggest fan of huckers/trick monkies but Nicholi has been killing it forever, I shot this quick video of him back in 2006 and he was awesome then.

He's also a super nice and modest kid and always has been which is refreshing to see.
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 When people say he has no style, they are not just talking about the visor/kit on the bike counts too, how graceful your 'acrobatics' are, a little too clinical for my taste.
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The guys in 1st and 2nd can have super good style but when they're in contest mode they're about as clinical as it comes, surgical in fact, maybe even "robotic." I don't think that's a bad thing when it comes to doing the most advanced tricks possible on a mountain bike in a contest where, "Man, I'm just happy to have ended my run healthy" is one of the measures of success.

Personally, I see where the humor is coming from but I still think it's pretty damned disrespectful. Had he landed his run and won or placed top 3 I'd hate to see all the keyboard warrior comments...
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 He could have won......
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flag Anonymous-5000 (Aug 18, 2014 at 4:11) (Below Threshold)
 If he had used a visor on his helmet.
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flag bartb (Aug 18, 2014 at 5:09) (Below Threshold)
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 Epic soundtrack! Go Nicholi - prove them haters wrong!
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 I'm taking my visor off.
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 i think i saw him rip it up at highland a month or so ago... absolutely incredibly talent
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 I literally screamed at my computer when I saw him crash during the lifestream of Joyride
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 nicholi is killin it!!!Also noticed that the flip-double whip is typical oppo!But doesn't matter,he is the most proggressive rider for me this year!!
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 don't get me wrong the dude is killer but 2 years about we thought he was the next big thing in bmx now nothing we will see if he can stick with mtb
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 So you're officially calling him a squid with this video? Smooth. Good luck, Nicholi. You've got incredible skill and drive. Don't let the haters get to you.
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 This kid is the future of slope style.
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 discovery documentary for the win
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 To list other legendary riders who rode peakless... Dave Mirra... I'll stop there...
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 I think the lack of a visor looks like an astronaut, and the way these dudes fly - it's fitting. Like Evel Knievel.
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 Haha I love this
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 what...had no idea what this was untill halfway through
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