A Bike Family Weekend - Video

May 18, 2016 at 11:38
by Max Berkowitz  

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Last month marked the inaugural NOBL Wheels Family Weekend, held at Vedder Mountain in Chilliwack, BC. The team met each other for the first time, shredded rad trails, and tested out some brand new NOBL product. Everyone had a great time bonding over loam and campfires, and the bar was raised for many NOBL Family Weekends to come.

Dustin Adams. Vedder Mountain. Chilliwack BC.
Ali and Moss
Climbing Kerry d Away on Vedder Mountain. Chilliwack BC

@NOBLwheels / NOBL Wheels

Video by Max Berkowitz Visual / @MaxBerkowitz
Photos by James Lissimore / @lissimorephoto


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 I was hoping to see some regular family sht going on put into MTB setting: whines being wheined, diapers being changed, "You're such a prick when you're doing well Andy" shouted, "Why do you always put me down" being answered, "I know how to care care of my kids Mom", being sighed, "Can you please not drink beer around my kids dad" being said with resignation

But no... Just a click bait with potentially sexually active dudes riding sick trails and enjoying themselves like I never had opportunity to. I think I am going to kill myself. On another hand I can switch my Safari to private mode and rape myself in confinement of this toilet I run to from my whiny kids and condescending wife...

I'll show myself out
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 You never cease to amaze Waki
  • 48 2
 Wtf did I just read
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 that wasn't funny, but kinda awkward Waki. why even post?
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 wtf is this?
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 @WayneParsons: because he is the man
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 I just emailed this to your wife.
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flag StraightLineJoe (May 19, 2016 at 8:40) (Below Threshold)
 Waki trying to be funny again, or clever maybe. Im not sure which, I have never thought either.
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 Is this site full of old ladies today? That is funny shit right there. I don't care for lots of Waki's posts, but that is pure solid gold
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 is your job to come up with the wildest shit to say on pinkbike? are you paid for this stuff?
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 I think what Waki is trying to say is that he liked it. Come on out and we'll be glad to show you around! The trails are all time!
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 @theedon: yes I tried to be original with expressing appraisal and desire to ride there.
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 @WAKIdesigns: hahaha! I know! Let's us know if you're ever out this way and we'll show you around..maybe put a couple beers in you!
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 @WAKIdesigns: oh you nailed the originality portion ... I mean shit you even used the word Rape....
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 Another mid-day break with a journey into the subconcious of a Waki. Thanks for taking me out of work mode for a minute!
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 Sorry for my comment @WAKIdesigns I totally read that wrong. Cheers!
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 @WayneParsons: at least you saw the light. I think my brain works in a very similar manner to Waki's. So I tend to appreciate his ramblings! Carry on Waki, you'll always have my approval!!! P.S. Please use the rape word more often; it's wonderfully descriptive.
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 @cunning-linguist: Lavatorial topics always get smiles online. Not so much in real life. I had my bike at work last week and a colleague asked me why is there such a big hole in my saddle (I got Selle Italia SLR super flow) and I replied: I suffer from hemorrhoids. He didn't laugh. Then some girl mentioned pornhub (I love my new workplace) and I said I don't do it, because it is too expensive (I saw a guy wanting to say it's for free but he stopped himself in the last moment with the greatest of efforts) and then I said, because as a parent of small kids I haven't had sex for so long that now I need viagra to be able to use pornhub properly. Try it out in a larger mixed male/female group when everyone is quite drunk. Some guy will probably take the bait and say it's for free before you make a statement that you suffer from a raging bue balls syndrome so that it cuts blood flow into your penis, so you need a blue pill to push through.

I have no idea what the F am I talking about...
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 Nailed it
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 @WAKIdesigns: Yes you do
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 @WAKIdesigns: I love all that stuff. Hell, I'm having my EMP (early morning pool) right now!
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 true humor, sir!
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 Hey Nobl. Looks like your family if full of dudes!?! Where are the ladies? Girls like Nobl wheels too. I love mine. Getting a set of Nobls was like going from watching analog TV on a set of rabbit ears to watching HDTV with surround sound. Perhaps the family needs a little estrogen addition, or would it interfere with your dude vibe too much?
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 Oh, man, can not wait to get out to Vedder again! Those trails are so good.
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 Thanks @MaxBerkowitz ! This weekend was way too much fun.
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 Take me back, back to back, to vedder vedder.
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 Nobl is really making a name for themselves these days. It's good to see another local company going strong.
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 A good time like that is on my bucket list so is that evil wreckoning
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 Chilli + bib shorts = risky business
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How easy/pain free is installing tires on the NOBL rims? Any experience mounting wire bead Maxxis tires on them?
I ask as the LB rims I run are damn near impossible to mount. As a result I'm seriously looking back at alloy for my next rims. I run trail tires on 29s and folding bead SG Schwalbe as I can't mount wire bead on the DH bike.

Looking at your price listing in CDN isn't too bad either. Carbon rims and a custom lacing on Onyx is semi-palatable. ????????

What is different between the Onyx hubs and the NOBL-sepc ones? Is there option for NOBL hubs in CL/Boost/SS configurations?
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 A lot of times you can get tires on with your hands. No issues for me yet. Onyx and Nobl are exactly the same on the inside, since our hubs are made by Onyx. The shell has our own profile which shaves a little weight. Best hubs on the market, by a landslide. Instant engagement and zero drag.
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 @WayneParsons: @gonecoastal Our rear hub is quite similar, but yes both hub shells have s much different shape which saves some weight. Our front hub is a lot different from theirs. We have a dedicated 15mm in 110 (boost) and standard 100mm spacing. Our bearings are different in the front and the hub is about 50g lighter than a standard front... The disadvantage to our front is that it cannot convert to 20mm, so if you want 20mm we would go with an Onyx hub for that for customers.
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 As far as tire setup goes, we've put a lot of time into this for sure. Our original 38mm 27.5 rim was a bit too tight with heaver duty tires, and the center channel on our 28mm wide 29" rim was a bit too wide and deep. We've gone over every mold (except for our TR36 which was nailed 100% as far as I'm concerned) and revised them. We made micro adjust to the dimensions (like 0.1mm or 0.2mm here and there) in order to perfect the fit. We carefully balance ease of tubeless inflation with tubeless reliability. It's not exactly cheap to throw out big steel molds in order to tweak something a fifth of a mm, but things like that drive me nuts so I'm happy we did it. If someone called me with a tubeless problem on any of our new rims I would politely not believe them and have to see it for myself, or investigate the tire lol or the way the tape was setup Smile
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 @NOBLwheelsUSA: @WayneParsons
Thanks for the info!
Still able to get NOBL from NRG?
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 Tons of fun and a bunch of new friends made! Thanks Nobl!
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 So rad
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 Big steezy table there in the cover shot Don.
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 @theedon you're rad... PS if there's any need for a slightly overweight, #midpackforlife, funny, life loving, loudmouthed guy in the family, don't forget me!
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 I'm still trying to work out the 'family' bit...
Are all those blokes brothers or cousins or something?
I sure as hell can't see any wives or kids riding (and those trails would be a blast for anyone).
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 family = team in this case
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 See you boys at Williams Lake this weekend. So pumped to be on these wheels. Thanks again for the support Smile
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 What was the point of slowmoing 0:33 ? Sweet trails though, looks like fun.
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 Well that settles it, Whistler Bike Park on Saturday then going to check out Vedder on this long weekend Monday. Stoked.
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 NOBL: Re-branding Light Bicycle (Chinese manufactured) rims with slightly different engineering specs....and a much higher price. Can someone explain this business model to me? I know most manufacturers make their carbon over seas, but there is now way this is a good long-term business model to support your local community / economy. Cool riding for sure - keep it up!
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 Hi Nicolai12,

We are not re-branded Light Bicycle rims. In the beginning we did try numerous asian-sourced rims and gained experience working with different factories before we took the net logical step of investing in our own designs and equipment. Today, NOBL owns all of its molds and layup designs. Of course we utilize our partner manufacturers in-house engineers to aid in product design, same goes for our NOBL hubs (made by Onyx). But we do legitimately develop the rims, and they are 100% unique to NOBL. As one of the 3 owners, I have a composites background and have spent hundreds of hours developing the products on a continual basis, many of which are spent at the factory working hand in hand with it's employees to develop better manufacturing practices, customize layup schedules etc. We've travelled to many of the factories overseas and I can tell you not many companies actually invest the time they should into it, or have even been there at all... I love getting my hands dirty and actually build our rims when I'm at the factory. We support asian manufacturing, they work super hard and with some guidance can produce a fantastic product. We pay them fairly and treat them with the respect they deserve. I am proud to support the local community and economy! We apply our graphics and hand build all of our wheelsets in British Columbia, employ several full time employees, as well as contractors and local trade suppliers. We have donated money and sweat equity into trail days, and sponsor races in BC and Alberta (this year our bigger one is the BC Enduro series and Canadian National). We also sponsor dozens of riders with wheelsets so they can afford to get out to more events and not have to worry about their wheel investment ever again. As for a pricing example, we sell Hope Pro 4 NOBL complete wheelsets for $1095 USD delivered (includes shipping, tape/valves, and spares). Please note that our pricing on the website fluctuates due to the exchange rate conversion. We believe we are priced very competitively given all that goes into our product and what we know about our competition. Hopefully this answers your question and that I didn't come off too defensive. If you have any further questions, it would be great if you contacted us directly to discuss, we have a toll free number is on our website. - Trevor Howard
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 @NOBLwheelsUSA: Awesome reply Trev. Now this needs to be not hidden so everyone can see this valuable bit of info. Kudos.
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 @NOBLwheelsUSA: Many thanks Trevor - I was still under the impression that you were working with products sourced from Asian vendors still (per the time I spoke with you guys). Great to hear you and your team are taking more control of product quality and are working to employ folks within your local community and economy - many others cannot say the same for their practices. I was asking a serious question and the response is very straight forward. I care (and am willing to pay more for products made in locally and not outsourced entirely)...so just to further clarify, product manufacturing is performed in Asia while materials/composits/design and retail is in Canada; what proportion of the company (# of employees is 'local'. Great to hear that part of the outsourcing margin you make goes back into local trails, riding, race support. Thanks again for the insight and allows us consumers to actually know what we are buying.
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 @NOBLwheelsUSA: I can attest to this. Just got a NOBL wheelset for my bike. The Quality is absolutely top notch, and the service I received was remarkable as well. Highly recommend these to anyone, especially with the NOBL (onyx) hubs.
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 Yesss Max so glad to Kaytranada in the vid!
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 Yesss Max so glad to hear Kaytranada in the vid!
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 Is BC always like that? The place looks dope.
  • 3 0
 Sometimes it's sunny instead.
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 @enki: well I need to go immediately
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 it can get desert dry on those trails as well come summer , each year it gets drier up here it seems . I work at the base of that mountain on the north side and the mountain views on the way to work in the mornings is amazing .
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 @demon666: I really want to visit Canada. Seeing how Mexico/Latin America and Canada are our neighbors I should go visit!
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 World Cup Willy!!! You're like famous now.
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 ^get the refill on your meds bud
  • 1 0
 the awesome spot oO

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