Jump Jam at the Quinta da Chamusca Trails

Dec 23, 2016 at 0:22
by Miguel Bento  
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Located in Guarda, Portugal, the “Quinta da Chamusca” farm is one of the best dirt jump parks in Portugal. Built with three different jump lines (big, medium, and small), a step-up booter and a foam pit, this park is rideable by any kind of rider, from groms to pro riders, all can enjoy this park. After the finished construction of most of the lines, we were invited by the local riders, Ricardo Esteves and Fábio Gil for the biggest jam of the year.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Fábio Gil and Ricardo Esteves

Sandro Silva, one of the biggest pushers of the sport in Portugal, got tasked with the job of gathering the Portuguese riders for the occasion, joining together the small but progressive community, with riders from MTB Dirt, Downhill, Trails and Enduro as well as some of the best Portuguese BMX Dirt riders.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Sandro Silva

At 6:20AM, bright and early, hoping to catch the max amount of natural daylight, we arrived at the park, taking a moment to take in the natural beauty that surrounded us.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Arnaldo, is one of the many animals we can find on the farm

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails

With the break of dawn and the riders giving the last finishing touches on the dirt, everything is ready to roll, but unfortunately, the dense fog and morning dew meant that the wooden features were way too slippery and would be off limits until the afternoon.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
In the first few passages we could already spot a train and a few tricks in the small line, with all the present riders warming up.

Tail whip over the table jump
Nuno "Pintas": Tailwhip

Tuck no hands over the table jump
Fábio Gil: Tuck no hander.

Backflip over the table jump
Ricardo Esteves: Backflip.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Tiago Badoia and National DH Champion, Vasco Bica.

Sandro Silva, always 'the man' at these events, started surprising everybody early with his backflip superman, with Ricardo Esteves following him up close boosting a Superman Seat Grab to the moon!

Backflip superman

Superman seat grab

Backflip on foot can
Ricardo Esteves: Backflip one foot can.

Tail whip
Sandro Silva: Tailwhip over the big jump.

Canadian backflip
Ricardo Esteves: Canadian backflip.

360 tuck sequence
Nuno "Pintas": 360 tuck no hands.

Backflip sequence
Ricardo Esteves: Backflip.

After an intense morning ride, nothing better than a barbecue (or as we called it “Churrasco”) to get some protein and recharge our bodies.


By the end of lunch time, and with all the wooden features nice and dry, it was time to hit the trail line, where Quinta da Chamusca delivers the best trails in Portugal, boosting you high up to the moon, and then back down.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails

There we could watch the wizardry of Nuno “Pintas” Barroso, Ricardo Esteves, and Sauro Agustinho, with some of the best tricks and whips of the day being thrown before our very eyes.

Sauro Agostinho: Big whip.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Nuno "Pintas": Big whip.

Nac Nac
Ricardo Estves: Nac nac.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Nuno "Pintas": 360 table invert.

Tuck no hands
Fábio Gil: Tuck no hands.

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Sandro Silva: Tailwhip.

By the end of the day, when everyone is already getting tired and out of gas, the top riders went on to jump the big line, building up the scene for what was to come.

Backflip nac nac
Sandro Silva: Backflip nac nac.

Sauro Augustinho one of the most stylish bmx riders, here to pass the biggest jump (+/- 10 meters) on a brakeless bmx.

Superman Seat Grab
Sandro Silva: Super man seat grab.

Front flip
Ricardo Esteves: Big front flip.

Ricardo Esteves, was on fire the whole day, throwing his signature Nac Nac, and dropping our jaws with his Canadian Flips every time he did them, and with less than a month after his very first attempts to double flip into the foam pit at La Poma, he decided to go for broke, and well, he stomped the first Portuguese Double Backflip, flawlessly.

Double backflip sequence
Ricardo Estves: Double backflip

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Fábio Gil showing the double backflip video

After much celebration, and with a beautiful sunset, we thank everyone that made this jam possible and made it into an unforgettable day!

Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Gonçalo Barroso, Ricardo Esteves, Nuno "Pintas", Pedro Fernandes, Jean Silva, Sandro Silva


Jump Jam Quinta da Chamusca trails
Crew photo

MENTIONS: @MiguelBento


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