Going Savage on Vancouver Island - Video

Dec 5, 2015 at 20:54
by Mike Zinger  
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Peter Savage is an up-and-coming slopestyle rider from Vancouver Island whose bag of tricks is more than impressive.

bigquotesBack in the spring I was given the opportunity to be a part of the build crew here at Bear Mountain. Our goal when we started was to give riders of all skill levels a legitimate place to ride and progress on a daily basis. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to help grow the sport of mountain biking in Victoria as well as continue to progress my own personal riding abilities. - Peter Savage

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 Huck, land, pedalpedalpedal
  • 39 0
 watch mtb vid, criticize, play with my barbie
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 Saw a whole lot of dialed tricks myself. When I was there I remember pedaling in the same section, it's just the way the jumps are.
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 Just an honest thought on what i saw. Video was dope.
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 Well, I suppose you're perfectly within your rights to express your thoughts, however condescending, or in this case, misinformed they may be.
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 Destroy rear wheel, change bikes, shred.
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 Get all muddy, have a shower, clean.
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 that guy is in the 'idontcare' mode,i love it
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 Savage af
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 The whole package here. Great song, editing, and shredding. Nice job.
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 I'm calling my lawyer!!
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 Nice work boys! Crushed it on the riding and the video.
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 Holy shit I was doing the dishes and out of nowhere this song popped into my head. Then I sat on the couch and clicked on this vid. Crazy! Beautiful edit, sick moves. Looking forward to more from this kid
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 Good song better riding and filming
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 That is easily one of the most audience-engaging slopestyle vids I have ever seen. Props to the amazing talents of Mike, Peter and crew that made this happen. I now have to go back and watch it a third time. :-) I can really relate to the part where Peter, having just dropped in for his first 360-tail whip, wobbling a bit on the landing, and having to take a "chill" moment to get focus. And then the entertainment begins. Wow! Great riding. Love the edit. Love the music. Cheers!
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 Yeah PizzaVag! Killin' it bud!
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 See someone with more tricks then you, gotta try and hate on it
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 colour correction on fleek on this edit, duirtttty ridin too
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 Riding a great trail next to a golf course and 5-star hotel rubs me the wrong way
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 Semunuk, Peat, and now this guy... Chromag is killin it with their riders this year!!!
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 Yes Pete, killing it man! The flip bar to can though!
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 Great vid! Riding level was sick!
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 Dialled riding! Missed the helmet drop kick ????
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 best DJ Edit in along Time ! Dude has a good powerfull Style
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 Maybe powerful pedal strokes. Unless the jumps just don't flow.
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 flip switch whip for the boys!!!!!!!!
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 Thanks JP!
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 Pete Moss
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 Wow! How have I never heard of him before?! This guy clearly has skills a few riders in the FMB can only dream of
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 So good! Loved the vid and the riding was spot on!
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 Flip bar to can was dope! VOD
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 Works rather see people flow then just barf out some trick list. Maybe I'm old school.
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 *whose bag of tricks...
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 Fuck, yeah. Dirty sock sniffer!
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 I love the throwing the bike at the end and walking away with skin tight pants. It was so original.
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 No relation to me...
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 Pedal between jumps? Ummmm
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