Must Watch: 20 Minutes of Flat Out EWS Racing from Tom Caldwell & Misspent Summers in 'Cosmic'

Mar 10, 2023 at 1:40
by Misspent Summers  

Cosmic is an otherworldly mountain bike film that looks back at the 2022 Enduro World Series and features the world’s best enduro racers tearing it up at every round.

Much like an astronaut in the wonders of space, enduro riders navigate their way across challenging terrain, meet whacky locals and sadly sometimes come crashing down to earth.

Tommy Caldwell of Caldwell Visuals spent 2022 following the Enduro World Spaceship and was trackside with a camera to capture all the action.

Misspent Summers and Caldwell Visuals are proud to present Cosmic.

We hope you enjoy the video.

Head over to Misspent Summers for the full outer space experience and official merchandise.

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 This is the footage / type of editing I would have loved to see more in 2022, rather than the EWS shows full of filler and stationary clips of the top 3 riders pedalling off the start line... this reminded me of the earthed films
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 That's quite the compliment! Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers
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 Another Caldwell/misspent summers home run. Can't go wrong with either
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 Great film! To me, EWS, and enduro racing in general, is one of the most relatable and most interesting racing disciplines right now. They race in places where most of us would love the chance to ride, the terrain is crazy difficult, but usually not impossible for the advanced rider. Many of us could ride these courses, only at a serious snail's pace compared to the competitors. You have to climb, so bikes have to be well rounded. Lastly, the overall vibe looks a bit more laid back than DH and XC
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flag EdSawyer (Mar 10, 2023 at 6:29) (Below Threshold)
 “You have to climb”…. Except that part is not timed, so… it’s basically DH-junior.
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 @EdSawyer: In a way they are. The liaison times at a few rounds this year were relatively short, which led to riders having to ride at a pretty high pace to make their start times for the next stage. If you have a mechanical you need to fix you're having to try and make that time up too. It's not XC obviously but it's not like they're getting casually shuttled to every stage either.
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 @EdSawyer: Lungs mate, you heard of them?
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 This! And watching in person really sets their speed and skill in perspective. I went up and watched Whistler and kept having to pick my jaw off the floor. Seriously insane to see in person. Thanks for this Tommy and Misspent Summers, it’s so sick and I got to relive those moments from Whistler again.
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 I really don't think there is a need for changing EWS course formatting to accommodate easier live video content when they can prioritize the best venues possible and enable teams and other bicycle media companies to produce more content like this. These well edited highlight reels are so thrilling. I would love to see more of them. And the sanitizing effect on course quality of picking venues for filming needs rather than trail quality is just terrible. Go back to the roots of Enduro!
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 Every Caldwell Visuals' vid is a must-watch!
Loved it, as always. Kind of gotten me pumped to work harder on my post-op physio (which has been a struggle, because of a lot of pain), to get back on the bike. And hyped for the next season of racing Big Grin
Keep doing what you're doing Smile
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 Tommy is our hero Smile Glad this has you motivated to get back out there. Good luck for the recovery!
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 The riding was great in this, but as someone who doesn’t know most of the athletes, I did not know who I was seeing. More on-screen info would have helped me, such as rider, nationality, team, etc.. EWS seems opaque compared to WC DH, where I know most of the riders that make it into televised runs.
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 That's understandable! We did this one for a bit of fun and with limited time/resources but we'd like to do a similar bigger project in the future and include actual information etc. Smile Glad you enjoyed the riding. Cheers
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 This is almost like a "farewell to the EWS" film, esp since we have no idea what the new season holds. Instant classic MTB film right here.
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 Fuck me that Jesse Melamed is good.
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 He is isn't he?
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 The save at 7:20 was mental to see in person!
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 yeow, happy friday
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 Hope you enjoy it!
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 @MisspentSummers: Is there european shipping is the making? I'm sick of extra duties and handling fees when ordering from the UK :-/
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 Hiya. We use a third-party agent for our EU orders so there shouldn't be any unforeseen duties/fees when you get something from us (we pay these to the agent, who pays anything due in the country an order is arriving). If you have had to pay an unexpected fee when receiving a product from us, please give us a shout via email or our contact form and we will refund you. Thank you! PS: One day we'd like to set up part of the business in the EU, but for now it's too much extra admin for the size of our tiny company. Cheers
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 don't put the music on the braaaaap music, please
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 looks fun!
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 Hired! (Ppls Choice!)
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 Mesmerizing Especially axter acoiuple glasses of red wune
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 Very nice!
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 I'm not like beetlejuice I can't just be summoned.
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