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Monserat Announces New Summer Jerseys

May 11, 2021 at 10:16
by Monserat Fairwear  


For the Monserat B-Series and C-Series only recycled fabrics are used which are obtained either from fabric scraps or PET bottles. Our fabrics come from the north of Italy, are shipped directly from there to Poland and processed into our Monserat jersey blanks. 

The jerseys of the B-Series.

With our B-Series we offer you six different designs.


• 100% recycelt fabric from Italy
• Drop down shoulder
• Two piece sleeve
• Breathable fabric on the back
• Sewn in Poland.
• Printed and packed in Germany
• Sizes from S up to XXL (European clothing size)
• 69€

We have sewn in an extra breathable back area, so the jersey provides ideal temperature equalization and reduces your sweat production when you go uphill. And if you do get sweaty, the fabric dries within minutes, so you won't freeze on the next trail. In addition we have designed a two-piece sleeve for the B-Series. The same fabric as on the back also provides better ventilation here.

Our C-Series short sleeve summer jersey gives you maximum comfort with maximum performance. In addition to the breathable fabric on the back the C-Series jerseys have a two-piece front. With the same fabric as on the back it provides better ventilation here too.

The Monserat C-Series Jerseys.

In our C-Series we offer you four different designs.


• 100% recycelt fabric from Italy
• Drop down shoulder
• Breathable fabric on the back and front
• Sewn in Poland.
• Printed and packed in Germany
• Sizes from S up to XXL (European clothing size)
• 69€

For more information check:

MENTIONS: @ridemonserat


  • 78 14
 Fabric from Italy, sewn in Poland, printed and packed in Germany. But hey, it's made from recycled materials so it's sustainable and the price is justified right?
  • 12 2
 Instead of carbon neutral, carbon biased
  • 50 0
 My gran can knit you a racing jersey out of recycled fishing nets but because her house is heated to 24'C the whole thing is null and void
  • 5 0
 @browner: ooft how many bars has her heater got
  • 27 0
 I think in comparison to most other clothing brands it is a huge step forward. Of course it‘s not perfect, but it‘s better that a trip from Vietnam to China and then to Europe, at least as long as the end customer lives in Europe
  • 24 0
 This is just a random article but you can clearly see that production of a shirt emits way more co2 than its transportation. So using recycled materials and shipping the shirt inside of europe might actually do a lot of emission saving.
  • 7 0
 Do products made in a none circular manner not get transported from place to place between production phases? Asking for a friend.
  • 10 0
 @lejake: you're totally right. the footprint of these jersey is not 'good' but superbe compared to the supply chain of most companies. I think they've earned a few thumbs up
  • 3 0
 @colincolin: sehr interessant danke! vor allem diese erkenntniss haut mich um:
Clothing purchases by Swedes produce the fourth largest share of all carbon emissions for the country—after transportation, food and housing.
  • 16 0
 You got to take into account though that for a small (even a big one) company it is nearly impossible to source material, skilled labour and specific technology all in the same region.
And it´s not like, again a small company, can simply go and build all that infrastructure on their own. They need to rely on existing businesses to provide them with whatever they need and since the western world has either a) outsourced all its production to the east or b) localised it in very specific geographic regions (i believe Portugal is big in fabric for example) we have created this problem where even if you wanted to create a locally sourced and produced product, it´s almost impossible to make it 100% local.
So i believe we really gotta cut these guys some slack as what they offer so far is leaps and bounds better than most competitiors and on top the prices are not completely insane either.
  • 4 0
 @Loki87: Exactly right.
If this is what they can achieve now, they'll no doubt be pushing for improvement in the future when capital allows.
Emmissions aside, the jerseys look great. Not another ridiculously over branded or terrible colour combinations selection.
Best of luck to them.
  • 1 0
 @toad321: only still game fans will get that haha
  • 2 0
 The cotton or fabric is also not sourced from India or somewhere else where there is essentially modern day slavery, probably another bonus of say
  • 31 1
 *Meeting about pricing*

  • 20 1
 Sale price: 42.0
  • 5 0
  • 3 0
  • 2 0
 How is it that the ss is the same cost as the LS?
  • 2 0
 @Staktup: just goes to prove you pay for the name and the design, not the material. Probably costs them like 2¢ more to lengthen the sleeves
  • 4 0
 Because when it is 69 it doesn’t matter if it’s long or short @Staktup:
  • 1 0
 @TannerValhouli: if anything it shows that the material cost is probably a fraction of the whole price. I mean warehousing, transport, cost of bookkeeping & other necessary business departments, etc. if you want to sum that up to "name" whatever, i bet you give away shit for free
  • 29 4
 Funny when "Summer" gear is Black in colour....?
  • 10 0
 Yeah,all I want on a 40ºC day is a color that absorbs heat.
  • 8 4
 @nozes: Black also dissipates heat the quickest when you are in the shade though (for instance when in a forest) so it does make sense.

A lot of desert dwelling cultures utilise black clothes almost exclusively when they can spend the hottest hours of the day in the shade to keep cool.
  • 23 0
 @AntN It's never too hot to look cool.
  • 6 0
 @Patrick9-32: Never heard that,but it wouldn't really help as my kind of terrain isn't that forested.
Some people tolerate heat better than others,I don't really feel comfortable above 35ºC/90ºF.
  • 5 0
 @nozes: The Bedouins who I was referring to generally have black or dark clothes for those who are staying where shade is available and white clothes for those who are travelling across the desert and will be out in the sun (According to a documentary I watched years ago, anyone with more expertise who wants to educate me I am all ears. Smile ). It is a case of adapting your clothes to the environment. For you black clothes don't make sense it sounds like.

Where I live it rains 90% of the time so it doesn't matter what colour my clothes are, they are gonna be piss wet and mud brown by the end of most rides anyway...
  • 4 0
 @Patrick9-32: Thanks, that's cool to know (pun intended).
I wear plenty of dark clothes during winter,even if temperatures here rarely drop below the freezing point.
  • 2 1
 @Patrick9-32: Black absorbs light, hense heat. Colour has no effect on the material thermal conductivity when light is removed as a variable.
  • 1 0
 @AntN: there's some science behind this. I don't remember too much about it, but this video came to mind when comparing heat dissipation of a raw aluminum intercooler vs. one painted black
  • 3 0
 @erikvehmeyer: the Paint is a thermal insulator.
  • 1 0
 Yep, try finding a l/s baggy jersey in a light colour to reflect the summer heat....
  • 17 0
 You can have any color you want… as long as it’s black.
  • 3 0
 Ah yes, I remember now, I had the fish.
  • 9 0
 I fully support companies trying to do their best with making products from recycled materials/fabrics.

Whilst in the perfect world it wouldnt have to travel through 3 countries, but at least they are all in Europe, rather than the far east etc. So its still waaaay better than the Fox, Mons Royale, TLD stuff everyone is wearing.

Once my fruit of the loom long sleeve t-shirts wear out, i will definitely consider Monserat as a replacement.
  • 4 1
 @Monserat can you show us a breakdown / comparison of the carbon emissions? If I buy a jersey in Austria, how many processing / shipping steps have there been?
  • 4 0
 Short sleeve is €59 (error in the article), and I wish these sleeves were a bit longer to prevent "elbowpads gap".
  • 11 2
 Solution: don't wear elbow pads.
  • 1 0
 @wilsonians: you are ruthless!
  • 3 0
 Currently costs 999 euros to ship to the USA. Hard pass until they fix that.
  • 5 0
 They are making up for the upcharge for American bike brands in Europe all at once.
  • 3 0
 Paying for that would be a hard flex to your dentist friends / enemies though
  • 2 0
 Can I have the Italian Fabrics before recycling?
  • 1 0
 Cheers to the creative/graphics team on this project. Some of the best looking line of jerseys i've seen. 10/10 would wear.
  • 1 0
 Best looking jerseys I've seen in a long while. I never spend money on riding clothes, but I actually might buy a couple.
  • 1 0
 Way to go Europe! Low cost labour and low cost travel.. makes this really nice ‘fabric’ look-like shirt.
  • 2 0
  • 2 1
 Nice jerseys. Is the tour of Europe offset by the recycled materials?
  • 8 1
 Its fine their scope 3 emissions include a whole load of dude bros wearing these as they drive from trailhead to trailhead in their 2021 Ford Ranger with 2 45kg ebikes in the back
  • 1 0
 @browner: scope 3 emissions are not in-house so all's fine haha
  • 2 0
 Would buy.
  • 1 0
 Nice but I'll wait for the sale
  • 2 2
 good effort! without the 'loud' applications the footprint would be even lower
  • 1 1
 I like the cheap ridiculous jerseys on Amazon cause nobody thinks they are cool.
  • 1 0
  • 3 6
 or for $30 you can get super light, comfy Columbia long sleeve or even a knock off in a bazillion colors for less. If you feel the need to bro out, you can always spray paint TLD, 100%, or any other brand on them.

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