Video: Dillon Butcher Teaches How To Nac Nac

Jan 18, 2022 at 15:23
by NOBL Wheels  

We've gathered a few NOBL athletes to share some of their favourite tips and tricks. Dillon Butcher kicks it off with his signature nac nac.

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 Step 1 - Do a nac nac.
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 Exactly LOL
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 Step 1, go to youtube and find videos with some actual tips on how to nac nac... haha. Tip: pull up on the bars to keep the bike stuck to your back foot.
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 I love the irony of how many nuances have been omitted here while at the same time description is as spot on as it gets.

Yeah it may have taken me and my friends 1.5 year on dirt jumps to learn a one footer and pathetic fish whip. But basically if we can’t send a jump like this with enough pop, then there is no point to explain us details of a whip. If we can’t whip on a jump like this there is no point in explaining us how to nac nac. Most importantly: you have to do the practice volume. For some a month, for some 5 years, for most: never.
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 I’ve always done them by dropping my rear wheel almost straight down while pulling the bar up and back — orienting the bike vertically and turned 90-degrees to the jump face / direction of travel. I take my foot off and back when the bike is about half way to vertical and perpendicular. It makes it easier and *arguably* more stylish than whip nac nacs — might be worth a try, especially on a steep-lip step-up jump. But moto-style whip nac nacs are cool too...but I’ve always thought vertical/perpendicular nac nacs are more visually striking, especially as they’re more unique to MTB and BMX than moto.
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 @WRCDH: I am personally not interested hahah, get me to do tuck NH, unturndown, a onefooted pancake, and I can die happy!
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 @WRCDH: For some reason I can't stand the look of myself doing a body turn moto style nac. No matter how extended I think the whipped out foot straights down arguably is more stylish and more technically impressive.
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 @nw-rhb: Yeya! Let’s RIDE!
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 ill never get the knack of it....
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 Nac on wood, one day you get the hang of it.
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 Most important detail is left out…

Use your front foot for the nac. Using the back foot will cause crank rotation knocking you off balance and causing you to crash.
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 I'm more comfortable taking my back foot off, so I cheat and hold the brake
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 @N-60: Really hard to get a whip back if you lock the back brake
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 Teaching "basic" tricks like nacs are definitely a hard thing to do as most of the time it comes across as "you basically just gotta do it" instead of some techniques like learning flips or spins. Realistically, it's all about feeling comfortable on your bike. If you're truly comfortable, especially over jumps, you're able to focus on pushing other areas of your riding and let most everything else be controlled by your subconscious. For some people that may be actually learning how to jump before you can go and learn how to flow or steeze. Isolate and work on the next step outside of your subconscious; whether that be jumping, flowing jumps, whips, taking limbs off or throwing tricks, instead of trying to skip steps. You may get lucky but for a majority practice is the only way to progression
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 Seems so simple, do a jump, do a whip and take one of your fucking limbs off the bike in the air.
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 I need the whip tutorial..
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 I've found GMBNs videos on yt pretty helpful esp the whip tutorial. Blake does a good job explaining a lot of fundamentals that goes into each trick and has a positive encouraging presence I think
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 GMBN is great. So is a RedBull video where Godziek explains it at Audi Nines. Basically a proper whip starts before the take off and ends at the bottom of the landing. No carve - no whip. But most of us Joeys have a hard time exiting a take off with body at an angle. Most of us clinch to stay vertical all the way through the take off and that makes for a 60-70degree fish whip at best - very little grace in it.
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 You also need a good jump with at least 5ft wide lip and a generous landing, not too flat, not too steep. Something built by folks who can jump very well: spin and backflip like it’s nothing. These people build very good jumps. Kids, dads and engineers (like me) - not so much…
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 Shaums March- Vancouver World Cup- Pulled that move on the finish line booter and snap! Nasty. Leg was snapped in half and bones stickin out from both sides. Yeesh
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 Kyle J has a pretty decent tutorial on nac-nacs from a couple of years ago, though I'd call it "remedial" because he takes 4+ minutes to cover the subject.
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 Duh, why didnt I think of that?
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 Complete opposite of Cam Mccaul teaching you a Can Can in 15 minutes instead of 15 seconds.....
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 I did most of Cams tips except I don’t have balls to try it on a jump. So I did with tuck no hander tutorials. It’s same here. No matter how far you can get with “safe” practice a moment will come when you have to roll the dice…
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 How to draw an owl:
Step 1: Draw some circles.
Step 2: Draw the rest of the fking owl.
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 Jeez get to the point..... went on a bit that
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 What we have here, is a
No-Bull explanation
get to the point
would ya? lol
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 Actually called a slac nac,but who's counting...
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 I call these one foot whips
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