Video: How to Hit Bigger Features with Dean Tennant

Mar 15, 2022 at 21:09
by NOBL Wheels  

Wanting to hit bigger jumps? NOBL ambassador Dean Tennant gives a few quick tips.

Wheels: NOBL TR37s laced to Industry Nine Hydras
Video: Max McCulloch


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 On the jumps you are comfortable with, try landing back wheel first, front wheel first, and both wheels same time to verify that you are in control before moving to bigger stuff. I see lots of people getting bucked on small jumps and get away with it, and then get bucked on bigger jumps and have real problems.
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 My issue, is when speed gets very high and lip is also very steep. Ive had some big crashes in these situations when trying to progress. This sounds like great advice and I will defintely try putting it into practise. Cheers.
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 So we learned: 1- to hit a jump you have to hit the jump. 2- bring a friend along since it shortens the time while you wait for an ambulance.
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flag Danmcdan (Mar 19, 2022 at 7:15) (Below Threshold)
 And how not to act….
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 Riding with other people. You may think you are progressing when riding alone, or are embarrassed because you think you suck, but riding with other people is the fastest/safest/best way to progress. It does not matter if they are way better then you (just walk around the features until you get there), or you are way better then them (teaching someone else often gives you insight). Also, real time feedback is way better then any self shot (lean cell phone against fern?) video. Never pass up an opportunity to session ride with other people.
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 People are different, this is 100% not true for me.
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 @optimumnotmaximum: agreed. Most others create issues and do stupid shit because they know they are “leading” the pack, etc.
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 Learning to go big:
Drive to trail. $30
Breakfast Burrito. $6
Friends face, as you wake up on the hospital. Priceless
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 $30 to get to a trail these days is real.
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 @jeremiahwas: how long do you drive?! Or what are you driving?
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 @jeremiahwas: so more so, if diesel fuel costs you € 2,30 / liter, like in a certain boot-shaped country.
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 You can do this.........wakes up in ambulance
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 meanwhile posting crash for next friday fails
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 I can already hit bigger features, but this will be very helpful for when I want to hit big features with Dean Tennant
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 In my experience in sending stuff on the big bike, and on a BMX you've just gotta learn how to get yourself "in the zone". Take a maximum of 3 run ups. Breathe, visualize yourself landing it, and then just do it. There's no other way of saying it, except just do it.
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 Need a BMX background for that
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 I've found its helpful to visualize the run in and mentally prepare yourself while you are off the bike so once I get on the bike I just drop and don't over think it. Hike to the top or walk the feature then take a minute to think about the feature and catch your breath. Then when I am ready I will get on my bike and drop asap. If I straddle my bike and think about the feature and catch my breath I'll psyche myself out a lot of the time.
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 Just SEND it
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 I've learned if I'm thinking about what I'm doing while rolling in, it's probably going to go bad, or if my adrenaline is so high I feel like I'm floating, I'll believe I can fly right up until I find out I can't. Got to be in the right clear and focused head space.
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 Fear is the mind killer.
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 ... and mind is a fear killer Wink
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 Sometimes this is the best advice.
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 I've been known to hear that and follow it. Wait, Did I say fear that?
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 Don't mistake what is a jump to what is erosion control built by idiot SORBA fools
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 The Venn diagram of my visualizations what I want to happen and actual reality have yet to overlap or even be on the same page
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 "How to hit bigger features" - hit bigger features.
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 Make yourself see it in your mind, if you can see it you van do it . If not, well, i can already hear the ambulance.
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 Nobl effort.
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 Groundbreaking stuff.
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 Acting more wooden than the take off!
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 When I discuss not so stellar acting performances with my film students, I tell them that it is always on the director. You can't expect non-professional actors to bring it without help to get them there.
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 All these year of my riding.
I never knew I just needed that 10%
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 Step :1 send it
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 That's a plot against Friday's Fails!!!
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 Don't be the guinea pig unless no other guinea pig's are present
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 Get hungry, eat something
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 Oh boy!
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 I liked it
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