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Support IMBA & Enter to Win the 2021 IMBA Edition JET 9 RDO from Niner

Sep 28, 2021 at 7:53
by NinerBikes  
2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

PRESS RELEASE: Niner Bicycles

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is the worldwide leader in mountain bike advocacy, and the only organization in the U.S. focused entirely on trails and access, for all types of mountain bikers in all parts of the country. Niner bikes has been a staunch advocate for IMBA from the day our company was founded.

2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

Every year we create a one-of-a-kind custom painted IMBA edition bike to raise funds for this important organization. Enter the raffle to win, and all proceeds go directly to support IMBA!

2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

The newly redesigned, 120mm-travel JET 9 RDO from Niner Bikes is one of the most popular 29er trail bikes. And this 2021 IMBA edition is absolutely one of a kind. It's the latest in a line of custom, IMBA-theme mountain bikes that we produce annually to raise funds for our favorite trail advocacy organization.


The 2021 version is now available and it could be yours. Only two of these will ever be made! One for you in the frame size of your choice, and one for the wall in our showroom. Show your support for IMBA and enter the raffle to win.

2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

This custom painted JET 9 RDO was designed in-house in Fort Collins, Colorado, and painted by Black Magic in Portland, Oregon. With intricate topographic lines and IMBA theme logos throughout, this bike is a functional work of art that will broadcast your support for trail building and mountain bike trail access around the world.

2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

Since 1988, IMBA has taught and encouraged low-impact riding, grassroots advocacy, sustainable trail design, innovative land management practices and cooperation among trail user groups. And since 2005 when Niner Bikes was founded, we've been a supporter. Join us to donate and you're entered to WIN the 2021 JET 9 RDO custom painted bike.

2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

The 2021 IMBA mountain bike from Niner is dressed in a Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain, FOX 34 SC Factory fork, Industry Nine wheels, Schwalbe tires, and Race Face cockpit components. The frame is our newly redesigned JET 9 RDO, with a trunnion mount rear shock, progressive and adjustable geometry, internal cable routing, and stout, Enduro MAX Black Oxide pivot bearings.

2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

IMBA U.S. is a national network of local groups, individual riders and passionate volunteers working together for the benefit of the entire community. IMBA brings more trails close to home. Join today!

2021 Custom IMBA edition JET 9 RDO

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 Id rather ride a Niner than support IMBA!
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 I'd rather eat crunchy ground-scores than no food. So here were are.
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 Niner and IMBA. Neither still relevant to MTB.
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flag nsteele (Sep 30, 2021 at 7:25) (Below Threshold)
 Seriously. Is IMBA even a thing anymore? I thought they were long dead. Certainly no longer needed.

What the heck? I don’t want an Outside+ tag. I had to subscribe to get emergency Trailforks mapping access to a new zone. I didn’t want to.

And I definitely don’t need or want to be identified by this badge. Hurry- before all the cool kids stop respecting me!
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 COMBA (Colorado chapter of IMBA) has been kicking butt building trails here. Hard/Easy Money and The Sluice are two trails they recently built that have been hugely popular.
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 @nsteele: the outside+ looks disgusting
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 Hefty transaction fee. $11.02 per $100 of donation. Ouch. Maybe this is a Ticketmaster company?
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 JFC, mods please remove the outside+ thing from my handle. Is this because I subscribed to beta before Outside bought PB??
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 Ditto: I'm a Beta subscriber since literally Day One. PB since 2016.

Both long before Outside had metastasized effing everywhere.

Please, please remove Outside+ from my handle. I never paid nor asked for it.
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 @eric32-20: oh no, I’m a Beta subscriber. Am I too cursed?
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 Edit: looks like not yet…
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 Stopped reading after “Support IMBA…”
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 Hey Pinkbike, this seems like a topic ripe for a podcast: is IMBA relevant anymore, and are they helping? Maybe examine a few models from other countries and/or states (like VMBA in Vermont, which seems to be quite successful and well respected).
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 Chapters in the IMBA Local program (IMBA takes care membership tracking and other back end stuff trailbuilders don't want to do) are for sure helping. The chapter I've been on the board for the past 3 years has done multiple hand and machine built trails, raised membership numbers, held social events, supported local races, the list goes on.
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 @piratetrails: Does IMBA provide adequate administrative support? How much of the membership dollars go to the local chapters vs. administration?
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 Buy tickets and enter to win = just about the only way to find a bike "in-stock" right now... Smile
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 I was at a LBS the other day and couldn’t believe how many bikes they had in stock. They must have had a crystal ball and ordered a boatload before May of last year.
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 Wahoo I’d love to support them !! I need more brown sidewalks and switch backs trails here in park city!
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 180 degree berms should be banned.
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 No I will not be supporting imba or mbosc or whatever they call themselves these days..they both do absolutely jack shit..sierra buttes trail stewardship actually builds and maintain real mtb trails support these fellas..
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 Came for the hate and rage... was not disappointed. Show me on the doll where the expensive bike and flow trail hurt you...
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 I think they have some great ideas and all, but man they scare me with the congressmen they are choosing to get in bed with. If you think Mike Lee has the best interests of bikers/mountain enthusiasts in mind, you are not up to date on politics in this country.
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 IMBA and Niner make so much sense together :p
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 I'm sure Niner will do a cracking job at getting donations for IMBA. Buying a ticket looks to be a snap, and they don't seem to break the bank. If I don't win, my dreams will be shattered!
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 I'm clearly the odd one out here, but I am glad niner exists and has more traditional geo. We are flooded with a world of long low slack enduro bikes and that's great. They do many things well. I own one and totally get it. There are also places where they suck. Go race Marji Gesick on one vs something like this Jet. Old school low speed tech is not fun on a sled. Hell, one of the chunkier longest fast dh in our area the kom is on a niner rkt 9 with 90mm of rear travel. We have people from all over ripping it on enduro bikes all day but a pro cyclist chooses to ride and race on an rkt 9...hmmm...and happens to steal the kom from a prominent local dh figure.... different bikes for different terrain and different riding styles. Don't get offended that a company exists that produces products that don't suit you or your needs. There are plenty that do. Not even gonna comment on IMBA
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 My need is 'bikes that don't crack' and I'll gladly look other places than niner to suit my needs, thanks.
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 People sure are sore about IMBA not supporting the Wilderness area bicycle ban reversal. Just IMO, but there is very, very little 'leave no trace' when it comes to modern mountain biking and trail building. This became readily apparent riding trails that I helped build in the early 2000s versus trail systems that have been built in the last few years. Wide trails, cutting down a lot of trees, building features, fitting as much mileage in a footprint as possible, etc seems to be the name of the game around here. I'd hate to see that thinking way happen at a wilderness area like Dolly Sods here in WV. That said, with the boost in popularity that the Sods 'enjoys' today, I'm not sure that the hoard won't ruin it anyway.
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 Phuque IMBA
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 I’d rather walk than ride a free niner
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 Passionate take
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 When's the last time you rode a Niner?
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 Have you driven a Ford lately?
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 @Dogl0rd: First On Race Day
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 This frame design dates back to 2015, so…
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 @speed10: I'm a Ford guy, but I'll play anyway: Found On Road Dead, Fix Or Repair Daily.
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 Am I the only one that thinks this bike looks sick
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 IMBA, Niner, eMTB: f#ck one, marry one, kill one. GO!
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 that's easy!

you f*ck IMBA to return the favor for what they did to all MTBers

you kill Niner like the lame horse they are

you marry Emtb because we all know the big girls can throw down....Wink
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 kill the eMTB, Fuck IMBA, and I guess that leaves marrying the Niner. Not to worry though, that relationship wont last longer than an 18year old soldier marrying a stripper.

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