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Ninja Releases Garage Bunny: The World's First Bunny Hop Trainer

Oct 20, 2023 at 7:47
by Ninja MTB  
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PRESS RELEASE: Ninja Mountain Bike Performance | Klamath Falls, OR

We are excited to introduce the world's first-ever bunny hop trainer, the Garage Bunny. Expanding our lineup of nationwide skills clinics, protective gear, portable jump ramps, and accessories, the Garage Bunny represents our commitment to empowering riders to reach their full potential.
 Ninja Garage Bunny The World s First Bunny Hop Trainer Learn how to bunny hop and manual with the patented bungee system that supports both assisted Bunny Hops and assisted Manuals. Height scale and indicator enable riders to track their progress and aspire to achieve a massive 22-inch bunny hop.
With humble beginnings over a decade ago as a mountain bike skills instruction company, we have steadily evolved our offerings to cater to riders of all skill levels. After teaching riding skills to thousands of riders through years of clinics, it became evident that mastering the bunny hop was a top priority for riders and, for many, a challenge to conquer. So, we got to thinking, "How can we make bunny hops more accessible, safer, and easier for riders of all levels to conquer?" Enter the Garage Bunny. Proudly manufactured in our facility in Klamath Falls, Oregon, the Garage Bunny is a game-changing innovation poised to redefine how riders approach, learn, and excel in bunny hopping.The Garage Bunny offers more than just honing bunny hop skills. This unique trainer also empowers riders to refine their front-wheel lifts and manual techniques within a controlled, stationary environment. From the comfort of their garage, riders can master these essential movements, building strength and proficiency, all without the typical scrapes and bruises.
 Ninja Garage Bunny Not just for bunny hops the Garage Bunny also allows riders to learn both front wheel lifts and manuals.
The Garage Bunny eliminates the fear factor associated with falling, allowing riders to deconstruct each individual movement and master successful bunny hops or manuals. To enhance the learning experience and develop muscle memory, the Garage Bunny features a patented bungee system that supports both assisted Bunny Hops and assisted Manuals. It's worth noting that the Garage Bunny is surprisingly fun and addictive. Set it up with your riding crew, and you'll find a line of friends eager to try their hand at it.

The Garage Bunny comes equipped with a height scale and indicator, enabling riders to track their progress and aspire to achieve a massive 22-inch bunny hop.
 Ninja Garage Bunny The World s First Bunny Hop Trainer. Made in the USA.
Key Features of the Garage Bunny:

• Compatibility with 20", 24", 26", 27.5", and 29" wheels
• Three levels of assisted Bunny Hops
• Optional assisted Manual setup
• 1-year manufacturer's warranty
• Proudly manufactured in Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA
• MSRP: $599

Experience the revolutionary Garage Bunny for yourself—now available for purchase at .

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

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 Interesting but $600 feels a little steep to me and it looks like it needs dedicated space. If it folded up to to be stored with a smaller footprint I would be more interested. Also the plate that it bolts through looks a little narrow for the forces involved. Put a hinge at the plate and make the metal plate that attaches to the wooden base a little wider and I would probably buy it.
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Just answering a couple of your points....firstly storage - if you have a look at the Ninja link there is a picture of the Garage Bunny in its storage configuration. The posts unscrew from the base allowing it to be stored flat or up against a wall. Personally I leave my bike plugged into it so that I can jump on whenever I fancy and bang out a few hops.
On your second point regarding forces - The aluminum base is 6mm thick and super-strong, but the whole unit is designed to have a little flex. The ply base is sized so that it yeilds slightly as you hop/land thus dissipating the energy. What's more Ninja cover you with a 12 month warranty should anything go wrong. I've had mine for over a year now and done hundreds of hops on it with no ill effects to the Garage Bunny or my bike - it will wear you out first!
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 Hey @NERyder! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Garage Bunny. We appreciate your input and want to make sure you feel confident about the product's strength and durability.

The Garage Bunny has undergone rigorous testing for strength and was designed by both a Civil Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer. This means it's built to last and can handle the demands of repetitive use. The materials used in the product are strategically designed to flex as needed while maintaining strength for the long run.

And great news - storing the Garage Bunny is a breeze! It can be easily disassembled, taking up minimal space. Check out the photo in our Pink Bike photo album, "Garage Bunny," to see how it folds up nicely. The stanchion can be quickly and easily removed by simply undoing 4 hand-tightened knobs, making it super convenient for compact storage.

We hope this eases your concerns, and we're here to answer any more questions you might have. Happy hopping!
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 Did April fools come early? First manual trainers and now bunny hop trainers. What is next, tail whip trainers?
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