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FKD - Filthy King Designs

Mar 11, 2021 at 10:33
by Obé Swinney  
If you are a regular follower on our Instagram, you would have seen FKD Life has become a partner on Mtbdailynetwork. Providing quality gear at affordable prices, we couldn’t turn down this offer and we're glad we didn’t!


UK based Filthy King Designs are mostly known for providing water resistant socks to the cycling community. When I was given the opportunity to try a couple of pairs, it was a no-brainer.

You may be thinking, socks are all the same, right? Well, that’s what I thought, until I done some research. When riding, you want a sock which wicks away sweat and at the same time keep your feet nice and dry. FKD offer their socks in over 16 different colours and if there isn’t a colour for you, FKD will do their best to add that colour in the near future. Now that is good service!

Sock details:
• Sizes: S, M, L 
• Available in over 40 designs  
• Material: ‘Cool-Lux’
• MSRP: £12.00 per pair


Of course, I had to choose purple as I do love a bit of colour-coordination. Same goes with my shoe laces, although I have seen FKD have recently released some shoe laces so it might be time for a change. With the socks being thin and quite a tight fit, it almost feels like you don’t have any on. With the snow we had just over a month ago, I thought that was the ultimate test against the cold and wet conditions. Equipped with my ‘Royal Purple’ socks, I headed out onto the trails ready for some fun and when I returned home, I had just as warm and dry feet when I first left. Now if that’s not made you want a pair, I don’t know what does.


But it doesn’t end there. Within weeks of me receiving my socks, FKD released long sleeve jerseys. I have had a number of jerseys in the past and I believe I’ve now found the right one for me. When it comes to jerseys, I prefer them to have a simple design but stand out at the same time. FKD couldn’t have done a better job at doing that!

Jersey details:
• Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
• Available in: 7 colours 
• Material: ‘FKD Lux’
• MSRP: £40.00


bigquotes Overall
That’s just an insight of a small range of products FKD have to offer. I’m super proud to be alongside Filthy King Designs helping out where I can and riding this quality gear. I hope I can continue doing that as I want to see this brand go places. Keep your eyes peeled for new things to come!
Obe Swinney

FKD website
FKD Instagram
Article written by: Obe Swinney (Mtbdailynetwork)

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 Thanks for the honest review Obe! Lots of stuff to come from FKD in the coming months

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