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ODI Launches Vanquish Comfort Grips with D3O Grip Compound

Jun 1, 2024 at 8:58
by ODI Grips  

Press Release: ODI

For more than 40 years ODI has been dedicated to pushing the limits of technology to improve the riding experience. D3O has a long history of innovative protection again vibration and impact in a wide range of industries. So, when the D3O material science and innovation lab reached out to find a new home for their new innovative GRIP compound, we were excited about the possibilities. We immediately set out to build a grip that could maximize the anti-vibration and shock-absorption features of the material.

We are proud to announce the product of this partnership – the new Vanquish Comfort Grips. Meticulously engineered and geometry tuned to harness the benefits of the D3O GRIP material, removing shock and vibration so you can focus more on your ride.


Born from D3O’s material science and innovation lab which has engineered anti-vibration materials for applications from Formula 1 car chassis to the NASA Valkyrie robot, the new D3O GRIP compound was developed and lab tested to reduce twice the vibration over standard material compounds.


Created using decades of experience in grip design combined with extensive laboratory testing of the D3O GRIP compounds to provide an optimal comfort driven experience. The grips feature a progressive multi-layered grip pattern that further reduces shock and vibration inputs from being passed from the bike to the rider allowing longer rides with less hand pain or fatigue.


Comfort is worthless if it comes at the expense of control. The Vanquish grips feature a seamless transition from comfort to control using a unique variation of the time-tested waffle pattern coupled with convex tractions pads, to maximize surface contact, so you feel connected with the bike without having to squeeze the grip.


The Vanquish grips go beyond just adding protection for your hands with double-reinforced ends for added protection for your grips and bards. A layer of extra-tough TPE material extends 360° around the inner hard plastic grip end to prevent grip blowouts. This tougher material is exposed on the lower half of the grip providing even more protection in the area most likely to come in contact with the ground.


Built on the world’s most secure grip system – the v2.1 Lock-On System technology allows for easy installation and removal combined utilizing a single clamp per grip. Tested and proven by the top riders in the bicycle and powersports industries, our exclusive lock-on technology free’s up more grip space for your hands while ensuring that your grip stays exactly where you want it at all times and in all conditions. The Vanquish grip also features a small inside flange that is large enough to allow protection for your hands from in-board controls while also being small enough to not interfere with shifting or braking equipment.
The Vanquish grips are being offered in a roomy 135mm grip length and a diameter of 32.75mm. They will be available in 3 initial colors with more to follow.

ODI grips are made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Riverside, California.

Vanquish v2.1 Lock-On Grips Features:

• Medium Profile / GRIP™ Compound (Diameter 32.75mm)
• v2.1 Lock-On Single Clamp System provides more useable grip space
• Double reinforced durable ends
• Multi-Layered grip pattern for exceptional comfort
• Unique traction pattern for extreme control
• Black, Graphite, Orange
• MSRP $44.95
• Now available at odigrips.com

Go and try a pair of Vanquish grips on your next ride and feel the benefits of their superior vibration-damping performance for yourself. Observe, Design, Innovate isn’t just a mantra, it’s at the core of everything we do!

Editor's note: we have a set of these in for testing and my initial impressions are positive—although they're a bit thick for my tastes. We'll share more feedback once we've spent more time on them. -BP

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 "The Vanquish grips go beyond just adding protection for your hands with double-reinforced ends for added protection for your grips and bards."

In our party we try to protect the bard, but the cleric gets priority.
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flag everythingsucks FL (Jun 3, 2024 at 17:27) (Below Threshold)
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 Push-ons are great for anti vibration, cost half as much and don't come with orange accents.
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 This. My first thought was this magic material belongs in a push-on grip.
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 The problem is most push-on grips are smaller diameter, usually in the 29-31mm range. These approach the diameter of the larger push ons but for whatever reason the majority of the rubber push ons are very thin. I've yet to find any that were large enough for my hands (foam ones aside).
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 I read the hype about push ons and tbh I wasn't impressed, I bought the ODI vapour and they are nowhere near as comfy as the ODI dreadlock which is lock on, the dreadlock has the same soft material but is chunkier and the cushioning actually seems more. I'm glad I got the vapour push ons on discount for 6 quid because after 10 mins trying to squeeze them on I ripped them off straight away. They were worse than the lock on Ergon Gfr1 that I had on there which when I put those on I thought they sucked compared to the dreadlocks. So I wouldn't just say because a grip is push on it's automatically more comfortable.
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 @AndrewHornor: I asked about push on versions at Sea Otter and both D3O and ODI sounded pretty open to the idea. I suspect they have something in the works.
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 FACTS! slip on rogues for life
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 @naptime: are slip on rouges the same diameter as clamped ones?
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 @shinook: I had a similar issue as the one you described, but there is a simple DYI ~$20 solution. I really like the ultra tack renthal grips, the lock on and push on versions, but both have a diameter that is too small for my hands.

Here is the solution/set-up that I have on my enduro and dh bike, which has been life-changing in terms of fatigue and feel:

- I made a 2.5mm thick sleeve of the length of the grip with a free cad software. Really basic cylinder. @brianpark must have already thought his kiddo(s) (?) to do this.
- Got it 3D printed 4 times at my local 3D print shop. $30CAD
- Glued the sleeves on the handlebars.
- Glued the push-on grips on the sleeves. Done


Thickness of the sleeve was based on my personal preference. No need to keep waiting for brands to come up with bigger diameters or make compromise with poor grip design/tackiness to have the right diameter.
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 @sylwhistler: so you glue plastic onto your handlebar, and then put grips onto the glued piece of plastic? You’re a wild man. What kind of glue are you using? Did you consider cutting a grip off a lock on and sliding a grip onto the lock on plastic sleeve? Allowing you to use the bolts?
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 @Superboost: yeap, just that simple. It is super safe compared to riding with carbon cranks or handlebars. You gotta trust the process (and properly apply the glue)! I used super glue between the sleeves and handlebar, renthal grip glue between the sleeve and the grip (it is a mild super glue). Hundreds of hours of riding, no issue whatsoever.

I considered the push-on on the lock-on sleeve but the diameter would still be too small and it would not be tidy.

Sure other people do it.
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 @shinook: The problem with push on grips is that I live in England and 60% of my ries are wet, and slip ons rapidly become throttle grips in the wet
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 @pakleni: I reckon, they're the biggest grips I could find without going Oury
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 @hgardner: Stainless safety wire and pliers. You can get them on amazon for 15 dollars with enough wire to last you a lifetime of grips and you don't have to deal with the glue and makes the grips re-usable.
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 @howejohn: Tried that, tried glue, tried hairspray, tried rubbing alcohol, tried zip ties, tried compressed air to put them on, tried electrical tape. All eventually fail, it's a case of when not if, unlike lock-on's. I've got big hands so can go for thicker lock-on's and they're still comfy.

Come for a weekend of uplift in the rain at Dyfi bike park and I'd bet my house your push-on's will be lose af at the end of it.
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 @brianpark: now maybe we can ask about extra length longneck version! move your brake lever 3/8ths of an inch farther inboard, and fill up the entire distance with grip- so much more flexibility in hand position.
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 @hgardner: Yeah, I've never understood why push-on grips are so loved. I've had a fair amount back in the day across MTB and BMX. They all suck eventually. It's not worth the hassle, and I don't feel that they are much more forgiving than lock ons feel feel-wise. Plus, depending on the model, you can rotate the lock ons to get more life out of them.
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 @hgardner: Fine dust does the same for slip on grips, just doesn't kill bearings like y'all seem to do every other day in the UK.
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 @Danzzz88: Another +1 for Dreadlocks. Ran Elite PRos for years, made the switch to dreadlocks last year... way better.
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 Missed the chance to call it Compound D3O, or C-D3O for short. Don't think a certain film studio would take any issue with that
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 The film studio wouldn't... but the mouse would
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 Ok we have vibration damping grips. Where are the vibrating dampening grips?
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 Not sure the clientele for grips that make things wet with vibrations is mountain biking.
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 I often said my mates old red grips looked like marital aids...
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 you could probably fill the inside of the bar with some non newtonian fluid and plug the ends with some vibrators. Probably would distract from trail vibrations a bit
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 This is gripping news.
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 That article had me locked on
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 @luckymixes: I want to go to a bar now
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 Well, if nothing else they'll go with those orange Fox Forks pretty well. I'd be keen to try them if they came in a non orange accented option though.
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 Wasn't orange last week, I thought we were golden now?
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 @Vudu74: They are... But I'm pretty sure most folks don't get a brand new fork every year.
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 I was thinking they might go with my V1 Ripmo...
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 I get why they have the orange accents. But the orange accents is what is stopping me from buying them
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 The orange accent is mandatory in the Deal with D3O according to the ODI Rep that was at Skypark Bike Fest.
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 @mtb-rad-dad: isn't it wild that more than one brand can have orange products?
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 my understanding is D30 stiffens upon impact, how would that be good for a grip? A random graph doesn't explain much lol
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 This is a different material compared to what you'd find in knee pads, etc... It's not viscoelastic, so it doesn't stiffen up under impact. It was designed for reduce vibrations, rather than absorbing impacts like D30's other material.
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 I would like a random stiffness to ambient temperature graph too
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 @mikekazimer: gonna be honest, never realized D30 was a company name, thought it was the name of the compound
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 @mikekazimer: their gunna have some serious marketing and story telling to do since D30 in the MTB space has been only known as the pad compound that stiffens up on impact, after re-reading it does say a new grip compound but never really says that its a totally different compound than the pads
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 @mtmc99: TIL what ODI means.
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 I agree that the graph would be more informative if it included frequency information.
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 @kingbike2: ODI. Observe. Design. Innovate.
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 Only 3 ugly color combinations???
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 "features a small inside flange that is large enough to allow protection for your hands from in-board controls"

For when those controls jump off the bars and attack?
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 Ok, now we need a Grip comfort/vibration test.

Push on vs 3DO Vanquish vs Rev Grips vs a "normal" lockon grip.

Genuinely curious what the perception would be, and if people feel they "do anything" different.
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 I’d include the recent ODI reflex as well.
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 I picked up some during the Skypark Bike Fest. I used them and liked them. I did notice the difference in vibration reductions from my stock grips.
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 I got a pair for my bike and my daughter's bike there yesterday. I feel the difference between the stock Specialized grips that they replaced. for her bike, she just needed grips.
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 I just got some AG-2s and quite like them, especially how they "flare" at the outside edge of the handlebar.

These look like they do that some as well, anyone know if it's a similar amount?
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 Even in the US they're pretty spendy.

I'd be open to trying them out, but I got my last pair of SDG Thrice grips for like $7 (admittedly, not MSRP). Jumping to $45 per pair is a bit steep.
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 I'd certainly be interested in seeing two days back to back testing against Ergon by someone who suffers from white finger or similar.
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 I ordered some and have major neuropathy problems, I’ll report in after a few rides
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 @shinook: that would be great! tup
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 I'm sure they've put some thought into this.....? but, D3O for a grip? so D3O gets harder under impact? in a grip....?
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 As @mikekazimer points out above: This is a different material compared to what you'd find in knee pads, etc... It's not viscoelastic, so it doesn't stiffen up under impact. It was designed for reduce vibrations, rather than absorbing impacts like D30's other material.

It is a brand new material that D3O have developed, which has totally different characteristics than their pads material.
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 @7idp: cheers
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 Is D3O, D-Thirty or D3 and letter O?
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 the latter.
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 Have ODI sorted out where the grip clamp bolts face? Do they now both face towards the rider?
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 those look great, i was about to impulse buy a set......oh. theyre 45 dollars. never mind.
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 Not paying $45 for something that I immediately have to take a sharpie to. Other than that, they look good.
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 eventually 3DO Velcro glove + grip combos will hit the scene......you'll hardly even need to hold on!
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 These sound good. But orange won’t match the colours of my bike.
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 Had them in my cart until shipping was $57 to Canada...@Odigrips
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 Shipping to Canada from the US basically starts at $40 through UPS, you can be mad at UPS for that I suppose..Then your country's taxes, tariffs, duties, etc.ODI has no control over this..(I do not work for ODI).
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 @deuceringsting: which is the same price as the product. There has to be a better way to serve this small riding community of….Canada.
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 @napguy: I feel ya, man!
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 Us: "What is your goal?"
Them: "To vanquish comfort."
Us: "Sold!!"
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