Richie Rude's POV Angry Midget KOM Run - Video

Feb 20, 2017 at 16:23
by OneUp Components  
Jump on board with two-time Enduro World Series Champ Richie Rude as he smashes the KOM on Angry Midget in Squamish, BC.

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Here's the same run from a few more angles.

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 People spent lots of time building those nice bridges and he doesn't even bother to ride down the other side of them. How Rude.
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 That's Rich.
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 Always good to see rudeboy in action!
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flag shredderIII (Feb 20, 2017 at 19:07) (Below Threshold)
 Rude is so Rich in talent
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 Builders build this for joeys only
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 For the record I think Josh Carlson put up a faster time in last year's squamish enduro.
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 He should ride every trail in the world and smash the KOMs so we can put this Strava crap to bed!
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 There is an ex Pro road guy doing that in LA right now. Apparently some guy was doping to take all of the major climbing KOM's and he got pissed about it. After retiring last year he decided to use his remaining fitness to put the guy in his place.
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 @salespunk: is that Phil Gaimon, per chance?
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 @trialsracer: That's the guy. Check out his Instagram for photos of the leaderboard after he takes a KOM from the guy, oh, and cookie pictures.
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 People are seriously doping for Strava KOM's...??? Roadies are gay: confirmed.
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 @raybao: best comment ever. So so true. I think every town has a Strava tw@. We most certainly do.
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 @raybao: no more gay than tw@ mtb'ers who take "strava" lines. it does my tit in!! sometimes a corner is cut accidentally due to going in to a corner way too fast and its the safest way out, (richie does it in the video near @ 3:04) I'll hold my hands up to that, as i'm sure everyone's done at some point,

my local has some of the most amazing singletrack, beautifully winding its way through the small forest it occupies to make the trail last longer, and i see strava cuts everywhere. these folk are only fooling themselves. Strava means diddly squat, its inaccurate (i once had a 7 sec deficit on a mate i followed into a trail 2m behind and exited 2m behind, was on his tail the whole way? go figure ??) . that link @rideonjon posted is a great read, showing some great perspective on the ludicrousness of Strava. if you think yer good, go race, go prove yerself there, in the same conditons as everyone else with all the shortcuts taped off. hopefully we'll never ever see folk getting sponsored coz of there strava history....and don't even get me started on "Zwift" lol.....
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 @forkbrayker: Agreed. It's fine to judge your personal fitness by but if you want to see where you stack up races are where it's at..and very humbling most of the time.
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 @forkbrayker: with you this, the type of phone depends on the gps quality massively, Samsung's are worse than IPhones and Windows phones actually have awesome gps accuracy (shi7 everything else though). I've been riding with friends on 3 different types of phone all logging the same ride on strava, we all started and finished together and the disparity between speed, altitude and distance as well as segment times was laughable at best. Have never used strava since
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 Why do I get an impression that Strava haters are nowhere close to the top of lists in their area? I mean who from the local top ten would sht on such tool? And if you can't see the difference between Strava (or any form of own timing) and a race, then maybe you should not speak, because all you say is nonsense? Strava is a tool, it has a value in personal training, and sorry I see a person hating on it to be equally stupid to the guy chasing stats to be a local star. Hey, I'm an a*shole and you guys are fantastic!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I see what you're saying, however I've had loads of top tens & a few KOMs on sprint sections even on the road bike (when I was fit) & it is a great tool, when measuring yourself against yourself, but for not a lot else. Too many people who take "French" lines, use cars, or go out at 24/00 on a Sunday with no traffic to make sure they get the wins. Which is just lame!
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 @forkbrayker: Ignore Strava it counts for nothing, enter a race.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Ignore Strava it means nothing, enter a race.
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 @Dustfarter: It always fun until i compare my times.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I use a stopwatch, but I'm not looking for tenths of seconds.
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 @raybao: HaHa just what I was thinking!!
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 Best comment ever!
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 @jimmythehat: Race adds the pressure, racing is a skill on it's own, to be good is one thing, to ride to your potential on a race is a completely different thing. Stop watch is the only way to know your potential. Strava is a good tool to measure the mileage. Then it is good for letting you see where you stack up against the rest. It's not even about 5sec, but if I lose 1 minute to a guy who I know is not supposed to be that much faster than me, then something is wrong. So I go and try to crack the secret to be fast on a particular trail and if I get 5-10 sec behind I am happy. If I get ahead then I am happy too. But I'm defo not happy to be a minute or more behind if I feel I have given at least 95%. I have learned a lot thanks to Strava. As to Strava lines I call it BS - people have been ruining corners and doing cut lines on my trails before telephone had a camera in it.
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 @raybao: ebike. won't need drugs then
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 @WAKIdesigns: I know riders with very average bike skills who do well at races and high levels bike skills riders who don't. I fall into the less than average who get less than average results.
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 Quirks and anomalies aside, Strava results tell a different story than race results. At a race, one guy may be at peak fitness, while the other is just getting started. One guy may be sick/nursing minor injury and the other in peak health. Bad day vs good day. Etc. If I take a KOM, I'm the fastest(recorded) MFer to ever ride that trail. It's best vs best, in potentially ideal conditions. Means more than simply being the fastest who happened to show up a given day. Butt hurt racerboi can't deal with knowing local shredder whipped his a$$ when he's got the shiny hardware to stroke his ego. Easier to dismiss the results than be humbled by the truth. *drops mic*
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 @jimmythehat: well i've entered a few... i am a 2x scottish enduro champion (2014 & 2016) and hoping to get close again for a 3rd time this year as a sponsored rider in Elite, I have several pages of KOMs on my strava feed, so i feel i am in a pretty good place to analyse Racing vs Strava..... sure i can kid my self on that my strava time on "blah blah track" is a few secs faster than lewis buchanan, but as i said in my first post, it means jack shit until i beat lewis buchanan by a few secs on race day....this we agree on... my point being , f*ckknows what my point is, i'm shitting myself for my first elite race. there i've said it. i hope i don't come last or if it do it was becuase of a major life changing mechanical Smile
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 @AllMountin: excellent comment. I was shittin on Strava until I went in big time, trying to get as high as I can in local times. It was an extremely humbling experience, but also showed me mor or less where is the actual limit of my skill and fitness. I know for a fact that at least one of local fastest guys (several KOMs, top 3 on almost every trail) didn't try to nail the best results he can deliver. If he went full retard, he'd outKOM everyone. It's still great to compare times, you may find some interesting stuff, like: despite the fact, that terrain should favor 100-120 bikes, most of best times on climbs is made on 140-160 bikes. I have beaten some XC racers on race 29ers, on a fricking painful segment, riding a 14,5kg 160 bike with 1,5ply tyres - how? Comparison at Strava shows rather clearly that they lose lots of time in corners and in places with frequent ups and downs, riding over boulders and sht. Even if it is an approximation, even if they are great bike handlers, they just cannot go around my minions with their rapid robs, and when riding over boulders they just cannot beat me having a dropper.
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 @AllMountin: as an annoying point as that is... i think i'll may have to concede to your logic there, its only fall back is that the KOM is only the fastest "STRAVA" rider ever to ride that trail.

whos to say yoU've not had yer ass wooped on a wet day by richie rude smashing out some manky turns for a laugh and no technolomagical shit recording him. I've been out KOMhunting, but i sure as hell don't do it on a wet and windy day, i wait till the prescise moment where two weeks of dry weather (once every 4 years here in scotland) before the foliage has grown over, has turned the trail into cumtastically fast ribbons of loam and hardpack, i know i'll get the KOM. coz i work shifts and nobody else was lucky enough to be out that day on a tuesday afternoon where i waited for the temperature to be perfect for optimum performance, and the beauty is i know i'll retain the KOM for several years afterwards whilst everyone else awaits the next 2 week dry spell in spring, and thats how i know i'm better at reading the trail than yer top spot racer.
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 @WAKIdesigns: damn right and well said!!!
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 @forkbrayker - nobody here said that Strava can be used to land on Mars, or determine who is the most all round cyclist of all time, but it's nice to know how proud you are of your accomplishments. Hard to argue with your life choices when on a bike site. Holy fk...
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 he cut the trail at 3:04 it should be DQ'd
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 @ctd07: I use 2 programs stava and another GPS tracker and it never matches up. Strava isnt that accurate. It doesnt give vert credit for ups during a decent or minor ups and downs. therefore its not accurate and always understates your vertical. It blows, plan and simple. I only use it to keep in touch with fellow team riders.
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 @logic007: it's a bit of fun training tool to see how many miles you put in. That's how I use it. It isn't accurate, but it's free & useful. So it's great. Just some people take it to seriously. The racing comments make sense, but again, it's one day. I think the thing people forget to do is have fun.

Just ride for fun. End of topic.
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 @driftmonster: haha was going to say the same thing! ...good thing they didn't tape that section off
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 @jimmythehat: I can't speak for everywhere, but around here, most of the guys in the top 10 are also on the podium in our local races. I mean, throw out the obvious bullshit, like someone that forgot to turn their Strava off nabbing 10 KOM's on their way home, and the results are pretty close to reality. Of course, you're probably not going to top 10 if you don't have a clean run, but if you ride a lot, you're gonna have some days where it all comes together, no hikers or dogs in the way, hitting all your corners clean, etc.

It seems like everyone just uses Strava as a scapegoat for everything they see wrong out on the trails now, and it's just sort of ridiculous. The guys in the top 10, they're not the guys building cheater lines, they don't need to, they're fast as f%&. You have people on here, just assuming that any cut lines are from people trying to improve their Strava times, when most likely it's from beginner riders who don't have any trail etiquette yet, and don't even know what Strava is. I think people like to assume they're pretty fast, or think they're at least faster on the down, then some XC guy that passed them on the climb, then they get on Strava and see they're in 100th place and start bitching how everyone in the top 10 must be doping or riding cheater lines instead of looking at their profile and seeing that the reason they're so fast is because they're out riding 6 days/week, putting 10+ hours week, and pulling good results in races as well.

It's something not talked about often because it's not sexy, but being fast often comes down to how much time do you have to train. A guy with a FT job and two kids that can only squeeze in 6 hrs/wk of training simply isn't going to win a Cat1 MTB race against guys putting in 12+hrs/wk. In some ways, good results are a measure of how much free time you have (or how much free time you're willing to put into training, it takes some fortitude to put in 12+hrs/wk, it's not for pussies) which can be a little depressing. I mean certainly you have to be a good rider. I think everyone knows some local roadie that's strong as hell and tried to enter a local mtb race only to end up covered in cactus (well, that's what happens in Arizona...) Point is, you need the skills AND the fitness.

I've definitely noticed race paces getting faster since Strava came out. People are looking at segments and being like, how did he find 20 seconds savings on that segment, and realizing it's possible to push it faster and pushing each other, and becoming better bike handlers in the process. Certainly, if you don't like it, don't use it, but the whole thing of pretending like everyone who blows by you must be going for a Strava PR is getting old. People liked to go fast on mountain bikes long before Strava.
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 @raybao: my buddy used a borrowed e-bike for mtn uphill KOM's. So not just roadies. But hey they are the ones that have to live with the guilt.
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 @salespunk: How sad must somebody be to actually get doped up so he can get strava KOM's? That dude needs to have a serious word with himself !!
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 @TucsonDon: wow, seriously wow.!!!! that was fantastically put across!! America needs folk like you as president. !!

i am that average joe that wins series chanmpionships and has pages of KOMs....why...coz i'm a firefighter and I work very leisure friendly shifts and i have no kids,

its allowed me to train as much as I damn well like, 15hrs bike time a week 6 hrs gym time a week. I've well surpassed my 10,000 hours to be the best that i can be. your'e spot on about it not being the sexy thing to talk about - everyone wants to believe the guy at the top is a god or its the equipment or they're just cheating.

Never for a moment do they think about the time spent spewing after turbo trainer sessions, or the last time a processed meal, bread, pasta or chocolate was ingested - the only thing superhuman about me is my dogged desire to be the best i can be. all the good bits of my equipment are also present on every other competitiors bikes, and the only cheating i do is training more than all my rivals and my little secret shot of beetroot juice in the morning.

read it again , yup beautifully put across Tucsondon
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 There's a guy on Strava in Park City/Salt Lake area called Slyfox Moonwillow. He has KOM's everywhere on the downhills. Pretty tired of seeing his name everytime I open the app. We need Richie to make a visit.
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 @raybao: I'm hoping you're not homophobic, and I'm guessing you're probably not. Can you and others consider that using the word gay in a derogatory sense may hurt people's feelings? I think a lot of sports are moving to stamp out homophobic behaviour and I'd like to think the biking community will do the same...Amazing video though.
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 @IrishTom: so sad getting upset on other people's behalfs. Get over it. I. Order to help you feel better let's just say roadies are c*#ts instead shall we? Or will that upset the owners of axe wounds? Let's just not say anything, ever?

Actually, how about you accept other people's descriptive terminology in the same manner as they'll accept gay people. It matters not. Nobody has died, worse things have happened at sea.

If grown adults can't just see something they don't like without forgiving and moving on, then we have issues (IRA). Just let it go man. The universe is tired of moaning!!!
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 @SusanLycra: Simple.Don't Strava.
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 @cunning-linguist: cunning linguist for president!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I don't know - on some local trails, I have the KOM and it's pretty embarrassing since there is no way I did that time. Makes me look like a cheater!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I think the point being made that is totally valid is that strava is inconsistent tech, even as a tool to measure ones own progress. I've seen the exact same trail reported with 100% variance on the recorded elevation, 20% on top speed and the time variances are laughable. As has been mentioned before, same riders/trail/phone running the same trail and coming out for double digit second gaps. I've had personal bests on segments that I've stopped while riding. Even on the road where interference should be less of an issue I see unexplainable results in the stats. Strava is at best a riding log. I thought maybe free users get shafted, but I tried premium and it was no better.
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 @robwhynot: we must have a better GPS satellites over Sweden then because results from latest Enduro comp are within 1-4sec off the Strava logs of guys who logged the competition. The point being made is believe what you want
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 @jacobite321: There's actually a thing going around (so I've heard) called Digital EPO. From what I understand it's a third party app that shaves seconds off your time or something. Whether it's physical or digital , it IS really sad. Who in the world needs that much affirmation to lie about something so trivial?
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 @laurenvanier: wow that's next level. I was done with comments on this thread, but that's insane! Oh well, each to their own. If those using it are happy with themselves living a lie, so be it. I'll be happy wheelieing no handed at the back of the list! :-)
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 What's a Stava?
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 Natural Resources Wales (Forestry Commission, land managers) apparently used Strava to find unofficial trails and remove built features in our area. So for that reason alone I won't use it....
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 @Owaind: Great logic mate. Congratulations. So you put equality sign between a regular person using Strava in a harmless way, like to log a ride on a legal trail (like Richie did in this fkng video above - have you noticed it's up there?!) and an idiot who is dumb enough to record AND SHARE a "secret" segment in public database. I mean think for a moment what you just wrote... Strava is a tool like a knife. I swear I read sht while eating and cutting meat and I sometimes want to go out and butcher people for being imbeciles, so you have me there
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 @WAKIdesigns: Yeah but this is what people do unaware of the implications, 99% of the trail riding I do is on unofficial trails, ergo the "I wont use it" comment. You can't keep a segment secret, someone else will just create a segment regardless
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 @Owaind: yes so you don't use it because you ride on unofficial trails. But it has nothing to do with usefulness of Strava.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Did my original comment mention mention the usefulness of strava? "I mean think for a moment what you just wrote... " :-D
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 @WAKIdesigns: Actually, I'll believe what I have observed. I ride the same trails with the same guy. He has a GPS and Strava. I only use Strava. Both on iPhone 6. We compare after every ride. The differences are common and laughable. Strava is a tool, but one that can be inconsistent and its results need to be taken with a grain of salt. You can scream at the screen as loudly as you want, provide all the examples of how we're ALL wrong while slinging personal insults (that serve to only detract from your point), but it won't change a thing.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Actually the strava privacy settings allow you to hide your ride even on the local heat map if you configure it to do so. I find it quite handy as here in Madrid we are facing a widespread mountain bike ban outside fireroads so I have set up private ride as the to go mode.

The only drawback is that the times during a private ride don't show up in the general time table but anyway I'm only interested on my own times and how they improve (or not) in certain trails.
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 @salespunk: remaining fitness? You mean he started doping too..
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 @laurenvanier: why am I not surprised. EGO will make weak people cheat one way or another... makes me scratch my head on some of the KOMS on the front range...

I played a lot of counterstrike, but realized most of the insane guys beating me are using purchased wall/ headshot cheats off amazon and ebay. so lame.

Why get into something and not see your real results... isnt that the point?
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 Shout out to Dr. Clark Lewis! He built that trail and should get kudos for building something incredible.
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 Clark FTW
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 Is there anything that handsome fella can't do? Clark rocks.
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 So even ews pros take the French line when on strava... Lol
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 Bush wacking but hey there was definitely a line in there :p
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 @3:04 that was dirty.
totally would have beaten him if not for that line
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 Yeah that was sketchy at best ... But hey - it's it's not marked its fair game ...
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 "gardening" as I like to call it
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 @john260164: literally lol!

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 If every pro rider posted a gopro vid of them casually ripping down a trail at least once a week. We would be heavily entertained. All the pros do ride like everyday, so they might as well do us a favor and record it. Lol. Btw, Ritchie used the brakes a whopping 3 times. Animal
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 I agree with your first statement, but he actually he used his brakes well over 20 times. To be fast you can't just let go of the brakes, you just have to use them at the right moments.
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 That would make a really cool off season feature since the pros are out riding normal trails anyway. Get the local KOM and film both, play the videos on split screen and see what happens. Good exposure for the local guys, good exposure for the pros, and a cool video for us slow guys to watch and better understand just exactly how slow we are.
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 nice French line there at the bottom , ride the trail LOL , and I wish it was marked out like that all the time .
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 Butthole Status: [Clenched] Unclenched
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 sixpence, half a crown in old language
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 He was bush wackin! But seriously that is some very impressive riding
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 I would have clipped bars pedals fingers x 10, in the first half of the track... at half that speed..
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 At first I was like, great another BKXC vid, but then i was like, wait this guy can actually ride..... Sorry, that was Rude..
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 I've come across the BKXC videos recently and they are a bit weird IMHO... It's some guy who doesn't seem that good at riding a bike going riding with people who are, getting massively dropped over and over, whilst commentating about how incredible they all are and how gnarly all the stuff he's tip toeing through is... I'll not abuse the guy but he doesn't seem my cup of tea either, although he's probably decent in real life... He just seems a but caught up in marketing hype that it is the bikes/components rather than the skill of the riders I suppose...

If you want good POV footage check out Nate Hills and his FollowCamFriday series though - he genuinely is quick and there's always a fast rider in front of him to give context as to the speed and size of the run.
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 @slimboyjim: I've also seen a few of his videos and can see why he wouldn't be most folks' cup of tea.

He has a slight awkwardness to him and he's definitely no Richie Rude on a bike either. That being said, I think his following is primarily your 'average joe' type of riders and people who might be new to the sport and there is clearly a market for what he has to offer.
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 @slimboyjim: had to check him out, he cycled for miles to the trail head rather than drove,he talked alot, and it looked speed up in parts, but what a wicked trail
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 @slimboyjim: I think the allure of BKXC is that average weekend warrior can relate to him. They know what it is like to get dropped or look at a line and say NFW and walk down. Remember that PB represents a very small slice of the market and by definition most of the people on here represent the top 5% of riders.
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 @salespunk: I get that I suppose. For me I like to watch good riders to see the lines they take and the way they approach the trail. Nate Hills is very good for that as he's following someone at speed without getting dropped. I like to think I might learn something, plus it is a bit of escapism/jealousy!
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 @slimboyjim: I love the Nate Hills videos. Especially since a lot of the trails are local to me, I'm sometimes like "I didn't know there was a line there." So I learn a bit from them also. The quality is really nice too, which is also true for BKXC. They both use a chest mount with a gimbal, so it makes the footage actually be enjoyable to watch. Watching this video was like going back to 2014, helmet cam looking at the ground half the time, all shakey and shit. I would love to see a Rude run with quality footage from a gimbal mounted cam.

It's cool that Nate is always following a skilled local rider that knows all the good lines too, like Kyle Mears in Moab, or Noah Sears in Grand Junction. Get to see the dialed in lines.
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 I watch bkxc, Nate Hills, trailpeak, mtb yum yum, singletrack sampler and they all have there own flavor and style. I would rather watch Nate Hills and trailpeak because they are pros and can rip, but bkxc and single track sampler are genuinely good people that I would love to ride with, so watching their vids is the next best thing. Don't be an a$$!
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 In some defence of BKXC, he's riding blind behind locals, he's an ameteur enthusiast, and he's showing vids of multi hour trail loops. It's unfair to compare his vids to a pro who has taken multiple sighting runs down a trail that's a few minutes long
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 Trailpeek all you need to watch
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 Haha, my shit is never going to appear on Pinkbike for all the reasons listed above. YouTube is about personality and entertainment and people dig what I'm doing over there. I rode this trail last summer and parts of it scared the shit out of me. This video doesn't do it justice whatsoever.
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 Cut trail at 3:04. take away his crown! Banish him!
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 Its a fine line between trail cutting and line development. It's sort of the evolution trails go through. I'd say new lines count as long as you aren't cutting switchbacks or physically removing obstacles. Somewhere this gray area needs better clarity, so there is clear distinction between redness and trail douche.
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 watched his then watched my pov of angry midget.. not that far off! Check it out!
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 Nice video.
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 good work, sir
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 Nice riding! It seems to me that the difference between fast riders and race winners is simply cornering speed. I've heard it harped on about by pros as the main thing they focus on. Comparing between Rude's and your POVs illustrated this very well. You sir are ripping super fast into every corner. RR barely shifts gears in the banks... just a freakishly different level than the rest of us. Cheers
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 @dangerwank: thanks for the input, definitely something to work on this season! Noticed that he gains tons of speed when he pedals on the flatter parts too. Good name as well hah
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 @PLMedia: he usually runs a 34 or 36 ring...
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Got to agree .see alot of vids good riders sessioning and dramatic .
But put them In a race .skill, fitness, determination ,and racers head
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 Indeed, well ridden, any idea what the time differences were ?
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 Stravas no good when you wanna stop for a blaze man
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 they should put a piss / smoke / coffee pause button on strava
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 Finally confirmed- the beeping during the start is Skynet relaying telemetry data and instructions to their cyborg- Rude is always crushing it like a terminator.
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 First enduro stage/race I did was this trail, don't remember it being quite this fast Wink ..but an awesome trail non the less
  • 4 0 Norm Macdonald makes a run at the KOM
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 I watched this video like I ride...staring at the front wheel the whole way.
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 Stealing KOMs, is Rude!
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 Definitely rides like the little midget is pissed! Awesome!
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 That looks like it'd be fun... at like half that speed. Mostly screaming and wetting my shorts at his pace, I think.
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 I just saw blurred yeti in very nice forest Smile
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 He seems to be the Chuck Norris of mountainbiking - when he comes, the trees step aside...
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flag Trials-FTW (Feb 20, 2017 at 22:30) (Below Threshold)
 & when he comes, yo momma anus opens wide. Heheheheheheheheh!!!!

Then, since she German she prob' shit all over him. Heheheheheheheheh!!!
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 Spent ~2 weeks paid time working on that trail for SORCA and then 3 days buffing on volunteer time. Glad to see a talented rider tear that shit up!
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 SHITTY ANGLE !!!!! We wanna see the track AHEAD not just 5meters
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 Well done Oneup!
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 many acronyms + the words "angry midget" = disappointed it wasn't a porno...
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 Sweet!..And..Fox-Please offer those Orange Fork lowers for 2018!!!
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flag getsomesy (Feb 20, 2017 at 18:27) (Below Threshold)
 Why dont you just paint your lowers orange if you are such a ninny that you care about the color of your fork.
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 @getsomesy: Since it bothers you I'll get an orange cape too..Neener Neener!
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 @bikeblur: PMSL, best comment this year so far
  • 3 0
 What a brute.
  • 5 0
 You are the brute squad?
  • 3 1
 Midget is a rude term apparently
  • 3 0
  • 2 1
 Not a fan of Strava but a big fan of Richie for sure. What a shredder. Seems like nice guy too.
  • 2 1
 You can't even hear him breathing. He's an awesome athlete, I wish EWS had live coverage.
  • 1 0
 Anyone else tilting there head back trying to see farther down the trail solely because of the speed? So fast.
  • 1 0
 Mint...would've love to see the digital readout that Tom Tom kicks out whilst you're riding.
  • 2 0
  • 2 1
 Have to gong him out. He took a French line or two.
  • 1 0
 They're going to have to rename the trail: Rude Giant.
  • 1 0
 Zwift and an Ebike, KOM no more!
  • 1 0
 Sound of Speed is still tue best
  • 1 0
 The air past the tree at 2:06 and the sniper line at 3:05. GotDamn.
  • 1 0
 Poor trail, getting beat on like that
  • 1 0
 I can't get the music to play...
  • 1 0
 I friggin miss mountain biking so much
  • 1 0
 Cheater line at the end. Disqualified.
  • 1 0
 Damn he has some big hands
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Mono culiao, la cagรณ!!!
  • 1 0
 Fuck strava
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