Outride Announces July 31 Public Research Summit on How Cycling Impacts the Brain

Jul 17, 2020 at 16:12
by Outride  
Outride 3rd annual Research Summit at Stanford 2019

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Outride is a public nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of youth through cycling. Through our Primary Research, Riding for Focus cycling program, and Outride Fund grant giving activities, we provide evidence-based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health. This year, we're excited to announce that we're bringing our annual research summit online and inviting all of you!

Outride is hosting its fourth annual Research Summit virtually on July 31, 2020 (8:30am-1:15pm PST). Join us from anywhere! While we will miss being on the Stanford campus we will still be in the spirit of learning and aim to inspire and deepen your knowledge of how cycling can benefit the brain.

A team of Stanford experts will present their findings on how exercise can motivate students and increase longevity, as well as illuminating the effects exercise has on specific regions of the brain related to focus and attention. Over time, our plan is to use these findings to help doctors tailor cycling-specific interventions as part of a comprehensive treatment program for ADHD.

Outride's new Executive Director, Skye DeLano, will be joined by Specialized Founder and President Mike Sinyard for opening remarks. Then, Stanford researchers will present more information on their latest research and the science behind fNIRS technology followed by presentations from our partners at Mental Health America and PeopleForBikes. We look forward to introducing our 44 new Riding for Focus school champions who will join us nationwide for our virtual event as well as supporters, researchers and representatives from advocacy, the cycling industry and research community.

More details about the Outride Research Summit here, including the agenda and full list of guest speakers. Register for the summit here.

More info at outridebike.org.

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 "...How Cycling Impacts the Brain" and right below it on homepage is Friday Fails - LOL
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 Give & take
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 I was about to make exactly the same point!
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 Interesting. I find that road riding and mtb are completely different for my brain. On a road ride I think most of the time. On a mtb ride, especially a challenging one, I find I reach the flow state. This to me is why mountain biking is addictive. Like Mike Sinyard I have ADHD and find riding helps me focus and stay present.
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 Downhill at your fullest completely stops your mind and brings you to the present moment.. this is what some call meditation, carpe diem.
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 Yeah mtb is better than any type of adderall
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 For me MTB rides are the best way I know to de stress. Riding on the road to my local trails stresses me out.
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 Yeah, I love road riding, but it's most rewarding part is the accomplishment that I feel after the ride. Mountain biking, every moment of it is enjoyable. And yeah, can't be thinking about anything else other than the next obstical ahead.
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 So awesome! I work for a non-profit, specifically with children who have severe behavioural issues stemming from early childhood trauma (mostly severe neglect and abuse). A huge part of the therapeutic work we do is patterned, repetitive activity to help regulate and (ultimately) promote growth in underdeveloped parts of the brain and cycling is one of our go-to activities.

The kids ask to go for a bike ride almost every day and I'm more than happy to oblige!
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 So awesome my friend! Do you know of any research that shows mountain biking could take place of addiction to substances?
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 Everywhere I look, I see high lines, takeoffs, landings and gaps. I hear the sound of freehubs in my sleep.
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 Cycling impacted my brain when I chose to spend more on bikes than tuition.
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 cycling impacted my brain when my forks snapped..
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 Cydkgkunng inmdoictdv nhf btajnf dhbcfx.
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 I hope they don't consider pinkbike comments as part of the evidence of how cycling affects the brain.
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 ahaha who's to say we wouldn't be way worse without cycling though?
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 @brianpark: good point! Love the comments. They are one of the things that sets Pinkbike apart. Just poking a little fun at all of us.
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 To be fair, it is not just cycling that improves social, emotional, and cognitive health. It is any healthy exercise where you are putting energy into something that is more positive than negative.
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 I do agree that any physical activity is good for mental health...but going down hills as fast as you can on a bike does not leave any space for anything other than what terrain is in front of you, unlike running on tarmac or a treadmill etc.
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 If solo rides are good for the brain then my head should be feeling much better by the time the pandemic is over.
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 If i was president everyone would get a bike. Imagine the savings on healthcare, heart disease, obesity, mental health, socializing the community, work efficiency thus economic benefit, trail expansion bike innovation, environmental impact ect ect
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 You can lead a horse to water.
But you can't make fat lazy people ride a bike.

I think that's how the saying goes?
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 @Allen82: mandate 30 minutes of excersize a day or else get executed
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 Cycling has kept me sane for the last 31 years. That's a great impact.
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 Our virtual conference was a success! Thanks to all who attended!
Recap and recordings posted here - www.pinkbike.com/u/OutrideBike/blog/outride-research-summit-recapa-virtual-success.html
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 Brain and brain! What is brain?!

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 it's specialized's shock platform
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 New 13 speed cassette spy shots shown
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 I can sum it up and save you the conference fees: cycling does your mind and body good!
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 Do they discuss, hitting a tree at 25km/h,cuz impact makes you supper awesome in case u survive
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 I think my head hit the ground when I broke my collar bone in a sandy corner. So this biking is making me smarter right???
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 Nope, its when people get sticker shock seeing $10K bikes!
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 For every $10k bike there is a $1k counterpart waiting for a good home in the classified section of Pinkbike. After 20+ years of riding I can safely say that I’m “bought in” to the sport so I may justify an $8-10K bike every few years but when it’s gotten it’s use from me it ends up a $3-5k “upgrade” for someone who is just looking for their second bike and then they sell their entry level bike to someone else new to the sport. “It’s the circle..... the circle of life.”
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 More of this please
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 That state of zen when blitzing down steep rock gardens....
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 I wonder, can a stiff suspension give you a microcontusion?

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