Cami Nogueira Signs With Propain Bicycles

Jan 17, 2023 at 6:52
by PROPAIN-Bicycles  

PRESS RELEASE: Propain Bicycles

We’re happy to announce the signing of freerider Cami Nogueira.

Hailing from Argentina and currently residing in Aspen Colorado, Cami Nogueira is rapidly becoming a household name. Known for big sends and an aggressive approach to technical, steep descents, it’s no surprise that Cami has found her way to the top of the freeride mountain biking scene. In the past two years, she’s pulled off back-to-back first place finishes at Proving Grounds, earning the top spot with her bold riding style. She was also hand selected for two consecutive appearances at Red Bull Formation, during which the most elite women in freeride push the boundaries of the sport. At the most recent Red Bull Formation, she earned herself the “Spicy Award”, an honor reserved for the rider with the spiciest line and the tenacious attitude to match. Just when we thought her resume couldn’t be more impressive, she took on even more mind-bending features during Yoann Barelli’s 2022 Tour de Gnar.

Cami is a true pioneer in the freeride world. Her rise to the top of the scene has been incredible to watch, and we’re excited to be able to support her as she continues her career.

Welcome to the team, Cami!

Cami Nogueira

San Martín de los Andes, Patagonia, Argentina

Aspen, Colorado, US


Favorite bike
Spindrift and Rage

Mountain biker

Favorite Event
Red Bull Formation

Favorite Food
Argentine asado or pizza

Favorite Song
Really hard to choose one, but… Ready or not, Fugees

2022 Resolutions:
Ride new places, do some gnarly things, get new tricks, go riding with my friends and make new ones. Participate in some cool events.

Driven by her father, Cami started her career early in cross-country. As a teenager, she took part in a downhill race and realized that this direction suited her more. In addition to downhill, Cami also spent a lot of time out in nature with her bike and friends, building and testing their lines. This gave her the love for freeride riding. After her first visit at Whistler Bikepark at the age of 17, her decision was final: she was determined to become a professional mountain biker.

After many World Cup races, a few EWS participations, and Crankworx stops, she decided to shift her focus away from racing in 2019 and invest more time in freeride again.

The investment in freeride paid off, and she was invited to Red Bull Formation 2021. At this point, it was clear to everyone that Cami is a unique rider with a great future ahead of her.



Cami on working with Propain:

bigquotes"Propain is one of the few brands that's true to freeriding and they have all the tools that I need for my job. I'm super stoked to be riding for this awesome brand!" - Cami Nogueira

Cami's Spindrift CF in Carbon-Raw




We are looking forward to the upcoming projects with Cami.

Let’s have an awesome time together!

Make sure to visit Cami on her Socials: Instagram YouTube Facebook


Photos by:
Trevor Lyden

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 Something about propain accessories...
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flag TheEradicator (Jan 17, 2023 at 9:35) (Below Threshold)
 King of the hill?
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 That's my Purse I don't know you.
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 I signed up for antipain accessories
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 i always was thinking as Propane butane as namesake...
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 More looks like Dopamine.
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 @TheEradicator: that boy ain't right
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 I came here just for this
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 damn impressive riding at tour de gnar!
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 For real. Tour De Gnar was exactly what it said it was, gnarly, and Cami showed she belonged with that elite group!
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 remi and cami collabs please !!!
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 Yes!! Very stoked to see the two of them ride together
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 Queen of Gnar
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 Yes Cami!!! Hyped for you! This is great news. Best healing with the elbow and see you on the shred again soon ❤️
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 Propain bikes look so much better since the shock moved into the frame. Nice bikes.
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 Fugees 'Ready or Not' is such a great song! Good taste
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 It's a banger, though I feel old realising she wasn't born when it came out, while I was nearly finished high school.
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 @Velocipedestrian: some of my favorite stuff came out well before I was born. Shit, I’ll blast some Mozart, beethoven or Bach when the mood strikes
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 @Velocipedestrian: She is 29 and the song came out in 1996, so she was born but still really young.
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 @dantecusolito: you are technically correct. The best kind of correct.

I still feel old.
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 Stoked to have Cami on the bikes this year! She is pushing the sport for sure which is fun to watch.
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 all guys are like Fab
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flag nvranka (Jan 18, 2023 at 9:02) (Below Threshold)
 Not all of us, let me tell ya
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 @nvranka: Some prefer boys. No shame in that.
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 @ViolaVesperlin: boys? Cringe
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 Good to see. Excited to see what she'll do on that thing at the next formation.
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 Can I order a spindrift with two 27.5 wheels like hers or is it just mullet/29 only for us normies
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 Anyone can get full 27.5! They sell full 27.5, 27.5/29, and full 29
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 The SD is one of their models that thankfully is holding the flag for dual 27.5 and a sweet 435mm rear. I could not be happier. Pedal uphills, kills on the down, and dual crown approved. A very freeride bike. In prep building mine I bought an angleset for the front to make it more do everything but have yet to feel the need to install it in either direction after a year.
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 @highndry: Sorry I meant the Rage, the DH bike. Awesome that they are making a 27.5 freeride bike but that 200mm+ travel is where it's at!
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 @noakeabean: I meant to say the Rage DH bike, but it's cool the shorter travel bike is still 27.5
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 Would be cool if they issued a model called Strickland.
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 so good! well deserved Cami!!
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 Vamos Cami!, la bandera en alto!
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 Sick! Go Cami!!
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 Is her nickname ‘Little Nog’? Or maybe ‘Lil Nog’?
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 Muchas felicidades dese Salta! Suerte y éxitos en 2023
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 Way to go!
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 Heck yeah!
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 Congrats, you seem happySmile
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 27.5, 29 is no fun! Thank you Propain!
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 Good luck ,so Nogueira ,Portuguese family?
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 My cousin in the 50th degree.
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 The favorite bike question is kind of lame in the signing press release.
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 Dale Guacha !!! Felicitaciones Cami !
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 2023 resolutions, right?
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 Pretty sweet rig, I wonder if there’s 27.5 and threaded BB?
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 Absolute Shredder. Well done.
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