Propain Shows Off Carson Storch’s Custom-Painted Spindrift CF for Red Bull Rampage

Oct 19, 2022 at 6:46
by PROPAIN-Bicycles  
Red Bull Rampage 2022 Carson Storchs Custom PROPAIN Spindrift CF


On October 21, it's that time of the year again. The biggest mountain bike freeride event of the year is coming to you: Red Bull Rampage. We are very happy to announce that, for the first time ever, a PROPAIN bike will be part of it. None other than Carson Storch will be riding this unique Spindrift CF and doing things most mountain bikers can only dream of.

Red Bull Rampage 2022 Carson Storchs Custom PROPAIN Spindrift CF

Carson Storch is no stranger to Rampage. 2022 will be his eighth time competing in Red Bull Rampage. His best result came in 2016 when he finished third. This year he wants to get back on the podium and will do everything to climb it again. For such a special rider it also requires a special bike. His choice for Rampage fell on the Spindrift CF with a double crown fork and we could not hold back to give this bike a very special paintjob. Here you can admire this work of art in detail:

Red Bull Rampage 2022 Carson Storchs Custom PROPAIN Spindrift CF

Red Bull Rampage 2022 Carson Storchs Custom PROPAIN Spindrift CF
Red Bull Rampage 2022 Carson Storchs Custom PROPAIN Spindrift CF

PROPAIN Spindrift CF Size M

(100 psi fork, custom progressive tune)

(650lb ti spring, custom progressive tune)

DT Swiss FR 541 (27,5")

Michelin DH Front:22 Rear:34
(32 psi Front, 35 psi Rear)

Shimano Saint

Shimano Saint 200 mm / 200 mm

Title Reform 780 mm

Title DM1


Title CP1

Title JS1


bigquotesI am beyond stoked on what PROPAIN came up with for my custom painted Rampage Spindrift frame. It was a little bit of a surprise, and the details really got me. From the tree layout, to the detail of my dog Bentley, it means a lot! So happy to represent the first PROPAIN in Rampage!!Carson Storch

Red Bull Rampage 2022 Carson Storchs Custom PROPAIN Spindrift CF

We can't wait to see Carson in action on October 21 and wish him all the best for his outstanding maneuvers. Watch the entire spectacle live on Red Bull TV or ESPN+ if you live in the U.S.!

Red Bull Rampage 2022 Carson Storchs Custom PROPAIN Spindrift CF

Photos by Nathan Hughes

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 Propane accessories?
  • 25 0
 Strickland has you covered!
  • 5 1
 @BobbyHillbomb: handle/post BWAHHH!!!!
  • 9 0
 @TerrapinBen: That boy ain't right
  • 5 0
 Ill tell ya hwaaht
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 I like how Suntour always steps up and does color matching. bike looks killer.
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 That's a beauty!
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 this motherfucker looks good.
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 I’m a big fan of Propain’s styling. What a classically cool looking bike. Simple and sexy lines.
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 Still think Shimano should produce a proper freeride chain tensioner. The only thing they would lose from the customers’ shopping cart are casettes and shift levers, but so many park and fr riders would turn their head to it.
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 Spindrift hhmm not the DH rig? I mean there's riders on shorter travel bikes because they're sponsor doesn't have a full 200mm bike but, I wonder what the reasons for choosing the smaller bike when a proper DH bike is availible....
More pop maybe??
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 ohh wheel size..
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 I'm sure the Rage could be ridden with 27.5 wheels all around with some mods. But it probably comes down to the bikes trickability, as it's quite long and racey compared to the spindrift. The spindrift also has quite a similar chain stay/wheelbase/reach in comparison to the Maiden.

Makes sense he jumped on that bike.
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 Spindrift is the freeride bike in the lineup. It's not about who gets to the finish line first at Rampage.
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 Freeride Bike for a Freeride Event
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 Supported by Bentley? Posh bike!
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 Think that's his doggo
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 I'm wondering what was the reason for choosing spindrift over the rage
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 Probably the 27.5 wheels
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 Good luck Carson, rootin’ for ya!
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 Interesting, I somehow missed the part where the Spindrift was rated for dual crown forks.

So, usually with a dual crown fork, you can get 10-20mm more travel on the front than you can with a single crown fork. And since the Spindrift is designed around a 180mm-190mm single crown... you should be able to do a full 200mm travel I'd think?
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 Pretty much any bike specced with a 180mm single crown could take a 200mm dual crown. Basically the same steer tube to axle length, the only problem I could foresee is the frame downtube clearance relative to the front wheel at full bottom-out, but slack HTA's basically negate this.
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Yeah, thats what my understanding was, thanks for confirming.

I was also implying that not all bikes in that travel category are officially rated as being dual crown compatible from the factory (ie, it would still be under warranty).

Like obviously you have bikes like the Spindrift, Forbidden Dreadnought, and Transition Spire that are officially rated for that, but then you also have bikes like the Raaw Madonna and Banshee Titan where its explicitly called out that it will void the warranty.
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Go to the FAQ at the bottom and says approved for dual crowns.

I have a set on my spindrift AL.
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 One reason I've read, not sure how important in real life, is not only the additional forces that the steerer zone can see because of a longer / dual crown fork, but also the reinforcement needed where the fork bumpers would hit the frame

@monkshed are you happy with that spindrift setup? Is it more like a beefed up spindrift (that could be interesting for someone who can't justify getting a full DH bike) or more like something that would compete with an actual DH bike?
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 @Uuno: I ordered mine with a 190mm Zeb with the intention of having a bike for enduro and DH. I did a race with the Zeb and as capable as it was I lacked that feeling a dual crown gave me. I haven't spent much time with the dual crown on it as the weather hasn't been great but I definitely felt more confident on the gnarlier stuff with the dual crown.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: I always thought the reason a bike was or wasn't rated for dual crown forks was due to headtube strength. Like when you crash hard at full steering lock your headstube area can take a beating from the fork stanchions.
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 Lucky guy. I wish my dog would sponsor my bike.
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 the rear disc is 180mm ! not 200 Wink
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flag Uuno (Oct 19, 2022 at 9:22) (Below Threshold)
 Based on what?
The current Rage doesn't accept less than 200mm, so seems unlikely...
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 @Uuno: this is Spindrift
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 @Uuno: Yeah but it’s a spindrift
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 Rotor size is so misunderstood. So many factors matter more, namely brakes, pads, bleeding, and even disc rotor width arguably. Unless you're racing and pushing your brakes to the very edge, you probably don't need 200mm. Contrary to popular opinion, larger disc =/= better braking, merely better heat management. If you want a grabbier, better brake then get a bleed, good pads, and a wider disc, not a larger one.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: It is true that there are secondary advantages to the larger diameter brake rotors, but they do also increase braking torque simply as a result of larger radius for the moment arm.

Basic physics.
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 Oh pretty ridiculous brain fart from my part then
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 i get that warm fuzzy feeling reading the words "Drivetrain Shimano Saint"
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 "It puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the scabs again"
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 Spindrift CF AF!
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 Dh bike is for going fast. FR bike is for going big
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 So clean!
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 Light the Storch
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 Long live custom paint!
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 Man that geo is sweeeeet
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