Propain Announces New Kids Bikes Range

Mar 7, 2023 at 6:10
by PROPAIN-Bicycles  

PROPAIN Bicycles launches the Barney, a new 16" singlespeed kids mountain bike and renews the successful 20" models Dreckspatz and Frechdax from scratch.

With the Bam Bam balance bike that was launched last year and the 24" Youth Fully Yuma, there are now Propain bikes for absolutely every age.

The video of the new range should not be missing and can be found here:

bigquotes"Our Kids Bikes are an important and integral part of Propain. The Frechdax was originally developed in 2012 as a special project for my own son, but pretty quickly it became clear that not only our own kids have a need for a real mountain bike in the right size. We are very happy to now pass on the knowledge from 10 years of kids mountain bike development to the next generation."David Assfalg, CEO

Key Facts - Barney 16"

- Lightweight aluminum frame with internal cable routing
- Customizable with 2 frame colors and 4 component colors
- Sixpack 1st Ride components designed for kids ergonomics
- Singlespeed
- Mechanical disc brakes
- Recommended for children with a height of 95 cm to 115 cm (3-6 years)

The Barney is a 16" singlespeed bike that closes the gap between the Bam Bam and the Dreckspatz/Frechdax. Large volume tires from Vee Tire Co provide damping and grip and if it ever should get too fast on one of the first real bike rides, mechanical disc brakes provide plenty of stopping power.

It is available in Raw and Badmint and can be customized with Sixpack 1st Ride components in 4 colors - Black, Lime Green, Raspberry Pink and Sky Blue.

Key Facts - Dreckspatz and Frechdax

- 20"
- New aluminum frame with internal cable routing
- Customizable with 2 frame colors and 4 component colors
- Sixpack 1st Ride components designed for kids ergonomics
- Sensitive fork with carbon reinforced crown
- SRAM X5 9-speed
- Hydraulic disc brakes
- SRAM UDH derailleur hanger
- Recommended for children with a height of 1.10 m to 1.45 m (5 to 11 years)

The Dreckspatz and Frechdax have kept their successful geometry, but received an entirely new and optimized tube set, internal cable routing and a SRAM UDH derailleur hanger that can be quickly replaced if necessary.

The in-house developed fork with carbon reinforced crown, adapted air chamber and negative spring provides the best performance for both the kids hardtail Dreckspatz, as well as the kids fully Frechdax.

The classic single-pivot frame with a smartly positioned pivot makes the Frechdax pedal efficient and in interaction with the specially tuned RockShox Monarch shock at the same time very sensitive.

Both bikes are available in Raw and Petrol Dark and can also be customized with Sixpack 1st Ride components in the 4 colors - Black, Lime Green, Raspberry Pink and Sky Blue.

Availability and prices

The Barney can be ordered in Europe from mid-June 2023 starting at a price of EUR 499.00 on

The Dreckspatz can be ordered as of now starting at a price of EUR 1,199.00. Delivery is expected to start in April.

The Frechdax is also available for order immediately at a price of EUR 1,699.00. Delivery is expected to start in April.

Customers in the U.S. can visit to order the Dreckspatz and Frechdax starting in May. The Barney will not be available in the U.S. for the time being.


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 Which one will Remi be riding?
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 16" singlespeed bike !
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 @jpjpj: \m/ Big Grin \m/
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 badass! As a dad of two little rippers, I can attest that the best way to get kids into bikes is to by them nice ones! So happy more companies are coming out with these options. And don't freak about the cost, the resale value for kids bikes (especially 16" and 20") is extremely high...that or you just pass them down to their siblings. Worth every penny, and then some
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 Amen, picked up a 2nd hand Commencal for my then 6yr old back before things got nutty on prices due to covid. Best decision ever. Stepping up from fully rigid with v-brakes to full sus and SLX disc transformed his riding. Now on of my greatest joys is taking him and his older brother to Bachelor bike park for days shredding.
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 I wish they had those bikes when my kids were small... I took 26er bikes and built 24 wheels for them, so they would fit, and short stems and all... glad to see, that the range of kids' bikes is increasing...
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 Will there be kids' propain accessories??
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 Over 17lbs for the 16". About half the bikes in this range weigh this much - and it's too much for the size of the kids. Early Rider, Woom, etc weigh in several pounds lighter.
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 This has always baffled me with kids bikes. Why are even the expensive ones so heavy!
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 17lbs isn't that crazy... I bought a specialized 16" (Hotrock? Riprock?) and it was TWENTY SEVEN pounds. It immediately went back to the store for a Spawn... the Spawn came in at 16 pounds, which I thought was pretty darn reasonable. It made a major difference for my kids.
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 I have two kids - lightweight at that. 6 1/2 year old girl is 35 lbs (eats like a horse, dont go calling CPS). I bought her a Commencal - about $500. All I did was replace the handlebar and seatpost with cheap carbon from the internets..took pounds off. also had an old race seat and short stem laying around. Took maybe $80 to lighten it up considerably and the commencal is a great frame for her.
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 My kids only 4 months old but that 16" is on the short list of upcoming options.
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 Few unnecessary upgrades before it’s even ridden, for Dad haha
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 I think you're being too harsh on this bike. The Woom 16 in bikes aren't really comparable to this. They're great and light, but not mountain bikes. The smallest mountain bike they make is the 20 in bike and it is this weight despite being bigger, but it's also twice as expensive. Same with Early Rider's most mountain bike focused build (the Hellion) is 1 kg lighter, but also 800 euros).

The best value to me seems to be Seeker X16, which has disk brakes and is only more expensive than the Propain while being 3 lbs lighter).

The Propain bikes seem more like the Commencals or chaper versions of the Prevelos. My son had a Prevelo Zulu One (14 in bike) and it was absolutely bombproof structurally, but I found it heavier than it needed to be. He currently has the Woom Off 20in bike, and it's great, but it's also $800 (and the price is going up tomorrow apparently).
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 Well, in Eu the Woom 4 off air is 900€ and Propain Dreckspatz is 1200€. Also Propain has weight limit 40kg and Woom 80kg (according to websites). As much as I like propain, don't see reason to buy it.
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 Always had issues finding good bikes for my kids 15 years ago as there not that many options out there. They spent a lot of years rattling down the local bike parks until they could fit an XS from the major brands. Glad there are some good options right now. Kids just missed the Spawn and Norco revolution. .
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 I can't get over the fact that nobody seems to be able to make brake levers that actually fit properly for little kids hands! They are still the same terrible -massive outdated levers from 2000.
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 Islabikes do with their V-brakes. Perfect for little ones getting straight on. But yes you're right no-one seems to be able to do hydro levers for small hands. My son's Orbea Laufey has budget Shimano hydros on and they're so bad in terms of ergonomics for his sized hands.
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 Considering Propain's history of delivery date slippage, if you are expecting your first child now, it might be worth putting an order in for the biggest model now.
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 For those that are a bit more handy & like to build up bikes, about 10 years ago when completes we’re few & far between, I built up a custom for my 6 yr old at the time. I started with a Spesh Hard Rock 24” frame & went from there. I found a RS Judy 26” & it worked perfect. Built it up with Stans 24” wheels, Shimano components and sourced shorter cranks from the Bmx racing world. It comes in under a tad of 25 lbs. Once my son out grew it, it went to his younger sister. The bike was awesome, saw a lot of action in Moab & all over. It was a great real world bike for little tykes.
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 No DROPPER no go. A full sus bike for kids has to have a dropper.

Bought my son a Norco 24 full sus with a dropper and its a game changer. He rides his 20 hardtail with DTH tires for pumptrack/park now and a real trail bike for trails.

Huge increase to his skills and confidence since he started riding his full sus on trails. The dropper allows him to get into the correct position for descending, its a absolute must in this price point.
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 Not neccessarily. Depends on age/size and skill set. I see endless kids here in the Bentonville area shredding bikes like these with no droppers.
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 @bman33: Do they climb trails? Our average ride (son and I) 1400ft vertial 7-8 miles. Dropper posts are a must in real climbing areas. Yes you could use a QR but when paying 2-2.5k it should be standard.
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 @Snowsed341: Plenty of climbing in this area, steeper/longer climbs in certain trail systems just West of town and in the Back 40 area. No 9000ft elevantion for sure, but climbing none the less. I agree, if I am paying that much, I would want one as well. Point is depends on the kids age, size and skillset..
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 My son is now on a Yuma 24 which is a great bike. He came from a Orbea MX20 disc, then RM Vertex 20. I bought a full Cee drivetrain and XT brakes for the MX and swapped them to the Vertex. All Prices pre covid so the Investment was ok. Save your money and invest on 24“ and above, also your kid learns better how to ride without suspension. Later swap to front suspension when the lil shredders start to Jump. Just my point of view.
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 Wait…where’s Bobby? And then they need to rename one of the adult frames to be Hank
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 A Commencal Ramones seems comparable to the 16" at a lower price. Similar features and components.
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 I always find it amazing that it seems fine that the only way to stop a balance bike is to shoe brake (if the kid does this??) or just crash into something/naturally stop.
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 Any graphs to show how progressive the shock tune is? It is coil compatible? We need the details!!!
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 Those are sick! No kidding
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 Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Now give us the new Tyee already!!!
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 How could they improve upon perfection?
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 @ruckuswithani: A lot, actually. The cable routing below the bb has never been a good idea, the frame is prone to cracking (especially the rear triangle of the carbon version), the geometry was conservative even when it was new and it lacks a true size XL.
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 @Muscovir: first time hear about cracking (tyee as I understand?). can't find even pictures..
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 Where are the e-bikes? Must have so the kids can keep up with the parents.
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 The names are amazing, I'm guessing they mean something fun/funny in German? From any non native they might as well have called them the KUGELWAGEN or PANZERSHRECK, of course they must be in capitals.

Also I must admit to be surprised at the prices, they actually seem reasonable given this climate of extorting us out of our hard earned. Unlike many others COUGH Transition COUGH, £8.5k for the top flight Smuggler?! It hasn't even got a bloody motor, jog on!
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 How is this extortion when bikes are a 100% luxury /toy and not a need?
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 I cannot wait to put my kid on an $80 16" bike and watch them have just as much fun as the neighbourhood brat is having on one of these lol
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 Lol... good luck with that. Weight matters a lot at any age that a 16" bike still fits. If you plan on doing any actual trail riding ... one of you will be doing a lot of pushing/carrying with plenty of tears.

Do your sanity a favor and find something used on PB. By the time you get there there will be PLENTY of awesome used, proper kids mountain bikes in circulation... hardtail, decent tires and LOW WEIGHT is all you need for them to have fun.
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 kids DJS!!!!
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 Found it on the website, the weight is really all right!
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 These are AMAZING!!!!!
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 I wish I was a kid again with these.
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 nice bikes, but i dont buy recommendation for 20 wheels and 1.45m height.
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 one of these should have been called the Bobbie
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 I love seeing this.
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 More bike co. need to put out a kids 26"
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