Peaty's Launch Holdfast Tool Wrap

Aug 7, 2023 at 5:01
by Peaty's Products  

Press Release: Peaty's

Peaty’s new Holdfast Tool Wrap gives you clean, secure, instant access storage for your tools and trail essentials without the usual strap on fails.

• Sick of having nowhere safe and clean to store cards, cash, keys, chain links and small essentials?
• Tired of your strap-on tools getting stiff and filthy when things get dirty?
• Gutted that shifting straps and slipping tools have scratched your frame?
• Want a system that works with or without an innertube?

Here at Peaty’s we love the convenience of keeping trail essentials on your bike not your body, but hate all the issues that strap systems can cause. That’s why we’ve spent the last couple of years designing and developing our unique ‘Holdfast’ Strap and Tool Wrap combination.

Peaty s HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap - Modular Design
Peaty s HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap - Open Wrap Sticks To Strap

The killer feature is the separate rubberised frame strap that grips to your frame like Peaty grips a pint, so there’s no slipping or scratching however rowdy things get. Unlike most frame straps, it’s paint safe and secure with or without an inner tube too.

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Once it’s locked on you just stick on the wrap, flip over the strap end and you’re ready to go full send in seconds. It’ll work with pretty much any type of bike no matter the geometry or shock positioning fastening anywhere to the frame, saddle rails, seat posts or even on fork legs for gravel and road rides too.

Peaty s HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap - Non slip
Peaty s HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap - Fits all Bikes

Wherever it’s strapped, the peel and pull wrap release gives super-fast tool access for a quick fix when seconds count. You can even hang the wrap from the frame to make a mini trail side tool wall, so your bits don’t get lost.

Peaty s HoldFast Trail Tool Wrap On Santa Cruz Side View
We’ve worked with tons of riders to find a size that’s perfect for as many bikes as possible, our strap-on hits the sweet spot. That’s how our Holdfast Tool Wrap is big enough to carry what you need - mini tool, Holeshot CO2 inflator and cartridge, tyre levers etc. - but small enough to fit most frames and avoid knocking your knee pads.

We spent months punishing prototypes to perfect a super tough, seam-welded, waterproof construction that protects your tools from dirt and rust. A zipped inner stash pocket then adds extra weather protection and security for cash, coins, keys, spare links etc.

Available in three colours - Nightrider Black, Slate Grey and Moss Green - for low key vibes. Stealth reflective strap print for extra visibility on those dusky evening rides home without looking like a dork in daylight.

Availability and pricing:
Peaty’s Holdfast Tool Wrap is online and in shops from 3rd August.
RRP: £34.99 / €39.99 / $44.99

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 "without the usual strap on fails."

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 Is no one going to mention "Tired of your strap-on tools getting stiff and filthy when things get dirty?"
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 @number44: yes. You. You are that person who mentioned it.
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 Most strap ons are a pain in the a**, but this one looks to fill a void in the market.
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 poor riders who had to "spend months punishing prototypes."
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 RRP: £34.99 / €39.99 / $44.99 / $149.99 CAD
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 I bought one of these at Ard Rock when they first launched. It’s a well thought out bit of kit that works so much better than a back country strap. Quality is first class too like all the rest of the stuff in Peaty’s range.
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 It looks great and seems a bit better thought out than others I've seen.
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 Coming soon:
Peaty is launching waterproof toilet paper
Peaty is launching eatable vegan friendly tyre inserts
Peaty is launching eatable toilet paper
Peaty is launching a disposable Santa Cruz frame made out of recycled waterproof toilet paper
Peaty is launching an eatable vegan friendly Santa Cruz frame made out of recycled inserts
Peaty is launching an eatable waterproof vegan friendly launcher to launch everything that needs to be launched as far as it's launchable.
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 @danstonQ: it's comical. The Troy McClure of MTb.
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 I’ll second that.Proper bit of kit that we’ve all tried to make in some form or another, Peaty’s nailed it! Mine’s already been test ridden and it never budged.
  • 15 3
 The truth hurts I wear a backpack anyways because I can't drink less than 2L of water
  • 22 1
 I used to be in the camp. then I realized two things: 1) I don't need to drink as much water when I'm not profusely sweating under a back pack. 2) I've had chronically low sodium levels for years.

Bottle on the bike, bottle in my hip bag and two Nuuns anytime I ride now and I'm good. No joke.
  • 2 1
 @quesoenfuego: which Nuun tablets /flavor seems to work the best for you? I thought about giving those a try myself. Do you drop them in the water bottle before a ride or just drop them in as you need them?
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 yes I don't have room on my bike for all my needs and that includes a 420 kit for tech stops. I also carry a Kryptonite for washroom stops when riding the cities core trails in Toronto the Don Valley Trails. There is no way I am riding with ,y back 3 pockets bursting with tools mixed with food and electronics. That said I love Peaty and his line of bike stuff and will buy this product to support one of my heroes.
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 @bman33: I like the lime sport, one before and one after rides, I don't put them in my bottles because I'm terrible about washing them.

My dr told me I could just put a pinch of salt in some water/juice because it was cheaper, i do that sometimes too.

The sodium thing got crazy. I always had a hard time staying hydrated, then as I got older (closing in on 40) I started getting severe headaches from it, finally I had a few spells where I got off the bike and didn't quite faint but ended up on the ground with my head spinning on the edge of consciousness. Finally took it seriously after that.

The low sodium was my charts going back 10 years, but the drs never mentioned it/gave it a thought b/c I am fit/healthy otherwise. Now we're trying to figure out why it's happening. In the meantime, upping the sodium has done wonders.

FWIW I try to eat healthy generally but I eat pizza/ frech fries etc too, I definitely never consciously avoided salt before.
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 @quesoenfuego: I had the same sodium issue and found LMNT packs work insanely well for me. Just dont get the Raw flavor.
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 @bman33: just eat it; then wash down with some water and you're good to go.
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And carry a filter for the bigger missions.
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 @quesoenfuego: yup, I used to finish rides and ski tours feeling like garbage. Then I'd drink 2-4L of water in the hours afterwards and still feel like garbage, sometimes even worse (headaches). Ever since I started carrying Nuun/Liquid IV/Skratch/etc I feel way better and recover much faster. Eating a lot more carbs during rides >1.5 hrs has helped a lot too.
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 @quesoenfuego: Interesting, that's the same as me. I get really dehydrated easily and noticed water doesn't do a lot for some reason. I can drink a lot and then end up just peeing clear water.
I started to take recovery drinks and electrolytes etc which made a big difference along with salty food on the ride. Never had sodium levels checked so maybe i should as i always wondered why i get this more than friends do.
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 @quesoenfuego: I'll give this a try. I already have Nutricost Electrolyte Complex caps but I don't always use them

It also probably doesn't help that I'm using 5-stage Reverse Osmosis purified water that is pretty much completely void of minerals...
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 Would've been nice to have a variant that attached to the increasingly-popular top tube mount bolts. I currently use a Wolf Tooth bracket + velcro strap thingy (B-RAD), but would be very much open to try something else... any good recommendations?
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 Looks solid. Still wouldn't buy as there's no option to attach it to the mounts under the top tube, similar to how b-rad does. Having that ability of not touching the frame would be nice! Hopefully for its next iteration
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 I'll buy it because it's Peaty's. The guy is a legend, made me fall in love with mtb many many years ago, gave me one of the best times of my life (his 1st win at Ft Bill), so i'll support him and hs company.
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 "Our strap-on hits the sweet spot."

I'm dead! lmao
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 If this had existed last year, I probably wouldn't have bought a rivnut tool and drilled two holes in my downtube to add a tool mount. Probably.
  • 3 0
 Haha but modifying your frame successfully is worth some bragging rights, I think. Unless it leads to a frame crack, which would be negative bragging rights.
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 @barp: so far, so good... knock on aluminum
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 Can’t find this for sale in US. UK website shipping is almost as much as the product.
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 Sorry for the delay (it's a jungle out there in shipping at the moment!), it's on the way, should land in a couple of weeks
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 Gta keep your essentials wrapped up boys!
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 Peaty has been trained to say the whole word. I like it. A Yorkshire accent that non-natives can understand.
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 hahahah we'll leave the Old-Fast jokes up to you guys
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 I prefer a bum bag because I can fit a water bladder, tools, phone, snacks, spares, tube, tweezers for cacti, and my water bottle on the bike I’ll keep electrolytes in. Riding with one bottle in 100+ degree heat isn’t going to cut it for a 2 hour ride. Bum bag that holds a bladder makes it possible, where as a backpack gets too hot and sweaty. Different tools for different climates. Cheers from Phoenix, AZ USA
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 Do mind about the name?
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 Oh, snap! (or should that be "strap"?)
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 I just ordered mine! Im stoked to try it out. The only downside is I paid 30$ US for shipping.
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 We are in a cost of living crisis, and here is Peaty strapping cold hard cash to his bike!
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 Most importantly, does the buckle scratch the frame?
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 Hello mate, no, we've designed our wrap and strap system to specifically not scratch your frame, "The killer feature is the separate rubberised frame strap that grips to your frame like Peaty grips a pint, so there’s no slipping or scratching however rowdy things get. Unlike most frame straps, it’s paint safe and secure with or without an inner tube too."
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 My first impression - it's a $45 tampon or maxipad strap! I guess real men use old tire tubes and duct tape! Big Grin
  • 1 0
 Wait, what? I've seen tampons and maxi pads, but I don't believe they strap into place.
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 *cries in top tube shock mount*
  • 4 0
 Normally plenty of space above the shock (as shown in "one wrap fits all bike" image), or downtube to mount
  • 2 0
 does it grip well enough to hold the pouch above a tube (ie atop the top tube)?
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 @hughlunnon: Yes it sure does Give it a good cinch and it won't budge
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 Nice on Logan!
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 Looks like a Mouldy teabag wrapped in rotten seaweed. Cringe.
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