Video: Lush Self Shot Squamish Ride - 'Spring in my Step'

Mar 22, 2021 at 10:46
by Peter Wojnar  

Time alone in the woods comes in many different form factors. Riding, digging, hiking around scouting for lines and angles to shoot with other riders are everyday components of life for many people in the bike world. Now and then, I find pointing the camera back on myself for a day or two to be a fun and rewarding process. On one hand, it lets me pick apart my own riding, which I rarely get to see. And on the other, more interesting hand, it's a low-consequence way for me to test out camera equipment, contraptions, and concepts that I wouldn't necessarily want to try for the first time on a client shoot. It's a good test platform for the "what the hell is that" ideas that might not work.

Cameras and lenses are just like bikes: by adding or removing components, you can completely change the feel of an image. Sometimes you want a snappy XC whip, and sometimes you want a planted enduro race bike. And by changing some tires and suspension settings, you can get closer to either one with whatever bike you have. Other times, you want to drop in on a rigid single speed with a suspension seat post, tassels, and a playing card in the spokes. The lens contraption I shot with for this video is like that, but with a sweet airbrushed flame paint job that's been fading in the sun since 1969.

In order, beginning closest to the camera, I had a focal reducer, a vintage 50mm lens, an even older anamorphic projector scope, and a variable diopter. All that glass does a lot to degrade image quality, but where you lose the elements that make an image clean, you have the opportunity to gain a certain character. And while "character" is not appropriate for every job—like the rigid single speed isn't appropriate on every trail—the dirty, imperfect anamorphic image this particular combination of glass produced is very different from stock in a way that does fit certain projects. Since shooting this last spring during the height of Covid, I've come to a good understanding of how those pieces of equipment interact with each other, and what their charms and limitations are, and how they can be interchanged to tune the image. I've even found a few projects where I felt that such a look enhanced the content of a video. Mission accomplished.

The bike in this clip is a slightly more conventional Kona Process 134, tuned towards a firm, more supportive midstroke using a MegNeg can, and a damp on-trail feel with DH casing tires.

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 This was refreshing, beautiful work!
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 You really like riding your bike eh Woj. It shows. Cool work, I liked it. Had to watch a second time ignoring the copy in order to really see the imagery.
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 Thanks Owen! Agree the copy is distracting, but without it it was just gonna be another shredit with mediocre riding
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 @PeterWojnar: The copy made the edit for me. Much better than a voice over reading it, imho. Excellent work, sir!
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 was good but man you need a way longer bike ! ! ! seriously,right ? Am I the only one who thought oh poor guy s gonna break his back pedalling that crocked ? ?
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 I've gone back and forth between bikes ranging from 475mm to 510mm reach. And to be honest? I like the 475mm reach on my L 134. It's fast and whippy and playful, and still feels long enough when I'm seated. I've played with bar height a bit as well, and settled on maybe 5mm higher than when I shot this last year.

But I think what you're noticing is that I'm an awkward lanky dude
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 @PeterWojnar: he he Peter it wasnt meant to be a negative comment Smile ..... and Im actually happy you enjoy the 475 reach. Im actually in the same position, im 5.8 and am constantly in between M and L not L or XL like you ( or XL and XXL ) ..... and I also went for an S3 Stumpy Evo instead of an S4 what I would have liked in the past on 275 wheels and am happy with it..... ha ha and yeah it just seemed to me like you were crooked on the bike but if that bikes feels like home to you than dude I respect that ! ! ! It was not meant to be mean in the first place it was only a remark but I might have put it wrong . Cool your whole man ! I follow it.
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 @PeterWojnar: Respect. Cool video. Good, aggressive riding. At the risk of coming off like an armchair expert, I was gonna suggest that you up the stack height. Cool to see you already have. I'm super lanky too, and, and like Jack Moir, am constantly trying to find ways to run my bars higher (running 60mm rise DJ bars atm).
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 @sammyhedlund: I love running my bars real low, and any time I get on a bike with bars that aren't slammed (or a bike with a long head tube!) I feel like they're waaaay too high. I feel like low bars help me keep my weight on the front wheel, although I know a higher bar is something I'd get used to easily enough. I do get it, since a higher stack height is more comfortable—but it comes down to preference in the end, and I'm happy with my bike how it is Smile
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 Man I wish I had trails like this at home.
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 Nice work Woj. The green room is calling.
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 What a beautiful video ! Spring couldn't be better described ! cheers from switzerland!
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 I love the natural sound of bike. Although there was some minor music playing in the background it still sounded killer. Also, I'm pumped to get out and start riding again!
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 Nice! I'm exhausted watching all the pedaling though.. reminds me that I need to go and get fit. I have to use the DH as a rest at the moment.
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 Artsy Peter. Nice forest bathing
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 Big forest bathing guy
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 Sick one dude!! Crushing it on both sides of the lens.
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 Thanks for making this 1.5 mins; any longer and I wouldn't have clicked it.:-) Great message and I fully agree.
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 Time 'along' in the woods needs correcting, does it not? ;-)
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 Looks so weird without any pads, great vid tho
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 Loved it! Thank you for creating and sharing.
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 Nice shots Peter, can't imagine the time put into this
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 Love the hard pedalling - got the ferns swaying in the wind!!
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 Thanks Dre! If you can't be fast or have good style, you might as well look like you're trying hard Wink
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 Nice one Woj!
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 fern bathing

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