Video: Fall Scrubs in the Whistler Bike Park with Remy Metailler

Oct 15, 2018 at 7:25
by Ben Howells  
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Autumn in Whistler Mountain Bike Park means tacky dirt and a beautiful palette of natural colour to do it in!

Rémy Métailler gets his fill before the snow returns to the mountain.


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 Remy will always be better than me at mountain biking, period, but likely never at skating. So, looking at his riding over the years from that lens, as though I was just watching another skater that spends a ridiculous amount of time at the local skatepark - for someone who rides that park as much as he does - dudes pretty boring. The most interesting thing of this entire edit was at 1:24 when he tapped the tree. I'd love to see Remy do some wierd shit, like a nose bonk off the bridge railing, or throw a 360 somewhere or go off trail... I've watched him whip like 1000x. Granted he's watched me whip zero times. I'm not doubting his incredible talent as a rider - I'm just being a douche.
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flag wolftwenty1 (Oct 16, 2018 at 15:57) (Below Threshold)
 See I disagree...everyone always wants to see the new thing, or something that has not been done before...why not just do the thing people like and do it well...thats what this is IMO
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flag WAKIdesigns (Oct 16, 2018 at 15:59) (Below Threshold)
 Throwing whips in Whistler is the ultimate proof or riding prowess. Because someone taking a corner on off camber in mud is really not that spectacular to watch. So nobody cares. Even if it is Sam Hill. Because it is enough if Sam Hill is in the video for the video to be a hit. Nobody cares where he puts his tyres. But if he would make a vid sending whips in Whistler people would say he gets better at riding every year. I’m just trying to be a bigger douche
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 My buddy Randy could do better #randyforwhistler
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 Still confused how he's in rampage and Reece Wallace isn't...
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 The f*ck ya talking bout?! He was throwing down some new euro tables in there and smoother than butter. The dude is a flow rider not a slope styler. I'll never get tired of watching Remy.
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 For sure, he proly should just stayed home this day and did what his girlfriend wanted him to do.
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 This edit was pretty mellow by Remy standards. There is some other edits he has that I think would score better on the #NYShred scale.
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 I couldn't agree more! Everything he does is super cool and entertaining, but doing new things mean progression. And let's be honest seeing the best riders get better is DOPE!!!
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 I seem him briefly in Whistler a month ago....he didnt look boring to me!
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 Well cuz last time Reece was at rampage Rémy placed like 10th and Reece wasnt even in the top 20, granted Reece has improved 10 fold but just saying @gnarnaimo:
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 More tree shots than actual scrubs in this video...
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 More like fall whips.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Oct 16, 2018 at 23:29) (Below Threshold)
 I cannot resist the feeling the word scrub has something to do with abortion.
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 I think it's the Pinkbike Title Artists at it again, if you click on the link to the actual video, there is no mention of scrubs by them.
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 Okok I'll go back to hucking gaps to flat then..
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 Or just carry on doing what you enjoy and f##k the comments?

Smooth whips like that are still a million miles off for me to do so vids like this and the moody ness of it are on point
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 Hug. I truly didn't expect anyone to agree with me above, I usually end up negative propped into oblivion with comments like that. I apologize for my keyboard douche-baggery. You're incredible and I've watched that Big-L edit and "Dusty Day in Whistler" edit more times than I can count. I will never possess the skill on a mountainbike to even attempt half of the stuff you do with ease.... but from athlete to athlete; you know every rock, root and twig on that mountain, aren't you getting a little bored and not tempted to get funky?

Get weird and melt some faces you naughty croque-monsieur!
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 Well i appreciate his, "i'm never going to have a finger over the brake lever" committment to riding.
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 I noticed that too. His last video, the "baguette" video was rad. I liked being able to see exactly where he was braking and wasn't. Good idea too, I've eaten it after watching my left index finger inexplicably grab all the front brake lever when it shouldn't.
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 He supposedly gets really bad arm pump. Maybe he's found it helps lessen that if he doesn't cover the brake levers.
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 @LittleDominic: I'm gonna just go with he's a f*cking bad ass who's good enough at riding to warrant videos of him being produced.

I'm not judging, I've eating shit too many times when I started riding by not having a finger over the lever. To each their own. And you wouldn't want to watch my riding, I don't want to watch my riding.
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 @raditude: He does gets super bad arm pump though - had surgery to try sort it. No dice.
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 Not saying it's his best video, not saying it's his worst, but it's different. He has always been known for crazy scrubs, massive hucks, and lines no one in this comment section would hit. While those videos are sick, I like the way he switched it up and focused more on the visual aesthetics and "flow". It's not the most stylish video in the world, but this is Remy, not Semenuk, and for the hucker, this video is different, cool, and not something he is known for, and I like it.
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 The Pinkbike comment section is the definitive gauge of skill.
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 With all due respect to a dude that ride 2.98 times better than me. The pro riders making videos are in the entertainment business and watching folks making videos based solely on throwing whips and scrubs is like hearing Imagine dragons "Sail" again and again and again...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Sail is by Awolnation though
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 Can we see more videos of Remy riding elsewhere? I know he has put out a few here. Even if he was limited to traveling 1 hour in any direction from Whistler there would be more variety.
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 Once a park rat, always a park rat.
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 I miss his commencal videos
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 Odd track choice and I loved it. If Remy's bike was mixed to middle and the music to the sides, real wide that would be sick. I didn't listen on headphones, maybe it is, but I liked it either way. Of course Remy is one of my favorite all time riders to watch too, so that helps.
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 Ahhhh Rémy you can blow your own horn all you like but if it’s the same song everyone else can play it ain’t hot shit no more sorry pal.
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 Dude has amazing skill and style, and nice as hell. Got to ride chairlift with him and hes a rad dude. Cheers to sick style
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 Love watching Remy make all those hits look easy. So much style... The Graphic Designer in me couldn't stop thinking about the missed opportunity to make that FALL font really cool. Next time you guys make a video, hit me up and I'll make a sweet intro for free! My way of saying thank you for making free videos for me to watch!
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 Do something new big fella.
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 Dude is super overrated. "Burns" was amazing, but after that these edits have gotten monotonous. Maybe we should see Remy ride somewhere other than Whistler
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 With the amount of content being created these days it can´t be easy to stand out of the crowd every single time. You rock Remy, sick style!
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 Nice edit! Keep it up Remy! Weird, but I don't see a single one of those negative posters on the Rampage invite list, or likely making any money riding bikes- just saying...
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 Awesome. Nice work.
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 I read “fall scrubs, whistler, Metallica” instead of metailler and I was stoked
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 Impressive riding, weird music
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 Stranger things lurking in that forest...
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 Strange things!
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 He should have gone upside down at some point with this track.
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 Yeah stranger things/terminator stylee. Brooding!!
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 How much are the locals up in the park after it closes for the year?
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 Not much, it's prohibited for safety reasons by WB as there is maintenance activity happening to get the resort/lifts/snowmaking etc. up and running for ski season. Also why ride/push up to ride bike park when there are so many other trails in the valley or in Squamish/Pemberton. I'm sure you could ride Creekside without bothering anyone if you wanted.
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 Fair points Gramboh and I must add that Remi has exclusive access to the park. He just needs to fire a e-mail and the bike park crew will close a trail or open a closed one for him to film.
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 More like 'fall shrubs', but with some seriously steezy whips.
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 Fall, the best time of year.
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 Effortless style for days!
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 Well, that bored the shit out of me. Still want to go to Whistler though.
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 Flow and Style Baby!!
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 Semenuk style for days.....
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 Sounds like something straight from the Stranger Things soundtrack.
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 sooo sick Remy, youre the boss.
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 Great edit. Sure he rides whistler a lot. He shit is mint and oozes steeze. +1 for the man.
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 too short!
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 Lovin his edits
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