Sorge Styling in Nelson, BC - Video

Apr 11, 2018 at 3:34
by Polygon Bikes  

More towns are realizing how beneficial biking is to the community and attracting people from all over to experience the beauty of our different areas in this great way. This is now more apparent all over the world and the “hit list” keeps growing and growing as more amazing trails, terrain and everything in-between keep catching my eye.

Nelson has been one of those biking “hit list” for a long time thanks to many dedicated trail builders. A few years ago with the help of the city of Nelson, local sponsors and a skilled trail building crew, Nelson received its first machine built trail. After a couple years in the making Turnstyles is born, the flow jump trail over looking Nelson. The grand opening was dedicated to the late Stevie Smith. A Canadian flag is hung at the top of the trail in honour of everyones hero and it always fires you up before dropping in.

It’s great to see facilities, bike parks, trail networks and more being created for everyone to enjoy. I know I can’t wait for more shuttle days on Turnstyles and pump track mondays at the local bike park as well as exploring the riding all over the world!

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 Glad they went with this song. I haven't heard it in over 10 minutes...
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 I was in such awe of the trail I did not even hear the song.
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 first time hearing it
  • + 7
 Should of took sail.
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flag abzillah (Apr 12, 2018 at 4:39) (Below Threshold)
 @jmd2drsrbtrrthn4: "such awe of the trail"..... "awe"fully boring trail.
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 It's like Groundhog Day on Pinkbike, watching the same whips and berm slashes on the same trails with the same songs over and over again.
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 What's it like, being dead inside?
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 @jpeazy: it's even better when you're dead on the outside too!
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 you could always i don't know ....go ride your bike!
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 "yeah ive been watching an unhealthy # of bike videos over the years and I still dont get tired of the "whistler edits" that everyone bitches about. These types of videos never fail to get me excited to go ride.
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 I live in Nelson, it is more about the tech trails around here but turnstyles is rad
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 quite right, 1 or 2 flow trails out of how many again? I'm actually totally fine with our ratio. Gnar is just so satisfying to conquer.
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 you can ride a different trail everyday all season and not ride the same trail twice.
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 @conv3rt: i live right near mountain station so ive been hitting the tech trails a lot, and its different every time
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 @BCtrailrider: what a coincidence...
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 Toyota #itstheLaw
  • + 3
 but its not a tacoma
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 I don't remember riding TurnStyles nor that fast nor with this style... but I do remember the ride from the top of Powerslave down to the Blewett parking lot (including Turnstyles of course) being one of, if not the best, trail combo of my life ! so much different kinds of trails in only one very long descent, from steep technical "Nelson style" trails to super flowy.. everything was there ! it was amazing !
... I do remember a looong way up on fire roads though...
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 Awesome! #longlivechainsaw
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 I do understand Polygon wants to market their DH bike. Having watched the recent RB Rampage, I also have got an idea of what this guy can do on a DH bike. So as much as I appreciate his style on this track, I'm also curious how he'd fare on a shorter travel bike on this trail as well as on this bike on a more demanding trail. Ha, even better, that'll get us two videos Smile !
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 That does look awesome...kinda surprised he is roosting all of the corners though, can't imagine they want everyone coming up there and riding it like does look fun to rip tho!
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 Yeah guys, where is your respect for the builders. No more roosters!
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 @Hockerz: I am the builder, and I say shred the shit outta trails!! I fell in love with biking as a youngin'...and jumping, skidding and wheelies are what keep me feeling young!!
All I ask is that everyone who does shred bikes they were intended to be ridden, please contribute in some sort of trailbuilding/maintenance!...and Kurt def does know how to put a shovel to dirt!
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 @trickland: thank you. I'm a fan of your work. I don't ride it like Sorge but I try over and over and over...and in his defense, it was pretty dry last season. dust and drift was inevitable
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 Doesn't look like the Nelson I remember riding, but badass nonetheless! I know the gnar is still lurking.....
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 Love Nelson, such an awesome place! Beautiful location, great community and sick trails!!!
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 They still make 26 inch Polygons? Or just for Sorge?
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 Good to see lines for different skill levels. Great for rider progression.
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 Been to Rossland a handful of times. looks like Nelson this year! Have heard great things about the trail system! Can’t wait!
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 Good to see Sorge back in the mix, ehhw!
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 Got damn I love this got damn trail
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 Please no cursing. Got loves you
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 That trail is so much fun. Huge shout out the builders and the community for making such a rad resource.
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 Not gonna lie, this vid makes me regret selling our place in Nelson.........
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 real estate is metal around here right now (relatively speaking). Seem to be quite a few americans buying here too. all good, welcome!
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 Yeah Bohdan!
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 Another cliché.
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 Indonesia is looking good these days.
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