Video: Fergus Ryan Prototype Testing with Privateer Bikes

Sep 13, 2023 at 4:12
by PrivateerBikes  

If you have been following social media, race news or the latest spy shots and leaked images, then it will have been hard to miss that we've been working on something new.

Since the start of the 2023 racing season, Fergus Ryan, Katy Curd, and Joe Connell (get well soon, mate) have been riding new prototypes to help us with the development of new enduro and trail bikes, bikes that we've been riding and testing in secret for the past few seasons.

We're still not ready to spill all the beans and divulge all of the exciting features our engineers have been pouring over, but we felt it was about time we at least made our prototype official and showed you all what it can do under Fergus Ryan, with the help of videographer Will Brock.

This is all we can share for now, but we look forward to reading through your comments to see if you manage to make some accurate predictions about the future of Privateer Bikes.



Follow our development story!

Before you start clearing space in your garage, it's important to remember that this is still a prototype, and we're still in the development phase. Our team of engineers, designers and pro-riders are still hard at work fine-tuning every detail to meet our high performance and durability standards.

To keep up to date with our development story and be the first to learn more about our new bikes, head over to and brace yourself for more news and exciting updates.

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 This bike is so good and super happy to be able to show you guys how it rides
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 Look lovely, raw always looks pretty, still a bit of a mud shelf but hard to avoid with this design, just hope it's a little lighter and all that development cost doesn't result in loosing the great value you have atm.
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 dear @privateer
Riding my 161 since 3 years and loving it very much!
(and your exceptional service, by the way!)

I just bought a bike from another manufacturer (in fact i like my 161 so much that I instead seriously thought about getting a new one from you - but the "gotta try something different approach won for now) .. but bring out an updated version of the 161 and I'll be very interested!

My whishlist for the new version would include:
- a little more mid-stroke and pop
- an option to go mullet and full 29
- dirt shields on the bearings like Raaw and Propain do ... to increase bearing live a bit (although it wasn't bad on mine)
- a little less weight
- a straight toptube
- a little more room for the waterbottle (may contradict the straight toptube comment above)
- additional tool mount(s)
- UDH compatibility
- bearings instead of bushings on the shock mounts
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 Unfortunately they will have to choose between UDH and chainstay adjustment on the production version. Not possible to combine the two AFAIK. Mullet/29" option looks catered for already. Tool mounts, I think I saw a pic of a protype that had them or tey were mentioned somewhere. More room for the bottle seems to have been taken care of too. I'm not very optimistic about weight, but hopefully they went for custom tubes this time.

If the price remains reasonable and the build quality as good as on the current frames they're going to be great bikes.
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 @justwan-naride: I think dropouts would just have to be bigger to accommodate the UDH? Its just a smooth bore since the UDH tightens to itself. On the UDH side it may even be possible where the dropout is just a flippable spacer and the UDH holds at least one side of the dropout to the stay. Could be totally off, just seems like there's a way to use adjustable dropouts and UDH from looking at it when I had to replace the UDH on my bike.
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 Straight toptube for sure. I love how my 161 rides, and I equally love how sexy it is. I was really looking forward to rev2, but this swoopy design just saved me some money. Enjoy, water bottle gang.
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 Great edit. The bike looks sick too. Wonder how it holds speed under a normal rider and how it climbs.
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 We all know Ferg is an awesome rider. Would have been nice to see the bike a bit more ‍♀️
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 I’ve read that the placement of the dropout pivot with increase and decrease anti-rise (depending on whose opinion you listen to). Anyone else care to have a guess at what it’ll do?
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 I need to change my frameset and this one is one of my top 3, hope the new 161 releases soon
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 What are your other two? I’m also looking at swapping my frame!
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 Looks very good! If it can compete with YTs prices it might be my next bike
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 Shorter seat tube with more insertion but please keep 80deg. Room for a bigger water bottle and a tool mount. UDH. Current 161 is the best bike I’ve owned.
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 Donwtube to chainstays looks a bit like a Knolly? (straight seattube lawsuit in 3,2,1 ...)
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 @privateerbikes when are you guys gonna make a dh bike?
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 This Bike has a RAAW look to it!
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 pretty sick norco fluid you guys designed. yawn
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 Great riding Ferg.

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