Video: Course Check iXS European Downhill Cup, Schladming

Jun 19, 2015 at 15:03
by Racement  
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This time Polygon UR´s Andrew Neethling teams up with his young team mate Remy 'Rem Dawg' Morton. Let´s check out if Needles can keep up while talking you down the glorious hill here in Schladming. Should be a funny weekend!

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 I don't think you can beat Claudio from an entertainment and laughter perspective, but Needles done a great job there. Commentary from a World Cup riders perspective gives you a different insight to what Claudio provides, perhaps describing the track in more detail. I don't suppose a lot of people know how difficult it is to commentate live whilst riding; give it a go next time you're ripping down your local trail. From my personal experience and considering my fitness levels, i'm huffing and puffing a 1/3 down Fort William and thats without the commentary. Just shows you how fit and switched on these guys are compared to your average rider. I hope to see more of these commentaries over the course of the season. Thanks Claudio/Needles and to all you other guys just giving that little extra to provide us at home a better viewing experience.
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flag hoshi (Jun 20, 2015 at 10:12) (Below Threshold)
 Well I think Warner was way better and more fun to watch on course previews. Claudio is making too much advertisment
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 Claudio set a high standards for those videos, but in my opinion, Andrew did a grat job! I know how hard is to ride and commentate cause I did similar video before national competiotion. Sometimes it was hard to say a word. However I decided o make such a videos.
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 seems like no one can do a course check without being compared to claudio...
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 Needles does a great job, he's very informative and makes it look easy, best course check I've seen in a while!
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 Yea great run through of the track - looks like a pretty long track and really steep towards the last segment. Another awesome race to enjoy!
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flag RedBurn (Jun 20, 2015 at 6:45) (Below Threshold)
 in a while ? we saw claudio less than two weeks ago so you're wrong !
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 This track deserves to be back on the world cup,bring back Schladming to the world cup series.
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flag stacykohut (Jun 20, 2015 at 8:26) (Below Threshold)
 andrew blows claudio outta the water with a much better job of track preview. i got a feeling andrew would destroy in the booth doing color, way better than claudio. claudio is a one trick pony, and his trick is getting old..............
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 agreed! this was really good!
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 great job, great track, good luck!
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 He's way more informative than Claudio, who just screams and yells random stuff all the time.
Yes, it's impressive that he (Claudio) can ride these courses this fast on his first run, but I don't think his commentary is very interesting, it's just way overhyped.

Same for Warner's and his commentary in the live feed, it's not just that I'm missing the drunk Warner screaming into the mic, I'm pretty sure he did a lot more background research back then, because he knew a lot more about every rider, the last few rounds these guys missed so much that was happening, I was watching the screen and thinking "how can they not see this right now" all the time.
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 I still give the nod to Claudio. He's always blurting out something interesting. No dead air or awkward silence trying to think of something to say the way everyone else who tries it does.
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 its funny, when you talk to world cup downhill ski racers, they will tell you they love to watch mtb wc dh, but they always say or mention how the course check dude(claudio) brings the sport down. makes it look so kooky and wacky......

the ski racers are split on warner, some think hes refreshing and casual, others again, think he brings the sport down, or another way to say it would be that the sport is hard and gnarly that it deserves 'more professionalism'.


the racing is gnarly.
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 Well here's one vote for not giving a krap what people from other sports think. Especially snobbie ones Smile
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 say what you want about 'the snobs' that race wc dh alpine..............

they could care less what you think, they are to busy counting the world class paychecks after they win on the world cup.dolla dolla bill yall.

what do you think dh mtb payouts are like on race day?

not even close to what alpine racers make, and ya wanna know why..................?

image and presentation to the masses pays.large.
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 no stacky, its cos skiing has a HUUUGE fanbase compared to mtb, who generally have a lot more money to spend on shit. DH skiing is boring as hell to watch and far too corporate, big money slogans everywhere. The longer mtb can stay away from the stale boredom of dh skiing the better
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 unless you only care about the money. but if thats the case just go work ina bank or something
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 why do they have a massive fanbase? because the presentation of the sport is worldclass. claudio is far from worldclass.

kitzbuhl is boring and corporate?
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 "they could care less what you think" ...You say that like you think I care about what they think about what I'm thinking.
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 @gabriel-mission9, what you're actually saying is that you wish that our sport wouldn't grow and progress any more?

More outside sponsors means more money in sport, more money means more races. More races more fun. Why is that a bad thing?
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 No, @krsh, I'm saying I hope it doesn't become boring and homogonised. If more money means no fun (eg Claudios course checks) then the money can piss off.
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 Claudio = entertaining
Needles = educational

enjoyed both equally
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 imagine rat boy doin a course check Big Grin
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 Neethling to mention that nobody would understand a word
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 Slick as dog poo!
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 Claudio is that you ?
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flag RedBurn (Jun 20, 2015 at 6:44) (Below Threshold)
 you kidding right ?
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 Needles could make a good commentator when he retires I reckon.
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 Is this the same schladming course they used for the World Cup races? If so, why is this track always held up as some sort of gold standard of tracks? Whenever there is a shitty track that people complain about, like South Africa or Leogang in the past, I'd see comment after comment about bringing back 'real DH tracks' like schladming. Am I missing something? It looks like a super awesome track and looks very steep but hardly the pinnacle of gnarliness that people seem to make it out to be.
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 It's not that it's the pinnacle of gnarliness (that award most likely goes to Val di Sole) but that it's the combination of so many awesome things all on one track- insane steepness, totally gnarly wooded sections, sculpted corners, balls out speed, perfect jumps, and amazing dirt (no kitty litter or gravel bs). You will have to ride here to understand just how steep, technical, and awesome it really is. Extremely talented guys like Needles (combined with a helmet cam flattening out everything) just make it look easy. For example, the very first thing you hit rolling out of the starting gate is 10 ft gap with about a 15 ft drop that feels like you fell down an elevator shaft- he's not kidding in the audio. But it's something that you hardly notice on their helmet cam. It's just one of the many awesome things about the course here that makes every WC racer says it's one of the greatest tracks in the history of downhill.
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 release the beast spannnk the monkey. and then you see angelfire. come on america grt's look like european enduro compared to this beast oh spank the monkey again!
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 seriously this is really educational, watching Needles should be an option for the latest poll - "do-you-work-on-your-skills"

hope there will be more of that!
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 nice job remi and needles.. hope the weather goes friendly come race day Smile
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 That did look like fun. My ass would have hit that wet grass and slid backwards the rest of the way.
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 ......not that dry white dust cloud in the lawnmower sh*t
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 Great! we got a new section throw the forest!!!! I´ll be there as soon as possible to check this out!
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 you did a good job there needles.
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 Course looks pretty fast and awesome
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 Nice job. What's a 'fade away' guys?
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 Sloppy like dog poo hahaha
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 "unleash your beast: spank" sound like the name of a porno
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 awesome vid
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 this looks like so much fun!
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