Fischbach is the New Urban Dowhill King - Video

Jun 26, 2016 at 22:06
by Joost Wichman  
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On board with Fischi during his finale run.

After his win during the first stop of the City Downhill World tour in Chile, Johannes Fischbach and his Radon Swoop 200 stay unbeaten, and also took the win during the 2nd leg of the City Downhill tour in Bratislava. In front of thousands of spectators, Johannes extended his lead in the overall. Former 4X World Champion Tomas Slavik (CZ) took 2nd and Filip Polc (SK) took 3rd in front of Bernardo Cruz from Brasil.

bigquotesI had a crazy run! Tomas did beat be during qualifying, so I knew I had to push hard. Straight out of the gate I gave it my all, in the second corner I made a huge mistake and had to click out of my pedal. I really thought it's done, it's over. But from this mistake on I put my head down went full speed and took a lot of risks. I knew I had to make up time, in the end I am happy I didn't crash and could take home the win by 0,19 sec over Tomas.Johannes Fischbach

On the 6th of November 2016 the riders of the City Downhill World Tour will go to Taxco in Mexico for the final stop of the 2016 series. With 2 wins in a row Johannes Fischbach has some good cards to take home the overall in Mexico, fingers crossed.

Visit the City DH Facebook page.

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 hot chicks at the finish!!
  • 17 0
 I click play because of this comment.
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 Tell him his position and he might wanna do an interview
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 I'd like to see what kind of shape his wheels are in after a lap like that. You know, EGG shape, SQUARE shape.... OCTAGONAL shape.
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 tell him the goddam position
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 Dude jumped everything
  • 6 1
 Urban DH is the Isle of Man of the MTB world. Ok maybe without the deaths but high consequences for failure. I love these videos.
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 In the practice runs there was some huge crashes... I just wana big up all the riders that tackled the course, I think 2 had to go to hospital. A few bikes got wrote off and a few people shook up...
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 What a monster. That was ridiculously bad ass.
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 did he nearly lose it a couple of times?
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 Yeah Fischi!! Now we need some more top results at world cups! Bring it on, bro!
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 And some more luck with technicals...
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 Its so lpveley how his first proper question was "what place" hes a true racer, hot chicks might be catching his view but not his interests...
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 A kind of creepy: Ghost-Ghost-Evil...Big Grin
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 @RadonFactoryRacing: Joost, did you compete as well? is down so I was curious what you're up to nowadays.
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 He's the PR manager of that team.
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 @kerberos: Clear, thanks!
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 Damn..that's insane even for a fricken urban course
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 haha, wie sie ihm einfach nicht verraten wollen auf welchem platz er gelandet ist Big Grin
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 Und dann fragt die eine noch "müde"?
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 @vhdh666: genau, "Hallo, kann ich Sie bitten - müde?" lol
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 @Dreiviertel: kannst ja mal auf slowakisch versuchen darauf schlau zu antworten Wink
Dass sie "what i am?" nicht versteht...Da kann ihr auch keiner böse sein.
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 @Muckal: ist ja nicht böse gemeint. In der Situation ist die Formulierung einfach amüsant.
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 Hey ladies. Show me your behind the scenes.
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 Hey ladies. Show me your behinds.
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 Judging by sound and image, this wasnt gopro
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 Visor much?
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 Headline proudly sponsored by Dow Chemicals. (scnr)
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 For the love of Gnar!
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 that was so gnarly
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 Those girls... Wink
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 i wanna bang that chic, u all know which one !!
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