Video: Not Missing Ontario Right Now

Feb 28, 2014 at 6:18
by RapidDescentRacing  
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This is the second post of the Rapid Descent Racing team's bi-weekly blog. The video above is a recap of the team riders first couple of weeks riding trails in the Queenstown Bike park. When confronted about the editing of the video, the boys only requirements where "no slo-mo and a short intro" which gave the crew a bit of a chuckle!

Hiking up a line during filming.
Ryan Baskerville (above)

Quick shot during filming.
Chris Heron (above)

New Zealand's Queenstown Bike Park is proving to be a perfect training ground for the team. The steep terrain and dry heat of the southern hemisphere at this time of year provides very fast and loose trails which has been a fun challenge for the two Canadian riders. Big thanks to all of the staff at the Skyline Gondola who've been extremely friendly and gave the riders a warm welcome!

The boys are off the the Unit Farm Jam tomorrow for a well deserved break from the constant training and filming. With multiple events and opportunities arising, you can expect some cool things to come in the following weeks.

Thank you Scott, Deity, Sapim, S4 Suspension, and Parry Sound Bikes for the support along the way.


  • + 11
 I miss Ontario. I'm pretty sure it's down here somewhere under all this frozen stuff, but I haven't seen it for months.
  • + 9
 Ontario, yours to uncover.
  • + 11
 yep its -20*c in Ottawa right now
  • + 8
 Fucking Onterrible!
  • + 4
 Right there with ya man
  • + 1
 Why do I live in Toronto?!
  • + 4
 Ottawa sucks big time!
  • + 0
  • - 4
flag dingo-dave (Mar 1, 2014 at 8:11) (Below Threshold)
 You guys should try taking up a winter sport.
  • + 3
 I've started rock climbing and I've always snowboarder but after a while that gets boring in Ontario as well!
  • + 1!
  • + 2
 Rock climbing/bouldering is great cross training! I know what you mean about alpine skiing/snowboarding in Ontario (I go to Quebec which is a bit better, but still) so I took up snowshoeing and XC to do something new. Variety is the spice of life.
  • + 1
 Yah XC skiing has come up a lot in my mind lately... there are some amazing trails right near where I live... something I can take the dog to as well!
  • + 5
 One hour descent in Malibu canyon yesterday! Ontario has nothing like this, the riders here are a notch better as a result. Good luck guys!
  • + 0
 ... but they're fair weather sissies as a result.
  • + 1
 True, very true
  • + 1
 They're not "fair weather sissies" there bud. Ryan's my brother and he's been outside building trails in the middle of winter at -30 before and he's completly internally exploded his leg/foot without any sign of pain *he tore every main ligament including his arcilies, he broke 4 bones including his groth plate* he didn't show any sign of pain. so before you go calling them sissies , think twice!! The reason he is out there is so he can push his riding to another level and actually go somewhere with his riding! So don't hate!! Mountain bikers are supposed to support eachother and make the mtb community stronger! NOT TEAR IT APART!!!
  • + 1
 Sorry for that long comment. Thought you were talking about my brother. But either way, please don't tear apart guys from california either. We are a community trying to expand Thanks.
  • + 1
 I think the comment was meant as; "as opposed to us Canadians who are tough and ride in shit cuz we want to". No disrespect to anyone
  • + 1
 My apologies... I should've put a "jk "or something at the end of that. Have you ever watched Seasons? Remember what Peaty says about that sort of thing?

By the way, the "Achilles" is a tendon... Anyways, I've had a few good foot/ankle injuries and that sucks. Sorry to hear that.
  • + 4
 You're just mocking us now, I'm not amused.
  • + 2
 Always love to see Ontario riders get some exposure! Smile btw anyone know what the song name is?
  • + 3
 What's the funny brown stuff on the ground? It doesn't look like snow.
  • + 1
 Nokian Studded tyres and icy trails in Dundas Valley! Wild just by the bridges and the Bruce at the escarpment bt Sherman falls!
  • + 2
 Just great. Looks like your having a blast.

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