Video: Sam Hill Dominating the Australia Enduro Tour Champs

Dec 4, 2018 at 3:44
by J Taylor  
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Having only recently returned home to Australia, battle wearily, yet dominant, and triumphant as the 2018 Enduro World Series Champion, Sam Hill quickly set his sights on also adding the most prestigious local trophy to his mantlepiece. The Shimano Australian Enduro Tour was introduced this year as a three-round series designed to encapsulate the very best Enduro MTB across Australia. With the first two rounds already won-and-done Sam held the lead heading into the final round which was to be contested in the Australian Alpine town of Mount Buller. Get set to experience a behind the scenes looks at Sam on his journey throughout the weekend on his way to the podium…


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 This guy is reaaly good he should try DH.
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flag northwoodsskier (Dec 5, 2018 at 6:05) (Below Threshold)
 He was two time consecutive UCI World Downhill Champion during years 2006–2007 for Iron Horse racing team, won the 2010 world championships in Mont Saint Anne, riding for the Monster Energy Specialized team on a Specialized Demo 8 II.He also won the 2007 and 2009 UCI Elite Men's Downhill World Cup.
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 @northwoodsskier: internet sarcasm is sometimes hard to read
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 @northwoodsskier: Yeah, but he only got 3rd is some muddy run....
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 @northwoodsskier: do you have a passport ?
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 Dude is so good for Enduro as a sport. He exemplifies the discipline of a champion, but also shows what can be done on the type of bikes most of us are riding these days, winning and making it look fun. Just good all around and enjoyable to follow.
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 needs more Sam Hill
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 Don’t think anyone else was even there?
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 His transitions when going from a straight line into turning are almost over exaggerated as he gets to his corner knobs to ensure grip. Lesson learned...must practice.
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 He looks rather rigid compared to some other riders. Like Danny Hart. Taller guys Ratboy, Peaty, Blinky they almost fold in half sticking their butt out. Not saying anything is wrong, it is interesting to compare. Most Enduro racers ride rather upright, perhaps to save energy. Dunno.
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 @WAKIdesigns: guess you could call it "riding effortlessly"
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 @WAKIdesigns: 2 to 5 minutes races for the DH guys. A little more active, not really needing to "stack the bones" position.

All day affair riding, "stacking the bones" allow you to conserve energy. Riding flats would reinforced that behavior because you really have to pressure those pedals at the right time.

Try riding (not at the speed) like Danny Hart at the bike park all day. You would tire quickly. All the top professional riders do know when to "sink" into the bike or stand "tall". Race and timing specific.

Stand tall beside your bike, tension your quads then release the tension only. You are lining up your bone structure hence "stack the bones". Very efficient and you can ride all day like this. Other things to do with the rest of your body but I'll leave it as that.

Now stand beside your bike, bend your knees, activating the quads, calves and glutes. See how long you can remain in that position with a few ups and down motion. You now have your answer...

Hope that help clarifying a little bit. Cheers
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 23 psi front. Interesting.
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 no shakes made from suspicious white powder but some cereals and fruits for breakfast instead.. how can he even win one race???
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 Nah, Sam Hill won the Aussie enduro championship?

Heard he had faster qualifying at the Aus Open but Reedy protested becaus the nuke proof wasnt race legal.

What a bitch.
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 What do you supposed could be claimed about his Nuke Proof being not legal?
It seems legit.
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 @sriracha: I hear it had traces of a known stimulant on the tyres...
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 @sriracha: probably the lack of engine at a supercross race. Reed is always complaining.
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 I love how super laid back all this is. It's just a shred with your buddies...who happen to be world elite...
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 nicely captured, like that sounds of forrest and bike...
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 Amazing to see how pinned he was on these trails. He was on another level to everyone else. No knee guards in practice - wow! That's confidence!!
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 Ben Forbes #2, amazing rider!
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 Sam:"Clips make it too easy so I won on flats... how can I make this more extreme, I know, I won't wear knee pads!"
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 That bike is so Beautiful, from to frame design to the paint! Props for Nukeproof !
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 not even wearing knee pads the first day...
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 Seems pretty lonely...
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 Can't say I'm surprised that he's slaying
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 Sam is a legend, What about the Proto Tyres?
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 Looked like assegui tires to me - the Minnar designed Maxxis tire
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 @AaGro: nah they are Michelin ones, different rubber compound id say
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 @deadpool2e: at 0:27 it’s definitely an Assegui...maybe that is not Hill’s bike though?
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 @AaGro: yeah not Sams bike, its a Intense
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 @deadpool2e: I see it. At first I just saw the red Lyric lowers and colorway. Good eye!
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 Startling news. What a come back. ;-)
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 Love the way this was edited. Nice and quiet.
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 He's so confident in his riding skills, he don't need to use knee pads lol
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 That was a good vid, because it felt real.
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 The backing music was almost as exciting as the atmosphere there.... Smile
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 Sam its Superhero !!
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