Video: Eric Porter Riding Hot in the Desert

Jun 5, 2018 at 14:02
by Reynolds Cycling  
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Eric Porter lives high in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. When the winter snows start melting off, he’s always up for getting down to the warmer desert riding around Moab. Watch and you'll understand why...

MENTIONS: @ReynoldsCycling


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 I'd rather buy an entry level hardtail for a friend to borrow than a set of carbon hoops.
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 I don't know about you, but carbon hoops put an end to dented, Flatrock, and cracked rims for me. I used to spend a lot of time and money replacing allow rims - some only lasting half a dozen rides - and I'm not one of these folks running crazy low pressure. Carbon for me was a good investment. Probably didn't save me a lot of money, but definitely a little. It did save me a ton of time however.
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 Yet on your profile you have a bike with carbon hoops....
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 I used to think the same thing till a buddy of mine got to loose and cracked a rim . one email with a picture and a new hoop was mailed out to him with no problems . I don't see it as buying carbon anymore . I see it as buying lifetime wheel insurance that you cant get with aluminum
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 @Dustfarter: Never owned carbon wheels. I did do some custom decals for my old Hightower, but those are alloy rims. Otherwise, not sure what you're talking about.
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Same story here. I’m also running Huck Norris now for a little extra insurance. I go China direct so cost is reasonable tho, still 2x alu but quality has been top notch so don’t foresee myself ever going with name brand carbon.

It can especially makes sense on wagon wheels to keep weight/stiffness in check.
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 @FLATLlNE: It appears you sell wheels. I'm going to take this statement with a super large grain of salt. Everyone's gotta pay the bills right?
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 @Dustfarter: Oh, snap!
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 @Trouterspace: Take it with a spoon full of sugar and a dolap of cream too if you like. Fill your boots with salt of you like! I sell 20 alloy rims for every 1 carbon. Alloy is my bread and butter, and I don't shy most people away from them. But if you have a history of mangling aluminum, carbon is not a bad way to go. That's my opinion and the fact I have a lot of experience with wheels, and bigger riders who also have similar issues should actually mean something. I'm not here giving myself a plug to boost sales, lol.

In the end I'm just letting you know my personal story. My last set of alloy rims (WTB asym i35) lasted 4 days on a trip to Newfoundland. I've never done damage to carbon. I'm a believer.
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 @FLATLlNE: nice grammar too doctor
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 @I-want-your-bike: come again? Lol
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 @I-want-your-bike: ???
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 @Trouterspace: My thoughts exactly, lol.
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 Bet he couldn't ride like that on aluminum rims.
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flag AZRyder (Jun 6, 2018 at 12:55) (Below Threshold)
 Bet he could. Carbon ain’t that special lmfao
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 @AZRyder: JFCOAPS, does sarcasm escape you if there's no /s attached?

Some people's children...
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 Life time warranty against what? Manufacturer defects, which doesn't necessarily mean you will get a replacement for just any break? Lots of companies wiggle out of replacements with that catch phrase! Or are we talking no questions asked replacement on broken rims like the fine folks at We Are One are doing?

A little more verbiage required from Reynolds please.
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"So quite simply, don’t worry, if you manage to break your wheel while you’re riding your bike, we’ll repair or replace it for free."
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 @theajinator: Would have been helpful for them to post the info. That was my point.

But that's is a good guarantee. Big value to me in these hassle free guarantees.
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 Very true. Unless they often full rock strike rim replacement them likely not gettimg your plastic rims replaced for me. I have cracked 4 carbon rims out of 6 carbon rims over past 4 years on my AM/trail FS bikes. Three of the rims were eventually replaced, but still a lot of cost to build up a new wheel and a least a few weeks without a wheel each time. Have dented, bent, thrashed many Alu rims in the past, but when buying another set of wheels in the future, likely not carbon since not cost effective for me in the end even though one bike i did get almost 2 solid years out of a pair and was a believer, but over past year, not so much. There is a reason you don’t see many top level Pro Enduro or DH riders running them, especially the bigger ones (Rude). I have over two years of solid thrashing of wider Alu rims (DT481) on my hardtail and have been solid and much less to replace when ever comes the time. So, it’s bye bye carbon rim purchases in the future for me.
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 But it is funny having super high end wheels on what most people see as a budget brand bike. Doubled the price with one upgrade! Smile (jealous though)
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 Porter riding Portal
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 So thats where all the Kenda tires go
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 does anybody know which trail he is riding? Thanks!
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 Looks like Upper/lower Porcupine and Portals trail to me.
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 bull run and portal
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 He road it a little faster than I did!
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 Saw some portal in there
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 Eric Porter is the man.
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 Wheels that retail for more than the rest of your bike. Good upgrade.
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 Pssst. Many people ride $5k bikes, and some ride $8k+ bikes.

Some people even have $100k cars.


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