Video: Dragon Mountain Brings Myth to the Cariboo

Mar 17, 2014 at 9:28
by Ride The Cariboo  
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The second release of the Ride The Cariboo video series takes you to the top of Dragon Mountain, a recently established BC Park in Quesnel. The park may be new, but the trails have been there for over a decade and are a unique feature of the Cariboo riding experience. Dug into the rocky and forested landscape of Dragon Mountain, this zone is one of the more rugged freeride areas of the Cariboo.

Maintained by a core group of volunteers called the Quesnel Gravity Club, Dragon Mountain hosts about a dozen different lines that fall down it steep face towards Dragon Lake and the outskirts of Quesnel.

Some of the unique and rocky terrain found on Dragon Mountain.

This video series was supported by the Cariboo Regional District and the City of Williams Lake. It was filmed and edited by Solos Productions. The riders are Lance Brunt and Ben Walker, both of the Quesnel Gravity Club. The music is River Styx by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Stay tuned for the third Ride The Cariboo video release from Williams Lake on April 2nd.


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 Cool to see amateur edits and riders in the home page.
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 @Warnerja27 I agree. I think the reason we don't get to see more videos like this one is apparent after reading the comments. There are a bunch of joeys sitting at their computers ragging on dudes who actually took the time and effort to make a riding spot and share it with the world. Anytime a video comes out that doesn't feature 60 footers and moto whips under the lens of a red camera the pinkbike trolls emerge from their basements to tell us how unimpressed they are. Pro caliber riding and 1080p is only a very small fraction of mountain biking; This video features what the majority of us experience. Props to those involved in the new park and the video, I hope to visit Dragon Mountain one day.
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 damn, very well said. I couldn't improve on that comment one bit. I 100% completely agree.
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 i like these better soemtimes than the pro-edits with the douche product shots and quick jerky edits.
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 cseachris - well said sir
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flag ninjanate (Mar 20, 2014 at 8:30) (Below Threshold)
 just my toughts on the subject. i dont watch ugly fat girl porn so why would i want to watch a riding video that dont get me all excited to ride?? we all have sex with fat ugly chicks but when you have your choice to watch ole snaggle tooth get horned down or a beautiful fit girl that is pleasnt to look at are you not going to choose the sexy girl every time?? just a little perspective as far as riding edits compared to real life riding.
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 To each his own. I like the amateur shit once in a while
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flag ninjanate (Mar 20, 2014 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 i knew i was gonna get neg props for my opinin hahahah FTW
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 totally agree. seeing big jumps is nice once in a while but its pretty boring when all vids are the same. hate seeing tail whips and skidding out dirt on a berm.
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 I am a novice DH'er myself, and watching videos of something that is tangible to the average weekend warrior definitely has it's appeal over those of stupidity (pro riders launching themselves off 50 foot drops... Eeeefff that!). So ride on, keep making your vids!
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 Dragon is epic! It's hard to find trails that rugged, rocky, and technical in northern BC. Great to see these small northern BC areas getting some press.
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 Do you know how far this is from Prince George?
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 About 1.5 hours.
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 ok thanks!
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 Thanks for all the positive feedback guys really appreciated! A big thanks to the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium and Solos Productions for making this all happen.
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 i heard the puddle is losing mitches brew and aflo??? thats a huge blow.. i loved those trails. Quesnel will definitely be a stop this summer to check it out.
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 How are the losing these trails? If you're right that is a big loss for sure.
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It should be noted that the private property causing the closure notice is only a small portion of the land / trail. Hopefully not closed forever either - I gather the club there has been trying to work with the private landowner and improve relationships.
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 Thanks for the link idhbaker. Not good news for Fox Mtn but it sounds like they are doing whatever the can to find an agreement with the landowner.
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 Heres hoping they find a way to make it work!
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 We are working on the issue and are trying to resolve this ASAP! The Williams Lake Cycling Club and the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium are in negotiations with the landowner. ldbaker is absolutely correct, the affected area is only a small portion of Fox Mountain and most trails are part of a legalized trail network. Thanks for the link Liam.
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 will have my fingers crossed! Fox will be shredable soon!
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 Huge props to smaller communities in the Cariboo that are stepping up the mountain bike commitment.
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 I approve of everything in this article! When I close my eyes and picture what I think is are the perfect mountain bike trails it's trails like these. Btw, they couldn't of picked a better name for the mountain, hahaa.
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 Nice to see some older bikes in there too, or at least one (the Demo 7 is it?). Shows up-and-comers that it doesn't have to always be about the latest kit. Just need a mountain and a bike!
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 demo 8 ~2006 I think
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 Dragon is an awesome place. It really does have some big bike moves, more than you see here. As far as the amateur edits lets face is this is what a large majority of us experienced but far from pro riders would look like on this stuff. I hit Dragon every year and people close should definately check it out.
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 this looks like homemade trails that have been ridden about 3x. With that being said, it still looks like lots of fun. Kudos to giving the local folks something close by to ride. That's reason enough to go.
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 While you're right that they are very raw trails, the local community in Quesnel, seem to have been putting in a lot of effort in simply keeping them open (from logging, debris, etc...) and legalizing them. There is a heck of a lot of trail length there for such a small riding community.

Well worth the trip - the trails are guaranteed to scare you a few times!
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 @ preach. The Coastal Crew may have set the bar with their gravity park. That doesn't make it OK to hack on the local communities hard work, if they aren't up to the same standard.
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 Seeing some natural gnar is refreshing. Flow trails are fun but can be boringly similar to every other flow trail.
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 @downhillprod true. I'd rather have something local that small but convenient, rather than something epic that was 6hrs away.
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 While Williams Lake, often referred to as the Shangri La of Mountainbiking, has a huge number of volunteer trailbuilders, the situation looks different in Quesnel. We, the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium, are thrilled to now have a group of dedicated builders and riders in the community to maintain the gnarly, natural trails on Dragon Mnt. With a handful of riders we just can't expect more, but the group and the network is growing... give it a try.
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 love me some gnarly. not every trail/mountain can be butter smooth for princesses
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 MADE ME REALIZE.... i ride like that!!
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 Also, it's a wonderfully long decent. Castle Grayskull is wicked!
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 this is enduro with downhill bikes....
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